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Australia (298)

Lisa O'Rourke from Adelaide

Comments: I used to live in Pemberton. We moved to Adelaide when i was 8 in 1989. I am now 21 and have only been back once since i moved here. I work at the Adelaide Casino.

I miss: Meat and Potato Pies. They don't make them like that over here. :-( Everton Football Club. Not really from wigan but i miss it all the same! My nanna

Linda Barty from Melbourne

Comments: Brought up in Whitley - went to Woodfield then the High School - been here in Melbourne for almost 13 years! My maiden name was Walmsley if anyone remembers me!

I miss: Its got to be -- jellly babies and tizer!

Janet & Michael Chatterley from Brisbane

Comments: We lived in kitt green, moved to aus in 1999, we have three children, i used to work at remploy also at the delph tavern. mick was a joiner.

I miss: things i miss are the pies from the bake house at orrel post and the indian takeaways.mick misses going for a pint at the delph

Allan Grundy from Mackay

Comments: Use to live in New Springs area, moved to Australia '85 but go home as often as possible - even took the new wife last trip! Work for a govt dept repairing/building roads. Don't miss the bitter winters.

I miss: Definitely miss the great Guinness - Aussies couldn't pour Guinness if there life depended on it!!! (Wife agrees) and there are not better mushie peas and fish like back home. Most definitely miss my family.

Martin Callinan from Ipswich

Comments: I lived in Prescott Street, just off Frog Lane. I left England in 1972 and now live in Ipswich a suburb of Brisbane.

I miss: Pork pies, Uncle Joes mint balls, Tizer, fish & Chips, Friends.

Nichola Darbyshire from Brisbane

Comments: Used to live in Standish, moved to Brisbane in 1997.

I miss: I miss Greenhalghs Meat & Potato pies and pasties, Indian take-aways.

Derek Bell from Brisbane

Comments: Lived in Hindley, went to H.A.G.S. Came to Aus in 1962, Two daughters Four grandchildren.Am now retired.

I miss: Been here too long to miss anything other than the family and friends that I still have in the district.

Carole Fairclough (nee Page) from Melbourne, Vic

Comments: I used to live in Whelley, Wigan.I used to attend St Mary's School which is no longer being used as a school, and then I went to St John Fisher.Been over here since 1976 been back twice once in 1995 and recently 2002. I am married and we have three children and three grandchildren. My husband originally from Wigan too but he came over here with his family 10 years earlier.

I miss: My family especially my Mum & Dad. The canal and plantations I used to visit alot also the town itself and as for the food well the meat and potato pies (though I do make my own, but they still aren't the same), pork pies and the fish and chips, Mmmm.

Michael Blinston from Hobart, Tasmania

Comments: Heeley Street, Wigan Left in 1964 with wife, Kathleen, and son, Mark aged 7, 2 daughters Julie and Ruth. In the UK worked as a design drafstman at Beloit Wamsley. Now retired last position held in Australia - worked as a Paper Mill Project Engineer.

I miss: Miss the things of my youth such as riding bicycle to Southport, Blackpool and holidays at Butlins.

George Fairclough from Melbourne

Comments: Moved here with my family in 1966,as a teenager. Now 52, married with three sons, (one of whom is now living in Wigan !!) Work as a driver

I miss: Wigan RL ;0)

David Fairclough from Werribee Melbourne

Comments: My family moved the Australia in 1966, we lived in Marsh Green. I have been back to Wigan in 74,76, 95 and 2002. I work in the coffee industry and love Rugby Wigan and Melbourne Storm both great teams. Work as a driver

I miss: I miss Wigan it's self, the town, the market and the people. I miss walking in the Plantations and along the Canal. But gee I miss meat and potato pies.

Brian & Debbie Hall (Jones) from Buxton NSW

Comments: I used to live in Rectory Rd Downall Green opp the Blue Bell and my wife Debbie lived in Park Rd between the railway bridge and Gidlow Lane. Miss Wigan but Oz is a beaut place. Any old friends please contact at above E-mail.

I miss: The pubs, the Rugby, the Latics. Don't miss the weather at all.

Eileen Ryan from Logan Village, Brisbane

Comments: lived in Hardybutts. near St Pats Church, went to St Pats school in the late 50s early 60s, used to work at McClandishes, in Darlington St, then Roy Cafe, opposite the old fish market

I miss: puddings from the chippy, dancing at the Empress, the old Ritz,and of course the old woolies,

Mark Gambles from Adelaide

Comments: used to live in springfield married Alison Norris who lived in beech hill 2 kids Adam (4) and Holly 17 months moved to Aus in 1993 I am a service manager for a car dealership and Alison works for a bank

I miss: pies , beer and wigan athletic

Euan Browitt from Melbourne

Comments: My family were sponsored out to Australia by the Salvation Army in the 1920s after my grandfather was killed in WW1 and I would like to contact any Browitts still living in the area.Regards Euan...

I miss: .

Linda Naylor (Nee Myers) from Doveton / Melbourne

Comments: Lived in Whelly till I was 3 Moved to Sinclair Place Worsley Hall till we came to Australia in 1962 Married with 2 Children 1 Boy 1 Girl have 5 Grand children 3girls 2 boys. Have never been back to wigan since I left. Don't work now used to be a sewing machinist in my youth.

I miss: The most things I miss is uncle joes mint balls and the wood sticks licorice root

Chris Weisz from Adelaide

Comments: I used to live in Buckingham Close in pemberton and I went to Tommy More high school. If anyone knows Civic Wilson, Simon Kelly or Steven Lowe, drop me a line!I moved to OZ at age 15 and work for an aid organisation called Community Aid Abroad.I met Marie six years ago and we married on the beach our 4th anniversary is fast approaching.We live in a seaside suburb called Semaphore Park.

I miss: Vimto,Tizer,Wigan Athletic ( I was there when they got promoted from the conference! )Tommy More,Unit 4 cinemas,Javelin Records

Stella Jones (Robinson) from Melbourne

Comments: I was born in Standish Lower Ground but later lived in Standish, (1975). Emigrated in 1988. I would like to contact anyone who lived in the area around that time, used to go in the Forresters

I miss: Fish & Chips, pies, Rathbones bread and Lancashire Cheese

Eileen O'Hara from Margaret River, WA

Comments: Lived at Norley Hall till I was 9 and then Goose Green till 19 and a few places after that, Moved to Cornwall in 89 till 92 and then went backpacking in Australia and stayed here, I hve a daughter who's nearly 10 and Ive worked at her primary school as a canteen manager since she started pre-primary, the holidays suit me very well.I come back as often as I can afford and still love visiting Cornwall too.

I miss: I miss the pubs and ale, like to visit John Bull and Ive got to like Moon under water, miss sense of humour, its great to be understood (accent) Its nice to just sit with friends and not need to say a lot, just relax.

Carole Cherrington from Brisbane

Comments: Moved to Australia 1974 with parents & 3 Sisters June,Joan,Wendy - lived in Marsh Green & Goose Green went to Gidlow Girls Secondary School. Now am Married with 3 Teenage Children.

I miss: Going to Chippy, White Christmas's, relatives still in Wigan, walnut Whips, & Uncle Joe's Mint Balls

Carol Naylor from Melbourne

Comments: I moved to Australia in 1963 when I was 11. I lived in Sinclair Place in Worsley Hall and went to Scot Lane School. I now live in Hallam which is in the SE suburbs of Melbourne. My name when I went to school was Carol Myers

I miss: Fish & Chips.. pies.. Wigan RL.. Uncle Joes Mint Balls.. Dandelion and burdock.. there a lot of little things I miss and if I did not have such a close family life here I would deffinately return to Wigan.

Barbara Anne Guy(Singleton) from Melbourne

Comments: I left dear old Wigan in 1956 with my parents and my brother Bill. I I have visited Wigan a number of times since then and still love it although it has changed quite a lot. I still have a few friends over there too. I used to enjoy dancing at the Empress many years ago.

I miss: My dear friends from my childhood.


Comments: newtown 1973 moved to australia iam retired





Tim Ledwith from Mackay

Comments: Lived in Tontine, Orrell. Went to Holgate Junior & Primary School and then Upholland Grammar School. Did Apprenticeship at Golborne Pit then went working at Gullicks. Came to Australia in 1993. Now working as an Electrical Engineer.

I miss: The Pubs, the Pies, Real Fish & Chips, Black Puddings, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, that really crumbly Lancashire Cheese you used to get from the Markets. Don't miss the Weather!

john cherrington from tweed heads

Comments: i come from newtown i emigated to aussie in 1973 i am now retired and living on the coast one min from the sea

I miss: steak pud rugby uncle joes

mary blakeley (nee ashcroft) from queensland

Comments: born in egerton st wallgate went to st josephs school moved to kitt green 1964 have 3 children 5 gr kids emigrated to australia 1967. been back to dear old wigan 4 times over the years and hope to return again this year xmas 2003

I miss: definatly the chippy (and the newspaper they came in) and the sense of humour and friendliness that is unique to wigan now my mouths watering.

Sheila Goulding from Speers Point, near Newcastle

Comments: I used to live in BEECH HILL LANE and attended Wigan Girls High School; I married Terry Shacklady who lived in Woodhouse Lane and Attended St.Andrews School then the Tech. College. We moved to S. Wales and then to Australia. Now retired. Our daughter lives in Manchester and our son lives out here. Miss people from our hometown. But love the climate here. Good standard of living.

I miss: I certainly miss the pies, especially Watkins Pork pies! Also nothing like Wigan fish and chips. Have fond memories of the old High School in Wigan Lane and dancing at the Court Hall! Those were the days!

George Harper from Surfers Paradise Qld

Comments: Used to live in Goose Green until emigration to Oz in 1991. Was a tradesman for many years but these days I travel Oz as a podium speaker with a major travel company. I am 46 yrs. and live in the rainforest area of the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland of South East Queensland

I miss: I miss pubs I mean real pubs not like the mass produced all exactly the bloody same wherever you go in Oz type pubs. Also I miss the warmth of a buxom wiggin lass on a cowd winters neet. however I dont miss the weather that much but it has to be said that occasionally one does get fed up with glorious sunshine, golden beaches and bloody palm trees. I used to attend the Deanery High School in Frog lane before going to uni in Edinburgh as an engineering cadet with Shell Tankers UK. BY eck that seems like a 100 yrs ago. Anyway I look Forward to hearing from anyone who can write with a wigan accent. cheers George

Orrell & Christine Battersby from Sunshine Coast

Comments: Used to live in Hindley. Left UK 12 years ago. Lived in USA 2years. Been in AU for the last 10years. Senior Minister of Sanctuary Park Church of Christ Nambour.

I miss: Family and friends. Uncle Joe's mint balls!

Tony Dunleavy from Brisbane

Comments: Left Wigan (Scholes) in 1990 and lived in London for 2 years moved to Brisbane in 1992 with my Aussie Wife (now have three children). Currently a Police Officer but about to become a solicitor.

I miss: Greenhalgh's Pies and Lancashire Pasties, Vimto, Tizer and Toffee Crisps. Wigan and Central Park. Long summer nights sitting drinking outside English Pubs(without a doubt the best) Not having to get up in the middle of the night to watch Man City lose again.

Gareth Alan Baldwin from Brisbane

Comments: Used to live in Hindley and Hindley Green. Went to Argyle Street Primary and Mornington High.

