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HAHAHAHA grimshaw..
i've said it time time and time again you ca...
laughing gravy - 78 19th Jul 2019, 20:58
On This Day in 1955 (July 16th)
Stirling Moss became the first English Motor...
Wigan Rover 3 166 18th Jul 2019, 20:37
Hock Retires
He's decided to call it a day he was a good ...
peter g 5 269 18th Jul 2019, 14:47
Bradshaws Girl
where are you !!!
tony j 12 422 18th Jul 2019, 09:01
Reserve competition back next year in RL
About time too
i-spy 1 134 18th Jul 2019, 05:35
Jacko signs for Wiggin
We got him for next season yesssssssssssssss...
peter g 22 1048 16th Jul 2019, 11:51
New deal for Lam
The warriors head coach has agreed another 1...
i-spy 18 549 16th Jul 2019, 07:04
will trafford finish in the top 10
this coming season? i think they will be luc...
laughing gravy 20 432 14th Jul 2019, 19:01
the big six!
isn't it funny for the last 26 years sky hav...
laughing gravy 1 226 13th Jul 2019, 10:41
laughing gravy
i see the plastics dont mention buying the league
laughing gravy 1 188 5th Jul 2019, 17:21
baker boy
I was watching the womens footie on tv and g...
grimshaw 8 643 4th Jul 2019, 15:17
A good win for Wigan
Well done in beating Salford. and for today ...
kathpressey 16 391 30th Jun 2019, 22:20
baker boy
does anyone remember the Daily Despatch shield
it was a schoolboy competition. I've just re...
i-spy 8 293 30th Jun 2019, 20:48
St Helens v Wigan NOT televised for first time!!
St Helens v Wigan NOT televised for first ti...
wigvet 18 708 29th Jun 2019, 11:31
I don’t think I have ever seen someone bang ...
broady 3 322 29th Jun 2019, 08:59
Tautai to be deported?
Wigan Warrior Taulima Tautai fears he will b...
wigvet 40 1307 27th Jun 2019, 22:32
broady seeing as chatty wont answer do you know
what this "united way" is that the media and...
laughing gravy 7 258 22nd Jun 2019, 17:59
Don't feed the trolls....
One of the best pieces of advice I've rece...
chatty 18 485 21st Jun 2019, 23:04
chatty what is the united way...
laughing gravy - 68 21st Jun 2019, 20:11
yet another transfer record broken i see..
how many is that chatty tiger? yet they've n...
laughing gravy 7 322 21st Jun 2019, 20:10
laughing gravy
grimshaw how did rory rory tell us a story do?
ive said it before i'l say it again YOU CAN...
laughing gravy 1 160 17th Jun 2019, 13:40
2 points!
A good win last night. Well done WIgan. I'm ...
kathpressey 11 387 17th Jun 2019, 08:39
Starts later at Pebble Beach in California ....
grimshaw 7 192 16th Jun 2019, 12:14
World Cup - England v Argentina
I prefer watching the ladies play football, ...
Tommy Two Stroke 16 224 15th Jun 2019, 21:49
baker boy
Wigan land Cas Tiger Mitch Clark
Just what we needed a big,tough prop. It's a...
i-spy 3 391 13th Jun 2019, 22:37
baker boy
gone by october
chatty grimshaw have a few sovs on the taxi ...
laughing gravy - 140 13th Jun 2019, 10:21
51 years ago today utd lifted the European c...
grimshaw 45 762 13th Jun 2019, 08:38
basil brush
Super League...Last Night...
An all-time low. It was like watching two...
jarvo 12 604 10th Jun 2019, 22:55
baker boy
This England team is bloody awful! Seen bett...
ahcawntspeyk 10 328 10th Jun 2019, 22:53
baker boy
Rory mac.
Terrific win by Rory at the Canadian open.Cr...
grimshaw 5 114 10th Jun 2019, 22:45
Hock back to Leigh
‘Did the dirty’ on Barrow from all accounts ...
wigvet 9 777 10th Jun 2019, 11:49
Great Win
By a lovely young lady at the French Open . ...
aussie94 2 136 9th Jun 2019, 17:34
Has the Challenge Cup lost its ‘Glamour’
The weekend Quarter Final Challenge Cup atte...
wigvet 13 460 9th Jun 2019, 11:48
Rest in peace
three years ago today Muhammed Ali passed aw...
peawapp 4 214 7th Jun 2019, 15:50
For a Football Link .......
...... simply type Gobshites into Google Ma...
tonker 7 281 6th Jun 2019, 12:29
Message for Peawapp
Peawapp, In the RL Championship table who ge...
peter g 9 329 5th Jun 2019, 14:49
Not far away from Kick of
In 2019 State of Origin game ! . Of Course I...
aussie94 2 122 5th Jun 2019, 13:01
laughing stock of a club!
talk about sinking to new [url="https://twit...
laughing gravy 1 217 4th Jun 2019, 14:44
laughing gravy
Sir Graham Lowe.
For services to youth and education. [url...
TerryW 2 211 4th Jun 2019, 07:24
I'm being haunted by a nightmare
It looks like the Saints will win everything...
i-spy 7 345 3rd Jun 2019, 08:04

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