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Just an observation
I decided to have a look at the last ten pag...
britboy 43 1027 23rd Jan 2017, 18:34
The good news thread for 2017
Yippee - I've got two more grandchildren on ...
i-spy 23 686 23rd Jan 2017, 16:16
Notice to WR Trolls
Please just remember that a lot of people us...
Bennie 229 5297 23rd Jan 2017, 14:54
Rejects Last Stand...
They're out in force tonight. The multiples ...
jarvo 46 1629 23rd Jan 2017, 14:53
A new one on me but sounds about right. "T...
jathbee 14 629 23rd Jan 2017, 08:41
basil brush
Crime on the rise in Wigan
Figures show that in the year to September 2...
basil brush 12 516 23rd Jan 2017, 08:39
basil brush
Brexit Trump
We've all had it with this PC , Gender neutr...
Bennie - 153 22nd Jan 2017, 20:20
Laugh time
britboy - 149 22nd Jan 2017, 18:23
Facing childhood fears
It terrified me and I kept well away. Now I...
i-spy 18 623 22nd Jan 2017, 17:51
in the last few weeks I have on occasions be...
baker boy 9 387 22nd Jan 2017, 17:12
baker boy
Need advice on...
cordyline 4 584 22nd Jan 2017, 13:03
Girl bitten
Can you all make this viral on your social m...
dazzylatic 15 1028 22nd Jan 2017, 02:47
Woo Hoo! I just LOVE it.
I have to run a post I ran a while ago so th...
whacker 1 251 21st Jan 2017, 23:29
0 years
Elvis: His Secret Visit To The Black Bull...
It's true, Elvis came to Wigan. He landed...
jarvo 21 1591 21st Jan 2017, 08:24
Wigan Speeway Rider Oliver Hart
Now here's an interesting fact. Oliver Hart'...
wiganyankeeron 13 489 21st Jan 2017, 08:20
derek hyde
Has anyone else been told
that the beeches in Standish has shut down?
basil brush 21 1730 20th Jan 2017, 18:34
basil brush
Going to town this morning was greeted by ye...
GOLDEN BEAR 3 306 20th Jan 2017, 17:32
Tommy Two Stroke
Landlordís fury as Griffin up for sale
A Wigan landlord has vented his frustratio...
basil brush 11 712 20th Jan 2017, 16:10
Just got back from a 10 day break and as I o...
brick maker 9 435 20th Jan 2017, 10:39
brick maker
Wigan hotel is removed from asylum list
A Wigan hotel which was controversially used...
basil brush 7 559 20th Jan 2017, 09:47
stacker lee
Incident at Scholes
Just been made aware that Scholefield Lane h...
ayrefield 11 964 20th Jan 2017, 06:51
Bench donated by joan and Billy Boston in wiend ,
For there late daughter Angela so nice of th...
ann-spam 2 309 19th Jan 2017, 22:04
Volunteer Opportunities Market
Fri 20th Jan, 11am-3pm, at Wigan Youth Zone,...
jo anne 2 251 19th Jan 2017, 20:13
Dickinson's Real Deal
According to the TV listings the second reco...
ayrefield 7 493 19th Jan 2017, 17:26
An interesting piece in yesterday's Times fr...
gaffer 27 718 19th Jan 2017, 16:59
Had It All
>>> I talked to a to a >>...
cindy 8 415 19th Jan 2017, 14:48
WW: Just what the HELL is going on !
Just 'WHAT' is happening at all! Do you ...
Tommy Two Stroke 30 1324 19th Jan 2017, 10:39
Tommy Two Stroke
The New Format Demise of W.World
For the last several weeks i have noticed a ...
GOLDEN BEAR 100 2101 19th Jan 2017, 08:51
basil brush
Star Struck
We're going to Liverpool next week to see th...
Bennie - 232 18th Jan 2017, 21:28
My wife had her purse stolen yesterday in Wi...
admin 21 1013 18th Jan 2017, 15:59
The North Face...
They're everywhere. Thirty and forty 'somet...
jarvo 47 1371 18th Jan 2017, 08:49
basil brush
School records
Schools Started by: scoop (3...
scoop 5 314 17th Jan 2017, 21:34
Nasty habits
I've just read that swearing tops the list o...
i-spy 16 438 17th Jan 2017, 20:25
baker boy
Just what is going on
My healthy eating is biting the dust. No spi...
i-spy 6 164 17th Jan 2017, 19:08
the Irish in us.
this year I am determined to crack my Irish ...
kathpressey 16 648 17th Jan 2017, 09:07
Ignorant Coun David Molyneux
At least he was wearing a tie, but pig ignor...
turbo 78 1828 16th Jan 2017, 22:55
nyce horse
Did any one see breakfast time on tv the oth...
GOLDEN BEAR 43 1082 16th Jan 2017, 19:41
Sir oswal mosley
I may be wrong but I seem to remember Sir Os...
r.fisher - 182 16th Jan 2017, 17:42
New Year
Has anyone else decided to have a dry month,...
scoop 13 393 16th Jan 2017, 13:26
Historical Moments: 1976...
[url=https://youtu.be/N5MFU8m5A4A]The Thin W...
jarvo 22 650 16th Jan 2017, 11:08

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