I miss: Pies and beer. :-)

Malcolm Skyner from Perth

Comments: I lived in Wigan for nearly twenty years until 1971. I attended UpHolland Grammar and then moved away, firstly to Keele University, then to London, Berlin, New Zealand and presently to Western Australia. When you're old you need to retire somwhere warm and sunny, although as my wife is a Canadian attorney this time in Oz might not last. I miss a lot of things about Wigan, the architecture, the accent, the pubs, the red and cream buses, the park. I don't miss the weather. Have a great day!

I miss: .

Peter Harrison from Newcastle

Comments: Used to live in Swinley, just up queensway. Moved to London in '83 then to Oz in 1995, first to Perth then to Newcastle in 2000. Work as a manager for a computer company.

I miss: funny everyone says meat n potato pies, me too! also getting chips without having to wait to have them cooked, getting peas and pea wet and all covered with gravy in a polystyrene tray with a little wooden fork. Miss Latics, going to away matches and football coverage on telly.

john gallagher from perth

Comments: lived in scholes for 25 yrs, moved 2 aus 10 yrs ago, lived in sydney 9 yrs now happy living in perth

I miss: i miss pub crawls down wigan lane and pooles pies and watching wigan at central park.

sue and barry roberts from brisbane

Comments: lived in orrell moved to oz in 1996 worked as a nurse at wigan infirmary, barry used to race bikes in the T.T. races 4 kids mike, andy,jenny & harry

I miss: family and friends

John Arnold Brown from Kawana, Queensland

Comments: Left Wigan in 195O, now retired after many years in the South Pacific and Asia. I write novels and military articles for American magazines.

I miss: Nights of dancing at the Empress Ballroom.

Jim McLean from Noble Park, Melbourne

Comments: Was born in Ashton in 1929 and lived in Wigan Road opposite the Star Hotel. Went to school at St. Oswald's in Ashton an then to Wigan Junior Technical school from 1942 to 1945. Came to Australia in 1954 and worked with the Victorian State Electricity Commission as an engineer until retirement in 1988. Would be very pleased to hear from old friends on my enclosed e-mail address. Cheers to all, Jim McLean

I miss: Wigan rugby, old friends and the old Empress Ballroom, which I believe is now no more.

Christopher Harrison from Perth

Comments: I used to live in swinley,just off mesnes road. And yes I'm the brother of Peter Harrison, I too live in Australia in Perth. I moved here in 1999 a few years after Peter.. He said it was good so I came

I miss: I miss my fave chippy in swinley 'jimmy Lowes' hes dead now. Unfortunetely a lot of people have died since I left so of course as well as mates i miss I'll not see them ever again. I miss the rugby on sunday and beers on wigan lane before and after game. I miss the wild nights in the town centre and having an indian meal at 3 o'clock in the morning drunk ha ha.. And last but of course not the least I miss my FAmily, but having my brother here is great as I fly too see him every Christmas...

john stuart parker from south australia

Comments: dickens place wigan

I miss: .

Babs Hurst from Gold Coast

Comments: spent all my weekends down on the farm with grandma and grampa Hurst

I miss: .

Lisa Belcher from Melbourne

Comments: Lived in Standish. Went to Woodfold and then onto Standish High School. Moved here in March 2002. Moved here for better weather and loving it!

I miss: I really miss my family and friends, the pies of course and chip shop puddings and the rugby! Also nights out in Wigan and Pemps.

philip parr from perth

Comments: i used to live in top lock

I miss: steak puddings peas chips and gravy

john fergus strong from melbourne

Comments: lived firstly at 87 throstlenest avenue, springfield, then at the (i think it was called) the wheatsheaf hotel in wigan lane then 44 mesnes road. Together with my sister and parents I emigrated to Australia on 09/12/1955

I miss: uncle joe's mint balls - GOOD black pudding, my friends with whom i grew up and went to school

Brenda Rutter from Brisbane

Comments: born, 1 carlisle st. pemberton was married to Stan Atherton and moved to Australia 1976 with my 2 kids christopher & Jacqueline

I miss: olds friends, sloppy mixtures. definately not the weather




roy tasker bennett from brisbane

Comments: Born and bred in Platt bridge went to Moss lane secondary school. A 10 pound tourist in 1968 lived in Melbourne most of the time the last 15 years were spent trying to educate the aussies. Moved to Northern NSW for a short time. Now in Brisbane and own a motel. Used to live next door to St Nats school on Liverpool road in the shop.

I miss: Sunday lunch session in the pub The aussies are trying but will never match it. The crack. Family and friends

paul heaton from sydney

Comments: I used to live in Hindley.

I miss: I miss mi mates and mi family, pies

Bill Grundy from Melbourne, Victoria

Comments: Until March 1968 I lived in High Street, New Springs. At that point I left to travel by Land Rover along the hippie trail to Khatmandu and India.Then through Thailand ,Malaysia and on to Australia. My intention was to stay for six months, but here I still am 35 years later.

I miss: Pork Pies, Treacle toffee, Uncle Joe's, TCP!, Country Pubs, The Hippodrome,Dancing at the Emp and Court Hall -- (almost all memories) --but none of them enough to bring me back,

Diane Sanders nee. Hill from Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast, NSW

Comments: I lived in Coperas Close, SHEVINGTON. I left England in Nov 1970 with my parents and brothers. We moved to ADELAIDE, SA. I married a Pom from Bristol and we have two teenage daughters.

I miss: Not the weather... I remember walking to school in the snow. I miss the hum of the M6, I remember it fondly. I used to love the bus trip to Wigan with Mum. I disliked the nurses in the Wigan Hospital their black stockings terrified me!! I liked the little shops in Shevington and the fair that came to town. I hope to get back to show my daughters where I used to live.

Mark Halliwell from Sydney

Comments: I came to Oz in 1981 as a 20yr old have lived in Sydney throughout. Worked at Cockatoo Dockyard in the early eighties using the skills I gained as an apprentice at Leyland Motors. Have been a Prison Officer since Jan 89, working at Long Bay Gaol.I am married with three beautiful kids, and a wonderful wife. We live 5 miles south of the city on the coast at Malabar. Have lots of mates over here from Wigan and meet regular at the Duke of Glouster hotel at Randwick.

I miss: I miss family and friends, lots of different food and drink, to large to list. Long summer nights and having a beer in the beer gardens. Wigan Market, Wigan R.L. St Pats. and all the beautiful people who used to drink in the Scarecens Head on Wigan Lane. See you all Christmas 2004

Linda Housley nee Higham from Melbourne

Comments: I use to live in Spring View ince. Went to Spring View infants & St marys primary then to Spring View. Emigrated in 1984

I miss: Pies steak puddings fish & chips, Aussies dont have good chippys

brian sharkey from australia

Comments: born 1933 lived at 4 penson st off wigan lane. went to st marys school,I have 3 brothers. 2 live in wigan.1 in ireland moved to australia 1971 have been HOME 8 times



Comments: I used to live at 7 Foundry Lane in Wigan. I went to St Cuthberts Infants school in 1969 and moved onto St Cuthbers Juniors. I remember being taken over to the church every lunchtime for a week to pray for the apollo 13 astronaughts! We moved to Skelmersdale when I was 7 (1971) and to Australia 1974. I now have 2 daughters 4 & 6 and am an Avon Lady. When I win lotto, I will return to show my girls where I was born.

I miss: I miss the field across the road from where we lived, especially when it snowed and the snow fell down into your wellies! I miss the thrill of sliding down the "hill" on the field (I think it was a slag heap) and I miss exploring the abandoned coal mine near us. I also miss a huge german shepherd called Bruce, who was as big as a donkey, and hung around with my fox terrier dog, mike. I also miss hearing my accent.

Jimi somers from Gladstone

Comments: I come from Ashton-in-makerfield Came over to Aus in 1989, I am now living in Gladstone Qld, Still single, looking for the perfect women "as you do"

I miss: The thing i miss the most is goining out on a friday night and having a good laff, and taking the p**s out, 'off yer mates' and also the pies...And really miss the cold weather, Snow etc,

john brian sharkey from diamond creek melbounre

Comments: born new springs 10 july 1933,moved to 4 penson st, off coppull lane ,swinley area went to st mary's rc school, left as thick as a brick in 1948, worked for j.h.naylor ltd up the wiend till 1959 then in desperation join the raf till 1971 marrage failed moved to aussie met my wife cathy and have been as happy as a pig in muck,have 3 brothers in uk derek in swinley rd albert poolstock lane and lesley in ireland


Ian Ritchie from Canberra

Comments: Hello there, born in 1965,lived (Worsley Mesnes),Schooled? at St James, Whelley and Whitley, then worked (Stephensons, Hindley) until 1992, after that I was a brain surgeon for five years, then an astronaut for four years,after that I discovered the cure for cancer and AIDS,married Miss World and am now retired after winning 30 million pounds on the lottery.Guess which is correct.

I miss: THE WIGAN SENSE OF HUMOUR!!! Seriously though,my family and eating peanuts (in little paper bags)with my Grandad at Springfield Park watching the best team in the world,(to me at least). PS Tetleys and/or Walkers ( who remembers a pint of twilight?) and prawn cocktail crisps. PPS. Any Wiganer is welcome to contact me. Bye for now.

Roxanne Lucas from Melbourne

Comments: My father grew up in Wigan His name was John Charles Hilton born 1919 His brothers were Harold & Lawrence. His sisters were Marian and Connie. He emigrated to Australia in 1949/50 If anyone has any knowledge of the family I would be really grateful

I miss: .

Roy Blinston from Canberra/Queanbeyan

Comments: Born in Belle Vue Street, West Gorton, Manchester (1950). From large family of Blinston's (9 plus). Am 2nd youngest. Moved up the road to Openshaw in 1964, then closer to city (Beswick) in 1970. Emigrated to Australia 1973. Been back home twice since (1980 and 1995) for holidays and see family. Am Graphic Designer, own business since 1980.

I miss: I miss... (1) Steak & Kidney puddings, chips and gravy from chippy. (2) Nice English parks. (3) Man Utd. (4) My family... not necessarily in this order. Love Australia - best thing I ever did. Went to Wigan once (it was closed).

Hannah Egan from Perth

Comments: hi i moved from Wigan England in the year 2000. i am 16 years old and migrated here with my Dad Dave Egan and Mum Lynne Egan.

I miss: eastenders and corronation street and the markets!

Maureen Baxter nee Wild from Perth

Comments: Lived in Hindley Green until 1970, moved to Perth Western Australia, with my husband Ron and kids. Now retired.

I miss: Cadburys chocolate(it doesn't taste the same here, and the markets.

Myra Tomkinson (nee Clayton) from Perth

Comments: Used to live in Lower Ince and attended St Mary's Primary before Britannia Bridge Secondary Modern. Went to Wigan Tech, worked in Westminster Bank, Standishgate, 1960-62 then followed future husband to Crewe and eventually into the hotel industry in North Wales. Arrived in Perth Australia in 1983 with 4 children. Am now a widowed grannie with 4 1/2 g'kids.

