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nhs hacker fiasco
Started by: baker boy (13752) Report abuse
when half the known world goes down,suddenly its all mrs may's fault she did not upgrade the nhs's IT systems.
lets put this to bed,its higher management within the nhs that's to blame, highly paid and equally highly inefficent.
even the poorest PC user can find a free antivirus on the net,why arent they protecting themselves.

Posted by: chatty (5806)  Report abuse
According to the Tories when half the known world suffered a financial meltdown in 2007 suddenly it was all Mr Browns fault, they've still not put that to bed??
Surely the weekly 350 Mill to be pumped into the NHS post Brexit will sort out the IT mess, someone just needs to find Boris!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2233) Report abuse
In my opinion the whole worldwide computerised thing, needs to be reinvented, with new computer operating systems and new ways of transmitting data securely between A to B because the present worldwide computer system, is a hotchpot of outdated operating systems and in a way it is designed to run on 'chaos' the internet was originally designed to keep running in the event of a nooclear attack and the 'chaos' element, means that computers can be routed between multiple servers, so that if one server goes down, there are literally millions of other servers, which can route the data to it's destination and it works!

Trouble is that when you try and bring order to that 'chaos' by sending 'secure' data along the network and by secure I mean encrypted data, it then becomes a battle of mathematics, to keep that data secure, because computers work mathematically and scientists argue over which is the base science, mathematics or physics, is everything in the universe explained by the principles of physics or is it best explained by mathematics.


It needs some clever people to think 'out of the box' about the whole computerised thing and come up with a better system than we have at the moment

Posted by: arrow (796) Report abuse
Mrs May and her government are weakening internet security not strengthening it. The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 exposes our data to more risk from hackers and cyber attacks.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2233) Report abuse
Well that is a prime example of the trying to make order out of 'chaos' in trying to manipulate the 'chaos' of the internet to gain a result, in fact 'chaos' wins and the opposite of the wanting result is achieved

Posted by: spiderwoman (856) Report abuse
I don't think the NHS employs the best IT staff and that's part of the problem.

Posted by: billy (25995)  Report abuse

Posted by: baker boy (13752) Report abuse
im not sure the nhs employs any decent higher management,mind you microsoft those greedy mobsters deserve some stick, not supporting xp any more ,perhaps they where thinking of windows 12 keeping the cash monster happy than old customers.

Posted by: Pennywise (inactive) Report abuse
Remind me, does Alan Sugar still provide support for the old Amstrad computers?

Posted by: gaffer (5957)   Report abuse
It's unfair to blame the IT staff considering that the Department of Health scrapped a support contract with a Microsoft a couple of years ago. They must have known that tens of thousands of XP powered computers were at risk.
It may well be that the 12 billion write off of the proposed NHS IT system was weighing heavily upon them.

Posted by: tonker (19161)   Report abuse
Imagine a transport company. It has many clients and is a busy firm with a backlog of work.
It has 6 transport managers, each one has a secretary. It has an Office manager, IT technician, several admin. clerks, a receptionist, a team of mechanics, 2 cleaners and a fully staffed canteen.
It has 40 lorries, but only 20 drivers.


Posted by: baker boy (13752) Report abuse
gaffer now your talking my favourite topic, how clever are the higher management within the civil service.

Posted by: section 8 (2875)  Report abuse
Lets not put this to bed. It's clearly Mrs Mays fault for not funding the NHS properly.

Hospital running on old systems are bound to be vulnerable. Nothing to do with IT staff.

Posted by: gaffer (5957)   Report abuse
HHS hospitals have a statutory responsibility to carry out a risk assessment every year.
Two of the sub sections are a PEST analysis and a SWOT analysis.
PEST covers political, economic, social and technology risks.
SWOT covers strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats.
From the above it would be reasonable to conclude that every trust running
Windows XP, or any other system not fully supported by the supplier, would see their IT systems as a potential major risk. Unfortunately that hasn't happened.
One of the reasons that the IT risk was not picked up in many parts of the NHS is that it is one of the last bastions of top down management.

Posted by: billy (25995)  Report abuse
how much of our cash can May keep pumping into this NHS?????it aint the gov fault, its the overblown self important misfits trying to run the NHS who"s at fault,all ya hear is "NOT ME GOV"sack the incompetent suits....they are the only ones with their stubby fingers in the NHS JAM JAR.

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
After their 7/9 years of continually raping the poor, the sick, the disabled , low income families, mutilating council budget's ( only in Labour controlled councils), i cannot print what i want to call them on the NATIONAL HEALTH record . As i stated at the start can anyone explain to me these figures? When Gordon Brown left office the nation's debt stood at around 890 BILLIONs, Now after all this looting/pillage/ raping/of the good people of this bloomin decent country Why is the nation's national debt currently 1.7 TRILLIONs???
We have had to tolerate over 8 years of these cut's,cut's ,and we are now being told that there will be further cut's just who the hell is kidding who???????????

Posted by: gaffer (5957)   Report abuse

When Gordon Brown left office the structural deficit, the difference between government income and expenditure was 170 billion.
That year, if nothing changed and there were no cuts to expenditure or increases in taxation, the national debt would have increased by 170 billion.
In each subsequent year, and ongoing, despite cuts and tax changes, there has been a structural deficit that is added to the national debt. This scenario will continue for the next five or six years.
This year the interest payment on the national debt, at a time of very low interest rates, will be around 50 billion. More than we spend on defence.

Posted by: priscus (6030) Report abuse
There is an election in the offing.

Note how easily our perceptions of what we think is going on are manipulated.

Turns out XP machines NOT the culprits: was Windows Seven!

See tuher thread fot Links.

Posted by: spiderwoman (856) Report abuse
Whoever is the Head of IT for the NHS should bear responsibility for this fiasco.
It's clear that the NHS cannot function without its computer systems and lives are put at risk by an event of this nature. Surely a contingency plan should have been in place should an event like this occur.
Also, the NHS shouldn't be running machines that are not supported by their supplier, as Gaffer pointed out, Windows XP.
The Head of IT and/or Department of Health should have either renewed their support contract with Microsoft or rolled out a new, more secure, fully supported system.
This type of security risk is unlikely to happen in the private sector.

Posted by: gaffer (5957)   Report abuse
What really happened in the NHS

Posted by: priscus (6030) Report abuse

But it DID happen in the private sector, massively!

And would have been a GREATER problem had legacy XP systems been replaced!


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