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Party Balloons
Looking for helium balloon and some for the ...
annefair 5 289 20th Mar 2017, 22:34
marl p
**Possible Wigan Council Traffic Cock Up**
Can somebody please answer me a question? ...
Tommy Two Stroke 18 1219 20th Mar 2017, 20:01
basil brush
Drivers using mobiles
I am sure in this day of technology we can b...
roylew 11 464 20th Mar 2017, 19:34
‘Bone idle’ parking is raising safety fears
An investigation will be launched into “dang...
basil brush 5 588 20th Mar 2017, 17:40
basil brush
priscus 6 446 20th Mar 2017, 17:39
basil brush
Computer problem.
Iv'e been getting warnings lately about a bi...
spud1 4 309 20th Mar 2017, 15:49
How should we help people on our streets?
Advice from The Brick operations director, L...
jo anne 9 464 20th Mar 2017, 13:56
St Patrick's Day...
What a load of tosh. Sick to death of wat...
jarvo 57 1390 20th Mar 2017, 12:40
0 years
Jazzy we are missing you.
Jazzy hope all is well with you.
graneyjoseph 175 2951 19th Mar 2017, 07:57
The Moon And Jupiter...
Starting in late evening on Tuesday, March 1...
jarvo 59 1188 18th Mar 2017, 17:10
Orrell to Goose Green link road
I noticed today that work has started at the...
mortarmillbill 66 1663 18th Mar 2017, 14:43
Insect hotel
Evening all - friends of mine have an insect...
berylh 7 382 17th Mar 2017, 19:47
Ashton Secondry Modern
Did anyone who went to the Central school in...
bentlegs 6 390 17th Mar 2017, 19:28
will never becopme a painter
We did paintings last night, my mom and sist...
madamehmurray 4 261 17th Mar 2017, 16:36
80th Anniversary of The Road To Wigan Pier
The Road To Wigan Pier featured in February'...
jo anne 10 445 17th Mar 2017, 12:49
Tommy Two Stroke
I am a cantoner
I get to see the baby grow up and he is so a...
madamehmurray 1 205 17th Mar 2017, 11:32
section 8
1901 census
Can someone please check the 1901 census for...
annefair 2 200 16th Mar 2017, 22:47
Request McQuire Family
My name is Jane Chapple and my mum was born...
admin 12 409 16th Mar 2017, 21:33
Blue Star taxis from Facebook
I wasn't going to post anything as I thoug...
nanajacqui 33 1228 16th Mar 2017, 16:38
WW2 relic
A relic comes to life! Just noticed how ...
britboy 2 201 16th Mar 2017, 12:56
jo anne
Whippet racing
Is it a thing of the past in Wigan. Got a vi...
i-spy 15 425 16th Mar 2017, 12:11
Tories Fined £70K
section 8 6 155 16th Mar 2017, 11:26
section 8
Jarvo pretends to be Elvis
Jarvo,,, don't give up your day job ...........
Tommy Two Stroke 2 321 16th Mar 2017, 06:25
winter storm warnings ny state
For the last two days winter storm warning n...
madamehmurray - 161 15th Mar 2017, 23:17
lady who lived in my hometown
I thought I posted this with my phone but no...
madamehmurray - 150 15th Mar 2017, 22:46
NEW house's Hindley
I was browsing today on the HGRA site and wa...
GOLDEN BEAR 10 433 15th Mar 2017, 20:39
Train Strikes
Be careful if your traveling train today, th...
Jumpin Jack Flash 10 401 15th Mar 2017, 08:11
How lazy
Drinkers at Wigan Wetherspoons pubs will nev...
basil brush 13 647 15th Mar 2017, 02:30
How Green Was/Is Your Valley...
Metaphorically speaking, mine was very green...
jarvo 61 1312 14th Mar 2017, 23:20
Yellow Pages
This publication appears to be slowly being ...
priscus 7 287 14th Mar 2017, 18:46
Farm cafe/restaurant
Last time I was in the area, stopped and had...
priscus 5 528 14th Mar 2017, 13:27
What is the nicest thing about Wigan?
Just nominate one thing at a time, please.
priscus 28 840 14th Mar 2017, 11:50
Tommy Two Stroke
this is a boring post about
TYRES,my car is fitted at present with conti...
baker boy 13 546 13th Mar 2017, 18:19
Tea Chests
Don't seem to see these anymore. I guess ...
priscus 1 194 13th Mar 2017, 18:12
You may well ask.... IIoT ?? The USA is l...
britboy 5 190 13th Mar 2017, 15:30
Manchester By The Sea
Anyone seen this yet? How dya rate it?
priscus 8 416 13th Mar 2017, 15:07
peter g
Save the great British pudding
I'm fed up of all the low fat this and low f...
i-spy 52 789 13th Mar 2017, 15:02
Photography Competition
Wigan & Leigh Hospice are asking Wiganers to...
jo anne 9 481 12th Mar 2017, 16:45
jo anne
Sunshine House Community Centre
Sunday Politics, BBC1, 11am - [url=http://ww...
jo anne - 160 12th Mar 2017, 09:43
The Brick
'Next week is a big week for us. Sign up for...
jo anne 1 181 12th Mar 2017, 08:51
jo anne

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