I miss: Family. Haigh Hall. Mesnes Park. The best pies in the world. The atmosphere.

joe & jackie corlett from gold coast

Comments: joe corlett from top lock jackie corlett from hindley green moved here in 1994

I miss: joe misses pies and beer jackie misses markets and pubs

Tim Flynn from Sydney

Comments: Moved to Southport,Lancashire at age 5, Moved to Sydney aged 25

I miss: Uncle Joes Mintballs

david orrell from brisbane

Comments: I come from highfield, i am plumber lived south africa, then came to australia 1988 worked mainly in the bush on oil refinerys, go to wigan every two years if possible

I miss: I miss the pies,beer,wigan women, old friends the crack

Jack Middlehurst from Bendigo. Victoria

Comments: I was born in Wigan in 1948. My grandfather was the owner of the Railway Hotel in Orrell opposite the railway station. I went to Abraham Guest Country Secondary School. I completed my apprentiship as a Butcher and then enlisted in the RAF. I served 6 yeas as Aircrew having travelled all over the globe. In 1980, my wife, daughter and I emigrated to Australia where I worked with the Victorian Red Cross. I then completed my training as a Paramedical Nurse and worked for the South Australian Health Commission. When My wife attended Uni at a later age and when she was offered her Clinical Masters in Victoria, we decided to move. I started my own successful Security & Investigation business (been studying Criminology and prosection. After that, I was enticed to follow my dream of becoming a social worker, so I attended Latrobe UNiversity and completed my 4 year degree in social work. I graduated this year and am now working with child & Adolescence people who have problems in the mental health field. My wife has a successful business also working mainly in the child adolescents mental health area and working with victims of crime etc. For me, I have decided to come back to the UK to do a 12 month contract as a social worker, I will be bale to live with my daughter from my first marriage and am looking forward to see the places I used to hang around as I was a kid. My family will have to stay here in Aussie, and that will be a downside, but the experience that I will gain will be an asset to me. I am very spiritual and follow the beliefs that are closely related to Conversations with Gods books Author Neale Donald-Walsh. If you don't know it, read about it.

I miss: What I miss from wigan is the Fish, Chips, & Mushy Peas. Also the Steam puddings. Over here are not the same. I need to come home one more time to meet my family, see my past friends before I move on to my next cause, and that is working in Tibet with Underprivileged children. No I am not a saint, (far from it) just a human being doing what I feel I must like everyone else.

David Bellis from Brisbane

Comments: lived in orrell and pemberton , been in australia since 88 , studied as a mature student in psychology and now work as a analyst and cordinator at a brisbane prison.

I miss: fog - mother-inlaw - heinz- frozen water pipes

James H Thompson from Perth

Comments: Used to live in Richmond Rd Bryn until I got married.We had two girls in England and emigrated to Australia in 74 returned to England for two years and returned to Australia in 77 as then I knew I could give my family a better life.The family grew to 4 with two boys.Still working for a living.I enjoy cooking,fishing,and a good beer.

I miss: The atmosphere,some of the food,my sister June & husband Don who live in Ashton-in-Makerfield and other family members,my dear mother inlaw and Friends.

Margaret Sheila Goulding & Terry Shacklady from Speers Point, Near Newcastle NSW

Comments: Both of us born in Wigan in 1936. Terry attended St. Andrews School and I attended Beech Hill Primary. We later moved to S. Wales and had two children Lauren and Nigel Shacklady. We now live in Australia and are retired.

I miss: Pies, beer...yes!! Cream cakes, Barm cakes. Wigan Market Hall. Shopping in Standishgate. People I used to know.

Paul Barker from Perth

Comments: Used to live in Shevington.Moved to Perth in June 2003. I'm accounting now for a mining company.Married to Kathy who was from Parbold, 1 daughter (Lorna) who's 3, another baby due in September 2004

I miss: Definately Greenalgh's !!! Saturday lunchtimes are't the same without a couple of pies. Nights at the Station, Gathurst then stubling home. Hello to all our friends. Probably coming back to Pommie land for holiday christmas 2005/2006!!

Catherine from Mornington

Comments: Hey yall, me iz livin' in ozzi. whell yesh I was born in 1962,Went to St John Fisher High School, have a son called Martin Doran who is 26, he also went to Fisher in 1989. I have a Daughter called Natalie who went to fisher in 1999. My family owns the Swinley Labour club, just tell pauline that you know Cath, and she will gi'ya cheap ale. I worked at greenalghs and Lloyds. I am married to Derek hart. We are the Dorans. But are now the harts. We are also related to the Birchalls of Leigh. Signing off, will catch up with all you strangers on the 7th august 2004 when we stay in scholes.

I miss: FOOD, pubs, swinley labour club, the lovely skys.

Russell & Anne Noonan nee Taylor from Munruben, Brisbane

Comments: Russ lived in Lawns Ave, Tontine, Orrell. I lived At Billinge Hospital(nurse). We moved to Sandpiper Rd, Highfield, then Chelmorton Grove, Winstanley. Emigrated to Brisbane in October 2003 with our youngest son Simon ( 15). Russ worked in Parsonage mine, then Procter & Gamble, and finally Heinz. I last worked at Winstanley Medical Centre. Russ is currently working for my brother-in-law awaiting his electrical licence( 7 months and counting).

I miss: Wigan Rugby on a "sunny" day at central Park(no more!), pea wet on a greenhalgh pie. Friday night pub crawling and ending up at no15. The family and great friends we have and still keep in touch with.

David Bellis from brisbane

Comments: just come back from a trip to wigan ,rain ,beer, madelaines food and more , thank you . freddythefrog

I miss: george and madelaine orrell . no pies left in wigan , brocket, john smiths bitter . wigan rugby, jjb gym

Joanne Hesketh from Perth

Comments: Lived in Hawkley Hall before moving to Aberdeen, Scotland eight years ago. Moved out to Perth in 2003 and am working for an oil and gas company.

I miss: Friends and Family.

Maurice Goulding from Adelaide

Comments: I was born in Turner Street off Greenough Street, back of good old CENTRAL PARK. Moved to Adelaide in 1969 with my wife Margaret(nee Beard)who was from Devon Close Norley Hall Estate. I went to St Georges and then onto All Saints, we both worked at H.J. Heinz at Standish, bottled goods and veg prep, if anyone remembers us please get in contact.


Keith Stuart Ryding from Ascot Vale

Comments: 4 Warnford Street. Left in 63. Now near Melbourne. Coming home for my 50th. dec 05. Occupation IT Project Manager. Last back 1985.

I miss: The town ship, the pubs and hospitality.The Latics

Stephen Acton from Perth WA

Comments: Born in Hindley Green, 1953,lived in Ex pub - Miners Arms I think, on Atherton Road, went to Sacred Heart Primary, moved to 33 Derwent Road Hindley about 1975. Went to Cardinal Newman Secondary in '64. Emigrated with sister Ruth, brother Tony, Mum & Dad to Perth Western Australia in 1968. Planning a trip back probably 2005/6. Have had my own business now since 1999, into steam equipment etc..have two sons, one lives in Brisbane Queensland, the other with his mother in Townsville Queensland. My partner and I live in Kinross Perth WA with her two children.

I miss: Going to Central Park on Saturday - RIP. Going into Wigan to buy scalextric bits on a Saturday after getting paid for delivering bread and papers as a kid......memories. Also miss old friends, would be nice to get back in touch with some of them.

susan anne O'halloran(sherry) from carrum downs melbourne

Comments: Lived in Beech hill,Upholland. Been here since 1982. Used to work at Hartwood Hoisery

I miss: Pies and Bernedette Hurst from Ince

ken littler from wollongong

Comments: I was born in wigan road bryn, moved to shevington when I was married to my loverly wife Pam, we moved to OZ in 1975 and never regreted one moment of it we now live by the side of the lake Illawarra just south of wonderful Wollongong. We have two KIds and three grandkids.

I miss: The only thing I miss is the latics, and my uncle Joe's mint balls,went back in 99 and found it just was not the same, but I still like to keep in touch with the old place.

Carrianne Lackie (nee Staines) from Caloundra, Sunshine coast, QLD

Comments: Hi I lived on Orrell road in orrell in the 70's, the highfield, then Moor road Orrell. Left Wigan in 1999 to move to Perth Scotland to be with my Hubby who is Scottish. Emigrated in Feb 2004, love it here. I am now an internal business consultant for the government.

I miss: Greenalgh's pies and pasties, boddingtons in a pint. My family who are still there. Nightlife.

Marjorie Walker (nee Littler) from Wollongong/New South Wales

Comments: used to live in Wigan Road Bryn, moved to Australia in 1961, have three children, 2 g/children & 3 g/g/children, am now retired, but keep busy doing various things, I still enjoy my dancing, went to A-inM'field Sec Mod. School in middle 50's, looking for my first love Billy Winstanley parents had fish & chips shop in Ashton, he had 2 older sisters, he would be in his middle 60's now, he was a real nice bloke, with a nice smile, have never forgotten him.

I miss: Sorry to say not much really, only I used to love the toffee from Santus in Wigan Market, & the meat & potato pies from any cake shop.

Neil McCormick from Sydney

Comments: Born in Beech Hill 1973 and went to the famous St John Fisher School., moved to London , then to manchester before heading of for Sydney.

I miss: Chips, Peas, Pudding and Gravy ! Miss that so much.. Would pay a mint for one today. King Street, still the best p***-up on the planet

andrea/bill flanagan from gold coast

Comments: i was born in wigan in 1971.i used to live in newtown then pemberton then moved to ashton were i met my hubby.we moved here 2004 not been here that long ,would love to here from any wiganers with advice on how to cope with not having meat and potato pies!!

I miss: i miss pies,fish and chips i didnt eat them much but now i caint have them i want them.mayo not the same here tastes like salad cream.most of all i miss the pubs and the crazy lads and lasses and mi mates.but the gold coast is a byut place..

Susan Powell (nee Henderson) from Townsville Queensland

Comments: My family and I used to live on Sussex Close Standish, although I was 4 when we left I remeber the house and my Dad use to work for the Post Office, his name was John Henderson.

I miss: I miss my Dad as he passed away in 1993, Other than that think I was a bit to young to really miss anything at 4.

Tina (Rhead) & Geoff Hay from Perth

Comments: 43 Chorley Road, Standish, School-St Wilfreds Standish, and Shevington Sec Years Born 1944, school from 1949-1959. Moved to Bedford, harrogate, then Aylesbury then Bedford again before migrating to Perth in August 2004, to be near daughter and grandchildren. Both Geoff & I retired on a 4 year retirement visa, hopefully renewable after 4 years. weather great

I miss: Old school mates, mum and 2 sisters, still live in Standish, Wigan. all visiting Perth in March 2005

Nick Grange from Diamond Creek, Melbourne

Comments: I lived in Monument Road, in what I belive is now called the Swinley area now, until the age of 13. I found this web site because I was researching information on the monument, which commemorates the death of Sir Thomas Tyldesly who died in the "Battle of Wigan Lane" in 1651 during the civil war. I attended Woodfield Primary school and then the Grammar school until the family moved to Garstang, near Lancaster in 1960. At the age of 22 I went travelling & never returned to live but have been back to visit a few times over the years. My family owned Moorfields Brewery until 1970something when it unfortunately closed - not sure whether the beer was any good or not! My mother's maiden name was Moorfield, who was a director along with her 3 sisters, and a Moorfield cousin was the managing director. There is an old Moorfild's Wigan Ales clock ticking on our kichen wall - found it in a junk shop in Wigan Lane some years ago - original condition except for a quartz movement now in the back. I still have some relatives in the Swinley area. We have been in Melbourne since 1972 and always kept up with the fate of Wigan rugby league until the advent of Melbourne Storm.

I miss: What do I miss? Hard to say....my carefree childhood in the Wigan streets and the cricket club.




