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Message Started by Replies Views Last post / by
Got back after months shut out of message board!
Grateful thanks to Ron, who has managed to r...
threlfallia 1 196 27th Jul 2018, 16:13
Broad Band virgin media
Lots of complaints has they have taken some ...
ann-spam 8 618 27th Jul 2018, 10:51
dearest garage
bp garage in whelley must be the dearest in ...
watchalot 7 418 26th Jul 2018, 20:44
Air Transport Auxilliaries
Mary Ellis, last surviving pilot just died a...
priscus - 125 26th Jul 2018, 12:01
Hundreds of Wiganers on disability benefits
for booze addiction [url=https://www.wiga...
basil brush 14 974 26th Jul 2018, 11:01
baker boy
Wheelie bins used as water butts
Come across someone selling new, (and used) ...
priscus 12 579 25th Jul 2018, 17:35
Controversial Wigan road barrier could be lifted
basil brush 65 1760 25th Jul 2018, 12:51
baker boy
Portable (Personal) Air Con
Anyone using one of these devices care to co...
priscus 6 382 25th Jul 2018, 10:28
This means WAR
Michel Barnier has instructed all EU members...
Tommy Two Stroke 36 1132 24th Jul 2018, 12:37
Barn Owl Box
I recently made this Owl box for a mate of m...
dave b 32 1214 24th Jul 2018, 11:21
dave b
United Utilities
Have notified us that newly laid turf can be...
nanajacqui 49 903 24th Jul 2018, 11:05
Not took them long
Bin ont news there warning people about the ...
basil brush 7 706 24th Jul 2018, 10:29
Just got a flashing message on my iPad calcu...
Anne 3 229 23rd Jul 2018, 15:31
A long time ago
Does anyone remember the time when it was f...
jouell 46 1407 23rd Jul 2018, 12:06
basil brush
George Osborne takes yet another job !!
cordyline 3 573 22nd Jul 2018, 16:30
Don’t know if anyone can help, but we have r...
nanajacqui 15 816 21st Jul 2018, 10:32
basil brush
Sporting people and the signs they makeàa
I notice that many sportspeople when enterin...
aitch 3 354 19th Jul 2018, 08:51
Could'nt access
Wiganworld this afternoon. Did anyone else h...
mindar 20 857 19th Jul 2018, 08:40
basil brush
you couldn't make it up
Walking to the game last night I was admirin...
nyce horse 41 1470 19th Jul 2018, 08:38
basil brush
runny cheese to dip bread in......
when i was little my mum would make bacon sa...
process 43 7846 18th Jul 2018, 22:43
A piece of red tarmac and a piece of black t...
cordyline 23 2464 17th Jul 2018, 20:48
.... Donald Trump ..........
..... and his [url="https://www.youtube.co...
tonker 27 1167 17th Jul 2018, 14:51
whats happened to the bank café in wigan
rufustoot 1 339 17th Jul 2018, 11:53
Tommy Two Stroke
£230 tax free
Hi,I seem to have missed a post by Duggie re...
r.fisher 1 214 16th Jul 2018, 18:39
Local Support
Big Brew Sunday Sun 15th July, 10.30am - 1...
jo anne 5 350 16th Jul 2018, 17:29
jo anne
£230 tax free claim
I think everyone on WW will have claimed the...
dougie 13 1216 16th Jul 2018, 16:47
How to clean......................................
dried on plant residue from blade of secateu...
priscus 5 286 16th Jul 2018, 12:51
Good Luck, England...
They've done fantastic so far...Just two mor...
jarvo 26 818 16th Jul 2018, 10:56
nyce horse
How many of you
Are oiling up your bicycles, brushing your w...
Platty 19 523 16th Jul 2018, 09:53
basil brush
And some people use to
Think it was a posh area [url=https://www...
basil brush - 250 16th Jul 2018, 08:53
What to do with £2,ooo,ooo
I think the ratepayers should give them selv...
nyce horse 24 749 15th Jul 2018, 21:19
baker boy
Best place to go to have hour eyes tested
What is the best place to go and have your e...
aitch 39 897 15th Jul 2018, 18:10
Has anybody else seen it...
A fellow dog walker told me he was sure he'd...
i-spy 10 1033 15th Jul 2018, 18:02
Essex Gal
How do you make an Essex girl laugh on a Sat...
cordyline 14 1390 15th Jul 2018, 16:49
Avast antivirus just told me it has aborted ...
priscus - 192 14th Jul 2018, 22:25
England's coming home but one thing I won't ...
admin 2 403 13th Jul 2018, 22:31
laughing gravy
Anybody growing any tomatoes this year? Som...
custard 19 539 13th Jul 2018, 20:17
People who have integrated into England
Have any of you tried to speak with a Muslim...
aitch 25 892 13th Jul 2018, 00:22
Air Ambulance in Beech Hill
Air Ambulance as landed in the grounds of Mi...
Tommy Two Stroke 2 513 12th Jul 2018, 17:07
Tommy Two Stroke
Why do flies ........
congregate beneath pendant lighting fittings...
priscus - 169 12th Jul 2018, 14:57

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