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**Possible Wigan Council Traffic Cock Up**
Started by: Tommy Two Stroke (2286) Report abuse
Can somebody please answer me a question?

On the 19th of March 2017 Wigan will be having a running festival.


Now me question is a simple one and that is that on the roadworks page on the Wigan Council website.


It says that several road closures will be put in place around Wigan on the day of the race and my concern is the where the route of the race crosses Riverway and my question is this, 'is Riverway going to be closed to traffic on that day or will it be open and the runners will just have to cross Riverway, just as ordinary pedestrians do, dodging in and out of the traffic' because I cannot tell from the information given on the Council website, what the situation on Riverway will be, because if Riverway is closed, that means the Wigan Inner Ring Road will be closed and for me, that might be a silly thing to do, because it will effectively mean that no traffic will be able to go anywhere in Wigan Town Centre, especially in conjunction with the other road closures in place during that day and if someone needs an emergency service during that time, then god help them, because the place will be gridlocked with traffic and nothing will be able to get through

Posted by: stacker lee (280) Report abuse
Tell you what Tommy, why don't you phone the council up and ask them? Or ask Nyce Horse, he usually has the answer to anything concerning the council!

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2286) Report abuse
Have you tried phoning council lately, you are in a queue for about an hour, with numerous recorded messages telling you that you would be better doing it online and if you do it online it gets ignored ..

So what is the bloody point

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Hiya T.T.S. I totally agree with you on any point actually about our clown council. I wish to add one more annoyance which is , This council can close roads WILLY-NILLY for road running ( is that correct) Well if they can do that for one group of people ,then WHY on god's earth can't they do the same with WALKING DAY'S FOR OUR CHURCHE'S??? The response of late has been the cost of policing and closure of roads and the disruption it cause's to traffic makes it unachievable . SOUNDS like double standard's to MEEEEE!

Posted by: PeterP (6350) Report abuse
GB if it was a protest march or one of our other sexual personage march then they would find stewards/police to oversea this but not a church walk. What should happen is the people from the churches should march any way and see what happens policing wise

Posted by: fireplace6899 (10770)  Report abuse
Great points golden bear

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3031)  Report abuse
Also the inevitable T.T.S.

Posted by: baker boy (13792) Report abuse
"trust in me" smiffy chapter 6 verse 4.

Posted by: jo anne (31758)   Report abuse
This info has just been posted on Facebook; don't know if any of it is new to you or not, Tommy?

Here are the planned road closures for Run Wigan Festival on Sunday 19th March - please take note as some roads will be closed longer than other on the day. (Inspired Wigan)

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2286) Report abuse
Thank you Jo Anne

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2286) Report abuse
On the Council website, they are warning of major disruption on Sunday



Posted by: jo anne (31758)   Report abuse
There are warnings to be cautious if you're going along the canal towpath in Ince this Sunday too.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2286) Report abuse
Is the traffic flowing freely in Wigan today

Posted by: baker boy (13792) Report abuse
ha ha tts the traffic never flows freely in wiggin.

Posted by: basil brush (9523) Report abuse
Tommy, I'm sure you could have give it a miss, after all it was for a good cause.

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2286) Report abuse
I did give it a miss yoo flea ridden chicken worryer, I give it a miss EVERY Sunday

Posted by: basil brush (9523) Report abuse
Well why did you ask if you "give it a miss EVERY Sunday2"?

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (2286) Report abuse
Because speaking as a 'knight of the road' and a 'gentleman driver' and all round 'good egg' I was thinking about the welfare of other road users

Posted by: basil brush (9523) Report abuse
Ye, course you was.


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