Sally from Melbourne

Comments: I'm a Melbourne girl born and bred but my Mum is from Wigan and I sometimes think that my heart really belongs to Wigan. I'm very proud of my Wigan heritage. I am posting this message to all the Wigan ex-pats who live in Melbourne and miss some of the treats from home. See my message in 'Things I miss from Wigan' below.

I miss: This is a message for all the Wigan ex-pats living in Melbourne who miss English chocolates, sweets, crisps, pop and biscuits. There is a shop called The Original Lolly Store (2 locations - Lygon Street and Melbourne Central) that sell a selection of Engish food. You can even get cans of Bachelors Mushy Peas! They have a website as well : www.theoriginallollystore.com.au. Enjoy!!!

Ray Bowyer from Sydney

Comments: Originally from Appley Bridge/Wrightington (Glenside). Went to St.Peters, then Wigan Tech. Left UK '95, spent time in Asia and New Zealand for 9 years. Left the UK permanently and end of '04 moved to Sydney and am loving the aussie experience.

I miss: My mates from school/college, jaffa cakes, wagon wheels and battenburg cake!... apart from that... nowt!

Karen Craggs (Mills) from Orangeville

Comments: We lived in Whelley. and I went to High School in Aspull. We moved to Canada in 1982. I am an accountant, married with two beautiful boys.

I miss: I miss Wigan so much, I check in every once in a while when I miss Auntie Ang and Uncle Bri, mushy peas and chips, uncle Joes, meat & potato pies and Asda.......See you soon!

Wendy Norris from Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia

Comments: Used to live in Newton-le-Willows, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Appley Bridge. Came to Australia in 1978. I have a small spinning supplies business and design clothing - knitted, felted, sewn etc. Used to be a home economics teacher in Tech here.

I miss: The markets, spring and autumn (we don't really get them here). Walking by the canal in summer and having a drink at the Railway, Appley Bridge. Miss my friends Pauline and Judith, would love to sit down and have a cuppa and a natter. Hope to visit maybe next year if the funds allow.


Comments: I used to live in Beech Hill,got married in 91, ahve two beautiful children, Kyle aged 10 and Keira aged 5, moved to townsville in 2003 and absolutely love it here.Will visit Wigan again soon to visit family and catch up with friends.

I miss: I miss family and friends,WIGAN SENSE OF HUMOUR, pooles pies and especially my niece Joanne.

Elizabeth Norris (now Granger) from sydney

Comments: My parents moved to Austalia in 1978 and being nearly 16 at the time had to move to. I went to shevington County High school. We used to live at 56 Whitehall Avenue, Appley Bridge and before that at 25 Addamson Street Ashton-in-Makerfield.

I miss: shopping at the markets

Edmund Barton from Perth -Western Australia

Comments: Now retired - lived Wigan from 1938 until 1966 when moved to work in London - and to Australia in 1971 - worked in fare East for some 8 years and returned to Australia 1986.

I miss: The great friendliness of the people and the general way of life as it was when I lived in Wigan

June Van Der Stam nee Cherrington from Brisbane

Comments: Originally live in Marsh Green,Goose Green then Darlington Sreet. Attended Gidlow 1967/1971, Worked at telephone exschange Wigan.Emigrated to Australia 1973. Love to hear from anyone.

I miss: Miss the people, and everything about Wigan.

terence hoolin from perth

Comments: There's a lot I miss esoecially from my soccer days at Sacred heart.I am now 65 ,love to hear from my old mates.

I miss: Beer and women especially Joan Porter

lawrence morris from south australia

Comments: I logged onto your site a week ago,i visited and signed the guest book and answered a query or two to a couple of your members,and registered my membership,which was accepted,now that I try to log-in,my e-mail address,is not recognised/or my password isn,t,even after trying for ages to get moving.,and I didn,t recieve an acknowledgement to my application in my e-mail.dissapointed!I placed a comment in the guest book2days ago reffering to my roots/schools/hobbies/e.t.c.

I miss: the old type of uncle joes mintballs,none of that candy covered stuff,that passes for uncle joes now/pies/yes(for sugar butties)browsing in the market/meeting up with old friends/getting into the amber liquid/--roll on april 06.

Susan O'Rourke (nee Hall) from Adelaide

Comments: Used to live in Pemberton, Whelley then Highfield. Went To Highfield Primary School, Deanery High School then trained as a nurse at RAEI worked there until 1989 when amigrated to Adelaide with my fantastic Hubby John. We ave 3 wonderful kids, Paul and Lisa (twins) and Martin (all Wiganers). Am working in the local hospital in charge of the paediatric unit at present and John is a case manager and finds people with disabilities employment. We love Australia.

I miss: Family and friends. Wigan RLFC and travelling to away games (funny how it always rained once you were on the wrong side of the Penines!)A good session at the local pub (White Swan in Pemberton)followed by pudding, chips and pea wet on the way home. The smell of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls walking to school in the mornings past the factory. Pontins.

Leslie Norman Bithell from Ipswich

Comments: Lived in Canal St, New Springs from 1948, used to work at Harveys Bakery as it was then. Married a girl from Bolton, had three kids and emigrated to Bribane in 1974. Joined the RAAF and served 22 yrs. My children are grown now with kids of their own, 4 grandchildren to date. Have taken early retirement and enjoy my hobbies of woodworking and golf.

I miss: I have been back 4 times since emigrating and plan for another trip this year. I miss family and friends, Wigan sense of humour and banter. Fish and chips, steak puddings and potato cakes

dave egan from perth western australia

Comments: moved out here to Perth W.A. in Feb 2000 after living in Wigan all my life

I miss: sweaty bettys vindaloo, pies and a wigan lane pint

Gary McHugh from Perth

Comments: I used to live in Winstanely (Berkeley Ave), went to Marus Bridge Middle School then Whitley High. Moved out here in the 80s and have been back heaps of times but only on holidays (my folks moved back to England years ago). I now work for the State Govt in public relations. Would love to hear anyone who may remember me from all those years ago.

I miss: Going into Wigan when I was a kid to go the pictures (Saturday matinee) and watching Latics (who were in the fourth divn way back then). Everything foodwise and of course the English ales.

sarah sullham from wigan

Comments: i used to live in little britain but i moved down under and got a job as a surgeon. I am now earning 5,000 a month and have paid off my mortgage.

I miss: I miss the people and the accent coz no one round here talks like me

June Axam -Adams Nee Gill from Gold Coast

Comments: I lived in Standish Lower Ground. I went to Gidlow School which has since been pulled down.

I miss: Fish & Chips

Marjorie Dean from Melbourne

Comments: I was born (Marjorie Hulme)in Hindley Green in 1955 and went to Thomas Street Primary School from 1959 to 1965.I emigrated to Australia in 1981 with my husband and son.We run our own business in Melbourne

I miss: Definitely pies! and the chip shops

kev & sue bradshaw(nee cook) from Brisbane

Comments: I went to thomas st primary, sue went to castle hill primary schools, both went to mornington rd high school, worked for local cat dealer levertons, emigrated to oz 1990 work for cat dealer in brisbane, big shortage of mechanics over here, coming over for hols next august. would love to hear from old friends.

I miss: crumbly lancashire cheese, pork pies, black pudding, bulls eye brown ale & last but not least eggs donin fryin pon.

ken campbell from coffs harbour n s w

Comments: use to live at 36 may ave abram, wet to holy family school platt bridge, use to be in merchant navy settle in auss 1950,worked as builder also in telecomunications dept

I miss: nothing at all i now live in paradise in the greatest coutry in the world.

Claire Morrison from Brisbane

Comments: Used to live in Winstanley, went to Marus Bridge then Cansfield. Worked in town @ Thomas Cook Travel and The Queen Vic Htl. Was dragged here kicking & screaming in 1990 when my parents emigrated, but have never been home and probably won't till my 2 girls are old enough to remember a very expensive trip. Everyone comes out here to holiday !! Should have married Pete Woosey...should have, could have, didn't. Met an Aussie lived in Sydney for 8 years (loved it) had 2 girls and moved to Brisbane. Now split up and waiting for Pete to contact me...

I miss: Christmas, "Open Chips & Curry", Palma Violets and Marks and Spencer Salt and Vineger Chipsticks and Monster Munch and Mushy Peas. I miss Guy Fawkes night...I miss Halloween and I really miss Boxing Night Fancy Dress round Wigan....

Dave Standen from Sanctuary Point N.S.W.

Comments: Used to live in Hindley (half a life time ago)went to Mornington Rd High School in the seventies.Living two hours south of sydney in one of the best spots on the planet, a place called Jervis Bay if anyones interested. It's a place of white sand, blue oceans and miles of empty spaces.Nothing cultural happens here but we do have a lot of 'barbies' (for all you wiganers out there) a barbie is a thing you burn a perfectly good piece of meat until it looks like a lump of charcoal and then pretend that that's the way you like it and that you haven't made an almighty stuff up.

I miss: I miss the sense of humour, the pubs, Sweaty Betties curry house. I miss being able to go to Europe (Australia's so far away from civilization). I don't miss Uncle Joes mint balls because my parents keep me well supplied, or i'd go mental( make that more mental). I went back to Wigan last year and couldn't believe how much of the good stuff about my home town had been pulled down and replaced with faceless dross, still beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. I miss so much more but any body reading this would get bored with me going on and on. Would i come back to live in Wigan? no, but i wish a few more Wiganners would come over here and liven the place up a bit. SEE YA LATER.

Norma Painter from Kellyville NSW

Comments: Born in Bickershaw. Went to the Convent in Wigan. Then lived in Hindley Green when married. Was then Clark, previously Heyes. Moved Down Under in 1994 and married another Wiganer. Lucky to be working with another Wiganer and we share our memories..'though I love Australia.

I miss: Pooles's pies, the pubs, Wigan Casino-gone (my 'training' ground) Central Park-gone-I'm now a Parramatta Eels girl. Nobody does fish and chips like us Wiganers. Go the 'Latics..

Dave Painter from Kellyville Sydney

Comments: Born in Billinge Hospital (weren't we all?) and lived in Ashton-in-M in my youth also lived in Weston St Wigan for a while and went to St Georges Primary then Thomas Linacre which merged with Wigan 'Gramer'...(they didn't teach me very well!). Spent 10 years as a landlord's lackey at the Delph Tavern in Tontine (Orrell)...the Landlord was my Father...and put my acquired skills to good use whilst working for Barbara "the Door Nazi" Calderbank at SLOOPIES and PUFFERS...Sorry Barbara, that was probably the best time of my life until I moved to OZ. Moved to Australia in 1980 and have never looked back...although I've been back for weddings and funerals, one of the weddings was my own (see above). Wouldn't swap Australia for anything, not even a meat and potato pie, as it's been very good to me and I would urge any resident Wiganers reading this to apply immediately to emigrate. Hope to retire soon if I can persuade my young and beautiful Wigan wife to move north to Diamond Beach...no, that's not where they shoot "Home and Away"...could go on forever with this ..............

I miss: Blackcurrant Tarts..no comments please... and, strangely enough, working behind the bar at Sloopies and serving all you Wigan girls. Also Tetley's/John Smiths Bitter, although I'm a wine drinker now, whilst imbibing the occasional Kilkenney at my local Irish Pub! How come thay don't have English Pubs in Australia...oh eck.... that's the other thing I miss :-)

Rod Swan from Sydney

Comments: Lived in Wigan for 17 months from Dec, 72 till Jun, 74. Lived in Ince, Standish, Pemberton and Kitt Green. Worked for Stirling Aggregates in Scotland and G.W. Collins (VG Foodstores)in Haydock. Married a beautiful English Rose named Valerie Bolton and brought her home to Australia in 1974.

