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bird c**p
went down to finish off a paint job on my bo...
billy 15 1784 19th Sep 2006, 11:10
hey you incers, any of you remember old bern...
billy 15 2055 19th Sep 2006, 10:38
Militant Muslims...
Koran Quotes David Posthuma @ M...
wiganyankeeron 17 1793 19th Sep 2006, 10:33
We need more photo's of early Wigan on the s...
jacks 1 1387 18th Sep 2006, 21:51
Graham Turner?
I wonder if anybody has any information abou...
eddie_g4ppb - 1160 18th Sep 2006, 21:01
what do they want???
the vatican has appologised without reservat...
billy 2 676 18th Sep 2006, 14:53
Having A Good Time With Ken Goodwin!
I love this! [url=http://samfilms.proboa...
chewbaxter 2 1438 18th Sep 2006, 14:46
not enough yet???
the pope is still appologising, yet accordin...
billy 7 698 18th Sep 2006, 14:27
aitch askd about buisness names, I;m asking ...
flockhound 15 1738 18th Sep 2006, 13:38
A BIG Thank You!!
A big thanks to John Joseph, whose contribut...
jspriggs 1 1481 18th Sep 2006, 13:06
john joseph
Quiz Night & Public Meeting.......... M A D
Greetings 1 and all id like to invite people...
wiganer516 - 1274 18th Sep 2006, 08:12
scot lane school
hi i've posted this before but is there anyo...
mamacass 2 1333 18th Sep 2006, 08:01
re explorer 7
has anyone downloaded the new exp...
gunnerbill 6 1464 17th Sep 2006, 20:42
Pope's speech sparks Muslim anger
Its no wonder the world is like it is even...
john joseph 20 1739 17th Sep 2006, 19:21
Glass Jars
Where abouts in wigan will i be able to purc...
monog 6 1978 17th Sep 2006, 09:04
The Doomsday Code
Channel 4 tonight 7PM till 9PM ---------...
john joseph 1 1334 16th Sep 2006, 22:01
john joseph
The Doomsday Code
OOOPS Clicked Twice sorry. ...
john joseph - 1558 16th Sep 2006, 17:59
Northern Soul Radio
Anyone liking Northern Soul should tune into...
spring viewer 1 1551 16th Sep 2006, 16:40
rainy day
p****d down all morning in wigan.killed a bi...
billy 8 1774 16th Sep 2006, 16:36
Rose Hill School
Did any of you go to Rose Hill School at Bry...
empress - 1444 16th Sep 2006, 15:03
three loud cheers for the wigan warriors.you...
billy - 1751 16th Sep 2006, 13:47
Whats the weather like in Wigan
Its pouring with rain here in Sydney and a p...
flockhound 30 2017 16th Sep 2006, 10:39
Football v Rugby
Can anyone tell me the history to the huge r...
jjblue32 3 1526 15th Sep 2006, 23:13
walking days
What has happened to the walking days that u...
geoffcott 13 1798 15th Sep 2006, 21:20
Just rang home and the Mrs stated that it wa...
flockhound 12 1670 15th Sep 2006, 11:12
Saint Catherines Church Scholes
Hi everybody, I wonder does any body know wh...
coccium 13 1678 15th Sep 2006, 09:50
To make you smile....at my expense
Will give you all a laugh......at my expense...
empress 3 1527 14th Sep 2006, 23:03
The Birch and hard lines
Does anyone know if they actually used to Bi...
flockhound 8 1765 14th Sep 2006, 09:38
Parking at Sainsburys Marus Bride
If you shop at Sainsburys Marus Bridge be w...
coccium 2 1488 14th Sep 2006, 00:23
spring viewer
friendsreunited thread and how people change
Its funny, we ALL change but maybe don't not...
dark horse 4 1442 13th Sep 2006, 17:57
vigilantes part two
case one in todays mail (1)man murdered in ...
billy 22 1888 13th Sep 2006, 17:51
clear day
on a clear day rise and look around you a...
billy 5 1686 13th Sep 2006, 10:32
Racism, anti-immigration ..etc
getwom 17 1833 13th Sep 2006, 10:12
create new topic
Come on people let us have some new threads,...
aitch 7 1551 12th Sep 2006, 22:52
we are thinking of moving to Scotland, Inver...
neverstill 4 1738 12th Sep 2006, 22:06
disabled scooters
Can anyone tell me if the scooters that are ...
aitch 4 1755 12th Sep 2006, 20:33
dark horse
Lyril Soap!!
Hi Brian, I got here via Google. I was loo...
afton 7 1881 12th Sep 2006, 20:25
beyond belief!
Me and the hubby was out in wigan sat night....
neverstill 4 1698 12th Sep 2006, 18:21
Tony Oh dear he,s done it this time
He is out looking for potential vandals f...
john joseph 34 2204 12th Sep 2006, 17:18
steve irwin
hiya, does anyone know if its true that stev...
zoe24 12 1875 12th Sep 2006, 06:01

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