I miss: Miss the friends I made at Haydock, pubs, the countryside and history of England. Miss the friendliness of the Lancashire people. The closeness of everything in GB. Miss late night visits to the chippy for chips and mushy peas.

Mandy Thomas nee Thornborrow from Melbourne

Comments: Born 1967. Lived originally in Humphrey Street, Higher Ince on the lights, went to Ince CE Primary School with best mate Linda Jones. Then Park High School in Hindley 1979-84. Met Barry, my husband at The Edge Tavern pub in Bolton in 1993, we later ran 3 pubs of our own between 1993 and 1997. I am a teacher and taught most recently at Hawkley Hall High school in Wigan 1999-2005. Made loads of mates there who I miss no end! We've only just moved to Australia, Sept 2005, so I still get the occassional wobbly day, but what a place! We are moving to a home of our own down in Mornington next week, talk about picture postcard perfect! We have two children, Archie who will start prep in February and Mackenzie who's 18 months, it's definately the place to bring up kids! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or thinks they may know someone who knows me!

I miss: Definately family and close friends, they are great at keeping in touch on the phone and email but I miss the physical contact. Sharing the good things here with my mum. Being understood for 100% of a conversation coz being new to Aus I still have a broad Wigan accent! Black puddings, Holland's steak n Kidney pudding, Walker's crisps, spuds (they don't taste right here), Asda/Morrisons/Tesco (they don't have the large supermarkets that sell everything and the kitchen sink here). I suppose it's all things familiar at the moment but you always have your favourites that you can't get in other places even in the UK! No regrets though, Australia is a fantastic place :)

Christine Ann Geeves (nee Hinks) from Manly Vale, Sydney

Comments: Lived in Higher Ince then moved to Worsley Mesnes. Moved to Australia in 1967. I am a secretary at Royal North Shore Hospital, married with two grown daughters and 1 granddaughter who is 2 years old

I miss: Green's pork pies and pork sausages. Treacle toffee by Santos'. Probably both shops shut down now. Used to be in the Market Hall.

Darren MYERS from Melbourne

Comments: Victoria St, Newtown. Moved to Australia 1984. 36 Y/O lived in wigan for 14 years since 2 Y/O.

I miss: Believe it or not the weather. I still cannot get used to xmas in the heat, it's all wrong. Food but you can find alot here in AUS like soreen Malt loves.

Derek Byrne from Perth

Comments: I was born in Gidlow Lane (we were born at 'ome in them days). Lived in Wigan until I was 25 when Maggie shut Parkside Pit and I had to move. I run a diamond mine in Western Australia. Am married to Yvie and we have a little boy (Derek Byrne the third!).

I miss: being able to say: "chips, pudding, and peas, twice, luv". Swimming in the canal. Pizza on a Friday night at "Inn Good Taste" in Standish.

Vivian Halsall nee Grange from Margaret River West Australia

Comments: Lived in Henry Park St Higher Ince married Terry Halsall moved to Aspull have 2 children boy Marc and girl Janine. We have 2 grandchildren boys aged 3 & 5 yrs. Moved to WA in 1983. We have holiday accommodation in Margaret River and are semi retired.

I miss: I miss the Wigan humour and dream of good steak pudding, chips and mushy peas.A good meat and potatoe pie.Good market stalls.

Victor Gaffney from Adelaide

Comments: I used t live in Springfield, I am married to Lisha, i have 3 kids Kamy 16, Tom 10, Emily 7. we came here in March 2005, i work for South Australia Police, Lisha works in Commercial sales.We love Adelaide and the weather here. We are building a house with a swimming pool near to the beach.

I miss: We all miss pies, Lisha misses Asda, i miss all the pubs, hussle and bussle, we miss Wigan park, haigh hall and most of all frosty mornings!!!

david standen from Shoalhaven

Comments: grew up in hindley, went to mornington road school. left england in 1988 (bad move). self employed, hair salons and manufacturer of products for the hairdressing industry.

I miss: things i miss about wigan would be the people, the beer and the fact that you can get to europe so easily. from the arse end of the world you can't get anywhere unless you are absolutely loaded. still it's not all bad here, we do have sunshine and we don't have wigans crappy city centre. what have you let the council do to the place, it sucks. there's no soul to the place now , it just looks as boring and utalitarian as every other place. it looks just like george orwell said the future would be. I've done moaning now because it's pointless. boring and scruffy the place may be but it still has a special place in side for all us ex-pats. keep it safe for when we next come home. seeyalater.ps Kev bradshaw, our kev say's you haven't got in contact with him yet so please send an e-mail to me for his full phone number and home address.

Sheelagh Storey (O'Neill) from Surfers Paradise

Comments: Lived in Worsley Hall (nr JJB Stadium) until 1976, went to Notre Dame High School, worked for Thomson Hols for many years. Came to Oz 20 yrs ago for holiday! Married, 2 children, divorced. Work part time.

I miss: Family, any food eaten in cold weather like chips & gravy, indian etc. Atmosphere in pubs. Hate the cold weather, love the friendliness of the Wiganers. Thank god for the internet, keep up with news from UK. Anybody from St. Edwards/Notre Dame High School, plse contact me?

Sheelagh Storey (O'Neill) from Surfers Paradise

Comments: Lived in Montrose Avenue. Worked in Spain/Greece for few years. Came to Oz 20 years ago. Live 10 mins away from an old neighbour from Wigan! Love the climate, gold coast is spectacular, plenty to do in this climate that doesn't cost much. No snobs. Aussies accept you as you are not depending on your accent.

I miss: Family & friends, late summer evenings, the sense of humour and down to earth people from Wigan. Good indian food on a cold night.

Mary O Neill from Sydney

Comments: Originally from Montrose Ave, Worsley Hall. Went to St Thomas More High School.Worked overseas for many years mainly Greece and the Greek Islands for Thomson & Olympic Holidays.Been living in Sydney Australia for nearly 20 years and love it.

I miss: I don't miss the warm beer or the pies just the people and the great pub life which cannot be recreated anywhere and of course not being able to see my family and friends more often.

Liz Marsh from Nambour, Queensland

Comments: Used to live in Gidlow Lane Wigan Nursing at Wrightington Hospital Left UK in March 1974

I miss: The Pier!!!! Still get the Jokes

danny dewhurst from perth west aust

Comments: emigrated to sydney in1971,moved to perth in 72,with family,been ere ever since,all family her from Aspull,went to our ladys rc in haigh rd,lived in ratcliffe rd, aspull,have sister here also.

I miss: dandelion and burdock,uncle joes, fish and chips,the smell of freshly cut grass in haigh Hall andfootball.

Pauline Carr (Latham) from Perth

Comments: Hi I used to live in Shevington, went to Shevington High School(no kidding)have worked in a couple of mills in wigan, worked behind the bar at the Riverside,met a travelling aussie in the Navigation at Gathurst. we ended up getting married and came to live in perth been here 16 yrs have two beutiful kids, have only been back to Wigan once in that time, actually trying to organize a flight to go home next couple of months sooo exited to see my family

I miss: I am hanging out for a decent pie any will do, Wigan pubs, walks to haigh hall,The Markets!!

David Brown from Newcastle New South Wales

Comments: Lived at 15 Clapgate lane and went to St Cuthberts.Moved to oz when I was 11(1971)with my two brothers, Tony and Peter, parents Bill and Maggie. now a fitness instructor and (wannabe!)sculptor.

I miss: Things i miss? Miss snow at christmas! food of course like everybody else-Black puddin', pork pies,fish n chips, sloppy peas.Watching Tommy Cooper and Benny Hill. Often wonder what all my old mates ended up doin'. Used to play on the old abandoned mines up the road- sliding down the hill on my arse in the snow at chrissy, scaring ourselves with stories of "red clogs" from the mines. If you remember the Browns from Clapgate lane,send us a line- PO Box 263 Waratah NSW 2298 Australia.

Peter Pilkington from Adelaide

Comments: Born at Crown Hotel New Springs Wigan 1952 Lived at Scot Lane Newton Emigrated with family 1962 Supply Specialist with BHPBilliton last visited Wigan 1999 and will again soon

I miss: Mabs Cross on Frday nights

m blakeley from queensland

Comments: kitt green.. emigrated 1967

I miss: sense of humour and uncle joe's mint balls

Carole Ross (nee Winstanley) from Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Comments: I used to live on Norley Hall Estate and attended All Saints School. I left school at Easter in 1965. My parents were Anne & Bill Winstanley. Dad was a partner in the Seven Stars School of Motoring. I worked at Dunlop on the Pimbo Industrial Estate at Skelmersdale. My brother Geoff lives in Sydney and has two sons. I am married to an American named Dan and have two lovely daughters. Kelly is married to Paul and they have two boys and Jane is married to Cameron and they have a girl and a boy. It would be nice to hear from old school friends/neighbours/friends. I still have several family members living in Wigan and some of them have been out to Australia to visit us. I work in the health industry and Dan works in tourism and we really enjoy our lives together.

I miss: I miss my family and friends. I miss those lovely Lancashire accents and the fish and chip shops. I especially miss steak puddings and Uncle Joe's mintballs and visiting my old pub, The Windmill at Parbold.

Derek william Bannister from Goldcoast

Comments: Lived springfield street wigan 1960s,then primrose lane standish 1962-,then backlane appley bridge 1968-78 attended shevington high school 1970-74 then a welders apprentiship at horwich loco 1974-78 then emigrated to Australia.

I miss: Food - fishing-Friends-wigan casino

William&Andrea Flanagan (Greenhalgh) from goldcoast

Comments: Bill lived in Ashton and went to Burchall high left there in 86.Andrea grew up in Newtown and went to pem middle then mesnes high left in 87.We left Ashton in 2004 to Australia and came str8 to the Gold Coast.We spend most of are weekends on are boat,having bbqs on the beach the weather is gr8 and the people.We would love to here from any Wiganrs that have made the same move.xx

I miss: Friends and Family first.Meat and potato pies they dont make them here,the pubs,clubs,people.

Derek Francis Halliwell from Macquarie Fields

Comments: I live at 22 Barnsley St Wigan. I attended St John Fisher secondray school Beech Hill,from when it first opened not sure of the date till 1958. I emigrated to Australia in May 1958 when I was 15 years of age with my Mother & Father. We sailed to Australia on the P&O SS Strathnaver. My wifes name is Frances Australian born and I have two girls Susan & Christine. I am a Services Oficer and work for the Department of Education and Training, New South Wales

I miss: The ABC Minors

Barry Foy from Erinsborough

Comments: A Laborer went to job site to ask for work. Foreman says "Can you make tea?" Laborer "Yes I can." Foreman "Can you drive a fork lift truck?" Laborer "Why?! How big's your bloody kettle???"

I miss: What with Liquid, baa bar, flares,Jumping Jacks, Walkabout, Surfers Paradice,The Orange House, Ibiza Bar, Malonies, Amber Bar,Bentlys,The Litten Tree, Dali Bar and Wigans newest club The Hub, the only R N B club in town I am spoilt for choice.

Janette Cullen (Quigley) from Dunsborough

Comments: I went to Bluecoat Primary School from 1964 to 1972 (I think)!! Came to Australia in 1986. Wigan will ALWAYS be home.

I miss: Wiganers are the best people - the best sense of humour - the best language - BEST pies (thanks Pooles)

Paul & Valerie Bibby from Perth

Comments: Paul is originally from Aspull but when we married we lived in St Paul's Ave Goose Green. Regulars of Goose Green Labour club and St Judes (rugby) We left in June 1993. Paul still laying bricks. We have 2 (Big) kids now, David & Heather - you wouldnt recognise them. Valerie selling steel products for The Locker Group. (Phil Gartside, Bolton Wanderers)

I miss: We miss family and social life - pubs, shopping in Wigan. Real bacon and boiled ham. Twilight and greenery.

Josephine Helen Hayes from Adelaide South Australia

Comments: Used to live in Pepper Lane Standish Moved to Australia in '64 went to St Maries. Work in Aged Care looking after the services ie catering, cleaning and laundry.Hope to hear from someone who recognises the name.

I miss: Nostalgic things like Wrightington Fish Ponds, Wigan Market,double decker buses, the kiosk in Mesnes Park and yes the meat & potato pies.

Mary O Neill from Sydney

Comments: I used to live in WORSLEY HALL, WIGAN I come from a large family 7 kids so I'm sure there must be somone out there thatt know of our family. I went to ST EDWARDS PRIMARY then to ST THOMAS MORE (1961/66/7)school Scot Lane Newtown. Worked overseas for many years mainly Greek Islands for Thomson Holidays & Olympic. I now live in Sydney working in a real estate office.It's always nice to hear from anyone from "the old country"!!! Best regards Mary

I miss: We can get most things here and I hate to say it but the pies are much better.OMG I think I've just dug my own grave!!! I really miss family and friends and not being there for special events like 30th,40th,50th birthdays, births, funerals etc etc but that's a choice you make so we just have to accept it.

Joyce Unsworth from Whyalla South Australia

Comments: I use to live in Hindley, I attended Hindley @ Abram Grammer School my maiden name was Lee that was in the fifties, I now live on a animal and wildlife sanctury as a caretaker with my partnerin Whyalla South Australia

I miss: I miss the rugby The markets, and the parks .Haigh Hall, and good friends

Joyce Unsworth from Whyalla South Australia

Comments: I moved to Australia in 1972, my maiden name was Joyce Lee and I lived in Hindley, attended Hindley@Abram Grammer School in the 1950.Was born in Platt Bridge Stanley Rd, my partner and I are caretakers of a Marron ( fresh water crayfish) and Murry Cod breeding park.

I miss: I miss Blackpool the illuminations. Wigan Pier, and Borsden Wood Hindley,Haigh Hall and Wigan Park

Robert Gallacher (bob) from Sydney

Comments: Born and brought up at Kitt Green went to St Cuthberts and Tommy More. Worked as an apprentice at NCB till going away to sea in 1968. Emigrated to Aus in 1971. Now have own business producing videos and DVD for corporate clients.

I miss: I miss the Wigan humor, the pubs and clubs of Wigan.

Bill & Edna Sargeant (nee Grundy) from Perth

Comments: Lived in Hindley (Castle Hill Rd) and Platt Bridge. Attended Argyle St & Moss Lane Schools, repsectively. Emigrated to South Africa in 1963 & then to Australia in 2002 on a 4yr retirement visa, since renewed. Miss South Africa & the wild life though. Qualified as a mining engineer(coal)at Wigan Tech & worked in the mines in Sa and Botswana. Still support England at sport despite their ecent woeful performances.

I miss: Borsdane wood, Bolton Wanderers & the Latics; my whom would have believed it, Lancashire Combination to Premier league. Miss the countryside in general but not so much the weather.







rachel harling from perth

Comments: i lived in swinley street wigan i worked as a police woman haha and moved to australlia with the whole family in 2001

I miss: i miss the chippy from round the corner did the best chips ever where i live the nearest is a couple of miles away and there chips are horrible the call them fries and i keep saying chips and they keep given me a packet of chrisps this may be strange but i miss the drizzly weather wigan the best town ever

Edmund Barton from South Lake/Perth

Comments: Lived in Wigan until I aged 25 - moved to London 1968 for work - lived in Ampthill Bedfordshire. To Australia in 1971 - since then I have been based in Western Australia but have spent eight years in Hong Kong - married with one son.

I miss: The people

Sheelagh Storey (O'Neill) from Surfers Paradise

Comments: Just to add my email address for anyone who wants to keep in touch with an ex-Wiganner. Used to live in Sydney, sister there now. Now in Qld 6 yrs.

I miss: Already posted some time ago.

Frank from Perth

Comments: Used to live in Heskin but was born and dragged up in Shevington. Been in Australia since. 1997

I miss: I miss alot, not just about Wigan but England in general. If I could get Pound for Dollar I'd be out in a flash

Barbara from Gold Coast

Comments: dad was born and bred in Hindly.... so I have had a close assosication with the area all my life 'cos of rellies and stuff.

I miss: black pudding

Julie Lyons (nee Gilfillan) from Perth

Comments: Lived in Bamfurlong, Went to Rose Bridge High School - Left in 1984. Travelled Australia in 1989 - returned 1990. Married in 1996. Husband Paul and we have two children Jordan and Abbi. Emigrated to Australia in 2005, did 6 months on gold coast and now in Perth.

I miss: Most definitely pies (edwards and greenhalghs) and my son would say the same. Saturday night round town and PEMPS! My family and my best mate Julie Fishwick.

lisa hanna (kelly) from north lakes brisbane

Comments: i grew up in newsprings and got married there to ian .we moved out to brisabane oct 06 and loving it .i am working in child care and ian has a really good job out here ! the children have settled in very well and go to the local state school

I miss: the things i miss about wigan are the indian take aways ,pie shops and the pubs.i also miss famliy and friends

Helen Flower from Sydney

Comments: I moved from Wigan in 1962 maiden name Finney. Would love to hear from anyone with information about genealogy.

I miss:


Comments: WORSLEY HALL, Montrose Avenue Wigan. Second posting just in case any new people viewing.Went to St Edwards, Newtown 1955/60 then to St Thomas More 1961/67ish.Came from a large family who most of them still live in the same area. I worked overseas for many years mainly in Greece and the Greek Islands then moved to Australia 20 years ago.I have been in the real estate business for 18 years.Live in Sydney and love it except for the extreme heat but you can't have everything can you? If there's anyone out there who knows of me or one of my family I'd love to hear from you.

I miss: Family and friends,being close to the rest of Europe.Honest,down to earth Wiganers and good pubs.


Comments: MONTROSE AVE, WORSLEY HALL.This is my second posting just in case anyone new is viewing. Went to St Edwards school Newtown then on to St Thomas More approx 1961. Would love to hear from anyone who knows of me or any of my family. Best regards.

I miss: Mainly my family and friends, we are SO far away here.Sorry to I was never into pies anyway and don't drink beer so I suppose I'm not a true Wiganer!!!

ray heywood from southwest rocks

Comments: Billinge retired railway manager living mid north coast N.S.W.


Frank ( Francis )Haydock from Darwin

Comments: I was brought up in Standish at Pepper Lane I left Lancashire in 1960 when I joined the British Army I emigrated to Australia in 1977 and have lived in Darwin ever since. I trained as a school teacher and worked in Primary school, High School and Secondary school. I lectured at the NT Univrsity before retiring in 1996. I play Solo Cornet in the Darwin City Brass Band and I have worked with the Darwin Symphony Orchestra on Principle Trumpet.I first started to play the Cornet in the Standish Brass Band when I was eight years old. ,

I miss: The things I miss most about Wigan are the Pork Pies .I cant get anything like them in Australia.

Dave Sullivan from sydney Coogee

Comments: Lived in Actons walk then moved to Delph st when I was around 6. Went to fisher left Joined the Navy. Left moved around lived in US and Holland Been here about two years now. Living in Coogee by the beach and brilliant. I am in Gods second country.

I miss: Puddin chips n pea's wi curry sauce, Mo's chippie, meeting up with the boys every year for the Silk cup final regardless of who's playing, Familiy. tinternets brilliant for keeping in touch. Draught Tetly's. n nowt else

Denise Buckley from Adelaide

Comments: Brought up in Billinge, went to St James Road Junior and then Abraham Guest High, lived in Upholland as an adult and moved to Adelaide in 2003.

I miss: My parents, real chips, not deep fried frozen ones, mushy peas, steak and kidney puddings from the chippy, proper vinager on my chips, warbutons toastie loaf, vimto, mr kiplings almond slices, living within walking distance of pub - bloody hell, why did i ever leave!!

Bob Gallacher from Sydney

Comments: Born and bred at kitt green. Went to St Cuthberts, Tommy More then St Peters at Gathurst. Left in 1962. Worked at National coal Board - apprentice fitter at many Pits and Kirkless. Then played a bit of Rugby at orrell then went away to sea as engineer. Emigrated to Australia 1971. Now 60 yo in 2007.

I miss: Mainly Wigan humour, it is the best and I always have a good laugh when in Wigan - it's good here but ..........

hazel j basnett from fingal bay

Comments: I used to live in Goose Green. I worked at Haigh nursing Home until 1987, when I emigrated to Australia with my family. Working now in community nursing. I have three children, 17yr old twins and a two year old.

I miss: Rathbones bakery, the wigan accent, but definitely not the cold wet weather!

Ray Entwistle from Melbourne

Comments: Early years lived at Poolstock and went to Goosegreen school moved to Darlington Street Wigan faimily had local fish and chip shop,Lived in Shevington, went to school at Shevington Secondary Modern. Moved to Australia in 1966 whith family at the age of 17. Travelled through Australia and currently living in Bendigo

I miss: Sausages, scratchings and a bag of chips with a dollop of sloppy peas. Kay-lie, Blackpool rock. Beaches!!! Ha Ha.

Catherine Gaskell from Mindarie Perth

Comments: Lived in Crown Street Poolstock, Went to St James School, Worsley Mesnes. Moved to Ashton in 1981 went to RL Hughes School and then Cansfield. Moved to Perth 7th January 2007. I may be the otherside of the world but but my heart still lies in Wigan!!! The good thing about where I live now is the amount of Wiganers that are over here and its great to see cars driving past you with WIGAN ATH as thier Reg Plates!!!

I miss: My Family, Friends and a decent Chippy!! Rugby ( Aussie Rules still tryin't to undersatnd. Going out round Wigan and Ashton.

kerry culshaw from perth

Comments: Hindley/ Hindley Green Primary schools Castle Hill,All Saints, High School Mornington high, Wigan Tech, Liv Uni Moved to oz new years eve 2006 arrived 2/1/07 No body told me about the rain here, jees its pourin down yeah ive hadb the 45 degrees stint for 2/3 days but i should be enjoyin a brit summer now havin said that i wouldnt go back for the world love it here

I miss: MY DAD wish he'd a come out as a ten pound pom,with me mam. Anything else you can get over here (inc uncle joes) Its like im back in the seventies for all those established watch Life on Mars on ABC Im not a rep

Andrew Croswell from Melbourne

Comments: Born 1973 in Aspull, went to Fourgates County Primary School then Aspull High School. Moved to Heath Charnock / Adlington until 2002 when emigrated to the Great Southern Land, Married with two sons James and William

I miss: Wiganers !

Eileen Bullen(nee)Shaw from adelaide

Comments: I was born in Platt Bridge went to ST.NATS & Moss Lane school.Married & lived in Spring View.Then came with my family to Adelaide in 1971Enjoyed dancing at Moss'and Wigan Emp

I miss: Vimto pies uncle Joes &friends and family I left behind

John Warburton from Paddington, Sydney

Comments: I was born at 90 City Road, Kitt Green in 1957 (yep, 50 this year....) and attended Abraham Guest CSS until 1974. I moved away from Wigan to University in 1976 and after 7 years of studying Geology joined the petroleum exploration industry. Life as an 'expat' took me to Spain, Aberdeen, London, Glasgow, Oman, Yemen, Pakistan, PNG, Azerbaijan, before moving to Sydney in 1994. Glad to say I'm settled here where I'm the MD of a consultancy that provides oil & gas exploration business development services to international companies.

I miss: Old friends from the past (Lamberhead Green infants' & primary Schools in Kitt Green from 1962-69) then Abraham Guest 1969 to 1974. Anyone out there????

Mary Grundy from Perth

Comments: I lived in Moss Lane brother Bill sisters Alice,Edna,Jane...moved to Perth Australia in 1969 with my husband Jimmy Govan and my 2 children John and Christine...I am looking for Sylvia Marsh or anyone that remembers me.. I went to moss lane school.

I miss: Everything....

Ulick Maggs from Adelaide

Comments: Used to live at Orrell. Attended Upholland Grammar School, leaving to go to sea in 1944. Lived in Malaya and New Guinea before settling In Australia in about 1952. Now 79 and retired. 3 children and 6 grand children.

I miss: Am now a dinki di Aussie and don't miss much about the old country. Perhaps the greenery and some old friends .

Ulick from Adelaide

Comments: Left Upholland Grammar School in 1944 Lived in Malaya, New Guinea, now settled In Australia. 3 children and 6 grandchildren

I miss: Like to contact old friends

Ian Scott from Sandgate

Comments: Initially lived in Green Hey then Gathurst Road and Linley Close. Went to Lamberhead Green school prior to doing an electrical apprenticeship at De Havilland Lostock then moved to Brisbane Australia in 1968. Wouldn't change my lifestyle for anything i just love it here, great place, great job and great weather. I visit the UK quite often on business but haven't been back to Wigan since 2003.

I miss: If there's anything it'd be the little country pubs and also those long summer evenings.


Comments: I'm not a Wiganer, but a Leyther. But this far from home,the divide seems smaller. Anyway, my Dad was from Spring View so I guess I'm part 'Pie eater'. Married an Aussie in 1996 and moved to Perth in 2002. I went to Leigh C E High School until 1989. Worked as a Security Guard in UK and doing the same here for Chubb.

I miss: Everything except the weather (and sometimes that too). I miss the chippys...all of them. At the worst English chippy you could still get chips, pudding,peas and gravy...with 'fish bits'. You can't get here, even in the best of chippys in Perth - Where ever that is? I miss Match of the Day, watching Rugby League (no League in Perth), Sunday pub-lunch, nipping to Asda, JJB's, Waterfield's pasties and Greenhalgh's pies, cinemas with nachos & hotdogs. Also miss the English country side. Most of all I miss family and friends...but if I win Lotto, I guess that wouldn't be a problem anymore- we'd all live here.

Em Wingrove from Melbourne

Comments: I lived in Upholland with my parents and sister and then moved to London for uni, then 7 yrs ago moved to Melbourne. My sister works at The Delph Tavern in Tontine and my Mum and Dad go walking with the group there.

I miss: What do I miss from Wigan? Well, my family and friends firstly, I miss cooking and hanging out with my Dad, talking incessantly with my Mum, and laughing uncontrollably with my sister, then silly things like Prawn Cocktail crisps, pork pies, warm beer (sort of joking!), tall tales and general lovely friendly Wiganer attitudes!

Claire Morrison from BRISBANE

Comments: Used to live in Winstanley until we emigrated in 1990. I live in sunny Brisneyland on acreage with my 2 girls Ainsley & Micah. Changed careers am now a Sports Coach at a Private school in Brisbane...loove it

I miss: I miss the familiarity of the place and friends I grew up with. I miss Mark & Sparks S & V Chipsticks, I miss open chips and curry, I miss Greenhalghs Vanilla slices (although I have managed to find a close second)I miss the men not all of them just a certain few. Glad I came but sorry I left. Left way too many good things behind that could have changed my whole life but saying that I do love it here its pretty much perfect. Just a good Wigan Boy to come visit

Tony Gallagher from Central Coast ,NSW

Comments: Born on Friday the 13th 1957, unlucky for some, lived most of my life in Higher Ince, the real pie eaters. Went to St Williams and then to Cardinal Newman, served my apprenticeship at Horwich Loco 1974-78, did several jobs, played football and then came to Australia in 1981. I do not care what anybody says, Wiganers are the salt of the earth, sense of humour, nothing phases us and to boot we had Wigan Casino, I still have all that wonderful music and occasionally after a few beers throw in the moves to boot, my kiwi wife thinks I am bonkers, back in October 07 to enjoy again.

I miss: Wigan Casino, Wigan Athletic, pies, pints, Sloopies,Pemps and all the other wonderful pubs and clubs and the mainly the people

carol wood from Sydney

Comments: Born in barton ave and went to st johns catholic primary school then john fisher. Family moved to sydney in march 07 and loving everything. Working as childrens nurse and hubby working as design engineer. No regrets for the move

I miss: I miss Latics - getting up at 5am for live matches not too pleasant. Miss friends and family and the Bellingham bistro on sundays. Don't miss the weather.

john strong from melbourne

Comments: lived from birth (1938) until 1950 in throstlenest ave (springfield) then moved to mesnes rd until leaving for australia in 1956. now living in dingley village 3172

I miss: good fish and chips and steak puddings made with suet

Gil Blinston from Buderim Sunshine Coast

Comments: Grew up in Haigh Road Aspull. Have followed Wigan Athletic all my life. Joined the merchant navy and met my future wife in Tasmania in 1975. Finally emigrated to Tasmania in 1977 and married Gail. In 1994 we moved to Queensland to the Sunshine Coast with our 3 children who are now scattered between London and Melbourne. The youngest is still here with us. Love going back to visit Wigan and going to JJB to watch Latics live.

I miss: Mark Williams pork pies, going to the Latics matches, and my best mate Allan Moorfield.

Craig Fillingham from Townsville

Comments: Moved to Aus for a different lifestyle. We are in north Queensland so its tropical, never called always hot.

I miss: Latics

raymond heywood from southwest rocks

Comments: used to live in billinge moved to australia in 1966 retired living near the sea used to work for orrell council before moving to aust

I miss: miss the people the the pies bought at a butchers shop in pemberton peggy mellings fish and chips white christmas

Janette Cullen (Quigley) from Western Australia

Comments: Hi All Lived in Goose Green, Kitt Green and then in Springfield. Came to Australia in 1986 on a nursing visa and then met and married Roger (18 years married now). Now live in the beautiful south west of WA in the Margaret River wine region. Have a busy shop selling natural skin care products and am a qualified natural therapist now. Love it here but Wigan will always be home.

I miss: Uncle Joes Mint Ball (have a regular supplier though). Poole's pies, Bluto's, Wigan Market and wiganer's sense of humour.

Paul & Sharon Davies from Perth

Comments: Living in Ellenbrook Perth, Paul on 6th job. Sharon got own hair salon in the local shopping centre. A bit of a change from Golborne weather wise, too hot to work some days.

I miss: Family and friends. Sharon misses primark and Marks n Spencer. We also miss Sunday rugby at parkside watching Josh & Jack

Dave & Wendy Ormesher (Nee Lucas) from North Lakes, Brisbane, Qld

Comments: Hi, we moved to Brisbane in sept 2005 with our 2 lovely children Ashley who is now 17 and Ben who is nearly 9. We moved from Beech Hill and both of us went to beech hill primary, then Gidlow Middle and then Whitley high. What a great place to live, great weather, great house, great friends and a fab lifestyle, although you never forget your roots.. lots of english here and quite a few wiganers, which makes you feel a bit at home!

I miss: Miss family & friends very much, the shopping, a good night out and being able to walk between pubs, oh and Keswick on a winters weekend!

Brian Harper from Brisbane

Comments: I used to live in Atherton, served a 5 Year Apprenticeship at DeHavilland Propellers Lostock 1954-1961 Studied Mechanical Engineering at Leigh Tech College

I miss: Wigan Emp for Dancing Greenalls Bitter Ship Inn Black & Tan, Black Velvet Steak Pudding Chips and Sloppy Peas WRLFC Billy Boston Fellow Apprentices from Leigh & Wigan

thomas jeffrey parker from alice springs, northern territory

Comments: Used to live at 35 Dickens Place, Worsley Mesnes from 1955 to 1965, when we emigrated to Adelaide, Australia. 2 Brothers, John and Mick - also in Australia.

I miss: Been back twice, looking forward to coming back home again soon. Love the pubs and clubs - Australia doesn't compare.

Gordon Rouse from Melbourne

Comments: Iuse to live just of Warrington Lane, Went to Warrington Lane School and then Whelley School.Sea Cadets 1947 to 1951. Air Training Corps 1969 to 1972.Left Wigan March 1973 to come to Australia.

I miss: Pooles pies,Central Park Rugby ground. Empress Dancing.Chips and Fish wrapped in newspaper.Bodega Hotel.Hippodrome.and of course the people

Tony Kerrigan from Brisbane

Comments: Used to live in Mill Lane Upholland and Parsonage Brow. Good place to live until the hoodies moved in

I miss: Miss my mate Jimmmy and Mark who were my walking buddies

Carole Anne Ross (nee Winstanley/Barber) from Melbourne

Comments: I used to live on Norley Hall Estate, but emmigrated to Australia in 1967. We stayed in Brisbane for 1 year, before moving to Sydney in October 1968 and where I remained until moving to Melbourne in 1990. I was originally married to Ted Barber, and we have 2 daughters, Kelly (32) and Jane (31), both married now with children of their own. For the last 10 years I have been married to Dan, an American and we live in Melbourne. Dan is a Real Estate Agent and I am working in the Health Industry on the Peninsula. My brother Geoff Winstanley lives in Sydney. He has 2 sons, Colin and Philip. My father Bill Winstanley passed away in January of 1997 but my mother Anne Winstanley lives in a retirement community here and is now aged 85. If anyone in Wigan remembers us, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

I miss: I still miss the beautiful English countryside and the close proximity to Europe. I( would give anything for a barm cake with some Danish Lurpak Butter and some cockles from Wigan Market. Some fish and chips would be great too.

brenda evans nee atherton from adelaide

Comments: hi , i used to live in abram and went to abram primary then golborne secondry. i moved to australia in 1972. i am retired now and enjoying life .

I miss: i miss pals, wigan pies, the markets, family, and the double decker busses

Bill Cox from Perth

Comments: I am a born & bread Wiginner, my wife and are visiting my cousin in Ravenswood Perth WA in October anyone want to meet up to discuss pies etc?

I miss: I will miss Wigan ale but Aus Pies are just as good

Rachael M from Brisbane

Comments: My family and i moved to Oz in 1991 from Winstanley. Have been back quite a few times visiting family and friends. Always feels nice to visit but have never been "homesick".Oz was a brilliant choice and I settled in nicely to school. Have lived in quite a few countries since but always remember where i come from.Went back recently and got my woollyback accent again!

I miss: Used to miss things like cornish pasties, double deckers, crisps etc but luckily there is an English Shop where i live now....no wigan accents there though!

Michele Somers from Brisbane

Comments: Lived in Landgate in 50's and 60's, on the way to Ashton-in -Makerfield, and went to Wigan Notre Dame High school. Lived in Queensland since 1983. Primary school teacher just south of Brisbane.

I miss: steak pudding, chips, mushy peas and gravy - and the friendly people.

Christine Anne Mooney (nee VITALI) from Sydney

Comments: Born in Standish.Lived at 41 Central Drive Shevington. Moved to Australia in 1964 when I was 7. Came over on the Oriana. Went to St Cuthberts for a short while before we came to Australia when we we lived with my grandfather Oswald Vitali.

I miss:

Vivian Halsall nee Grange from Margaret River West Australia

Comments: I have changed my email address. Cheers Viv

I miss:

Andy Gregory from Newcastle

Comments: Hi All, I used to live in Aspull, went to Aspull high school and wigan tech, moved out to Aus in 2001, lived in ballarat for 3 years and now in Newcastle New South Wales. Married, no kids just a mad Airedale Terrier called Leicester. Used to play rugby union at Aspull, one of the very first juniors to play in the 70's

I miss: Pies-Pies and more pies, fish chips and curry sauce and Steak Pudding chips and peas.

Steve & Lisa Burrows from Mackay

Comments: Used to live in Higher Ince (after living in Aspull & New Springs), top of Belle Green Lane where the primary school used to be, moved hear to try something different. Uk not what it was.

I miss: Family, friends. Greenhalghs pasties & pies. Th'accent. Proper pubs. Xmas. Rivington. My bike!! Don't miss the weather tho !

Angela Brown (Hart) from Gold Coast

Comments: Grew up in Shevington then lived in Standish. Moved to Oz in 1996 with husband and my 3 children. Eldest son now lives back in Shevington with his wife and daughter. My other 2 children still here in oz with their partners and children.

I miss: My family and friends especially my son, Lancashire cheese and hovis granery bread

Alice Kneale(nee Forshaw) from Perth

Comments: Born in Wigan, moved to Mawdesley and then to Appley Bridge. Attended St.Marks Girls School, Newtown. Am now retired and love living here near the beach, bowling,croquet,swimming. Lots of hobbies.Lots of bush here, (countryside.)

I miss: Not a lot because we get British brands of food here. Used to like going to Wigan Park and was a member of Wrightington Country club.

paul cooper from brisbane

Comments: lived in shevington and went to shevvy junior and then shevvy high , left school in 1979 and worked at a stonemasonry yard down the side of the vic hotel in wigan. i came to oz in 85 and spent six years here and went back for nine years due to family illnes ,i finally came back in 99 and never been back but plan to for a visit in 09. i have a thriving business and two great boys and a lovely wife.

I miss: wigan accents

Roy Blinston from Queanbeyan

Comments: Born in Belle Vue Street, West Gorton Manchester. Later moved to Openshaw, then moved to Beswick, and have been in Australia since 1973 (and love it... best thing I ever did). My son now lives in London, and the rest of my family live in Old Trafford, Hattersley, Audenshaw. Played soccer in Manchetser for Rusholm Albion, some time with Anson Villa, and various teams from Hyde Cheshire... alongside my great friend and ex school friend the legendary Geoff Light (now deceased) and his brother Dennis Light (both great guys and footballers).. I now play lots and lots of tennis (love it).

I miss: I have never been to Wigan. Am I missing something (ha ha). The thing I miss about Manchester is the Fish Chips and Peas (especially the Marrowfat big peas one can only buy in the North of England). Also miss the steamy Steak & Kidney Puddings, and Eccles Cakes, and Dewdrops (sweets)... and Blackpool Rock.

Roy Blinston from Queanbeyan

Comments: Born in Belle Vue Street, West Gorton Manchester. Later moved to Openshaw, then moved to Beswick, and have been in Australia since 1973 (and love it... best thing I ever did). My son now lives in London, and the rest of my family live in Old Trafford, Hattersley, Audenshaw. Played soccer in Manchetser for Rusholm Albion, some time with Anson Villa, and various teams from Hyde Cheshire... alongside my great friend and ex school friend the legendary Geoff Light (now deceased) and his brother Dennis Light (both great guys and footballers).. I now play lots and lots of tennis (love it).

I miss: I have never been to Wigan. Am I missing something (ha ha). The thing I miss about Manchester is the Fish Chips and Peas (especially the Marrowfat big peas one can only buy in the North of England). Also miss the steamy Steak & Kidney Puddings, and Eccles Cakes, and Dewdrops (sweets)... and Blackpool Rock.

Christine Geeves (nee Hinks) from Manly Vale

Comments: I used to live in Hemfield Road, Higher Ince. Went to Belle Green School and Rose Bridge. I moved to Australia in 1967 and have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren (one more on the way in July)

I miss: A good pork sausage from Greens in the Market Place.

michael stuart davies from melbourne

Comments: 52 barnsley st wigan moved to pemberton 1956,warrington 1962 australia 1966.coming over for a trip june 2009

I miss: the glorious weather joke. eccles cakes.wigan park/haigh hall/plantations ,canels.

Joan Anne Wilson from Baldivis,Perth,W.Australia

Comments: I lived in Parbold for most of my life, and in Inward Drive, Shevington for about 4 years. I emigrated to W.A. in 2002 to be near my family, Annette [54]Phil[52]David[50] and Donna-Maria [39]. Although it is lovely to be near them - I miss Parbold terribly, and have just booked my ticket to come 'home' for my 80th Birthday. I enjoyed reading Fred Foster's book on Wigan World and hope to meet him when I go home. Miss Marks and Spencer's,Boots Chemist [still have their products sent over!]Debenhams,Wigan Market [we don't have Markets here, and Shearing's coaches. Went to Crescent Commercial College after leaving Our Lady's, Parbold and then night school at Wigan Tech.for 4 years. {Mr. Nicholson,Shorthand and Mr.Smith, Typing.

I miss:

james daniel dewhurst from perth west australia

Comments: emigrated 1970 from aspull,lived in sydney for a year,now in perth ,family all still ere,dad having his 80th birthday this weekend,played football n cricket , when i was younger,have sister wendy, also living in perth,like to get back home every few years now, i am 53 this year, play golf and follow greyhound racing closely,run the meat department of a supermarket,also do voluntery work.

I miss: uncle joes, dandelion and burdock, mushy peas, football and snow,oh and our lingo.

carol ann Hunter from latrobe Tasmania

Comments: Born in Poolstock, moved to Gateshead and then to Bradley Lane Standish,Attended St Wilfrids girls school and Shevington,Arrived in Melbourne 1968 and spent 14years in Melb,Moved to the Gold Coast 1983 and spent 25 years on the coast before relocating to Tasmania 18 months ago where my husband & i own an Art Gallery and B&B.

I miss: Old friends. I have purchased Uncle Joe,s mint balls many times from the lolly shop at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast. I have fond memories of Wigan Emp.

Carol Hunter (nee Wilson) from LatrobeTasmania

Comments: Just registered my details and forgot to add my maiden name

I miss:

John & Linda Smith (nee Melling) from Metford NSW

Comments: I'm from Stubshaw Cross near Ashton, Linda's from Landgate near Bryn. We moved to this area in 1972 and love it, 30 minutes from many beaches around Newcastle, 30 minutes the other way to the Vineyards. Retired now, and what a country to be retired in. Been back to Ashton 4 times but no more (sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings but it's not for us) I admit to cringing at the accent when someone from the north of England is being interviewed in the street, and when the interview is over and it comes back to the studio, the newsreader has a look on his face as if to say "WHAAAAT?"

I miss: Cheese and onion pies. I remember lovely summer days where it didn't go dark until 10 PM.

Raymond T Heywood from south west rocks

Comments: I used to live in Billinge Left in 1966 aged 16 to australia I am retired and live in southwest rocks look it up in google love wigan world

I miss: things i miss about wigan used to be able to buy pies from the butcher at pemberton best pies ever there used to be a cafe across from the bus station near the markets

Janice Jenks (Garrigan) from Buderim. Queensland

Comments: I was born in Liverpool and moved to Billinge in 1966. Went to St. Aidans Primary & then UpHollland Secondary. Worked in Wigan at Kiwi Travel for the next 13 years before moving to Australia. Lived in Melbourne until 1996 when I went back to UK for 2 years. Worked in Wrightington Hospital. Back to Melbourne in 1998. Married Neil an Aussie in 2001 (1st marriage!) Now live in a great part of the country - the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The best weather & scenery. Work on recepton in a radiology practice.Lovely house, great lifestyle, good family & friends.

I miss: Marks & Sparks undies. Daylight saving in Summer.Memories of Wigan Casino, Pemps and all the pubs! The incredible accents. Great memories of Wigan & areas, but wouldn't trade it for the life I have in Oz.

Catherine Hopson nee Melling from Cardiff Heights .NSW

Comments: Lived on Landgate most of my life.went to Park Lane junior school and then on to Ashton secondary...worked at John Englands and then Jefferson Smurfit...emigrated in 1968...married in 1969 to an Aussie.. Ian....have 2 boys Andrew & Christopher...1 daughter-in-law Kim and 1 grandson Tyler....never regreted my decision to emigrate.....Even though I love going home to visit..I am always happy to come back here

I miss: my brother David and all my extended family...and of course meat and potato pies...

Christine Geeves (nee Hinks) from Manly Vale

Comments: Lived in Higher Ince then Worsley Mesnes. Came to Australia in 1967. Married with 2 grown up daughters and 3 grandchildren with another on the way.

I miss: Greens pork sausages (can't get a good pork sausage or pork pie). Santos treacle toffee and cough candy. 4 Distinct seasons, seems to be only 2 seasons here summer and winter. Love Australia really.

Matt Kenney from Hallam, Melbourne

Comments: used 2 live in Shevington,moved 2 Melbourne in 2001

I miss: Greenhalghs pies,steak puddings,tango softdrink,family,mates,prawn cocktail walkers crisp

Anthony David Orrell from brisbane, cleveland

Comments: i was born in billange hostpital moved to brisbane when i was 11 im now 25. im a concretor for a job. i also play rugby league and am into gym.

I miss: my sisters nina and lisa and thier kids and my nanna

christine davies(corless) from sunshine coast qld

Comments: originally from whelley,then when married lived in springfield wigan. nursing for 32 yrs

I miss: i miss the wigan sense of humour pork pies, steak puddings ohhhhh believe it or not i miss the snow!! and christmas i wiggin........

Gary Davies from maroochydore,qld

Comments: I used to live in Beechhill and Springfield.Went to John Fisher, left Wigan in 1994. I am a carpenter/joiner and still do that for a living.I am married to Chris and have 2 grown up daughters,Shelley and Rebecca.

I miss: I miss the humour of the people, the crack in the pubs. Not the weather or pies. The beer yes but mostly the people.


Comments: Born and bred in Wigan 1960. Lived in Beech Hill, joined the Royal Navy at 16. Went to Beech Hill Junior School, Gidlow Middle School and Whitley High School. Moved to Sydney, Australia 1990. Have two kids Kate 24 & Adam 22, both Wiganers. Married to Jane, Currently in Royal Australian Navy. Hoping to come back and visit in August & September this year to visit my parents and cousins in Wigan, and to se Latics play a few home games. Yeah Baby!!

I miss: My Family, The Wigan people, no where like it on earth for a Wiganers sense of humour. Latics, Pies, Steak & Kidney Puddings, Snow in Winter, Pubs, old friends and a good pint of mild.

jennifer starr nee kingham from brighton vic

Comments: I came from australia when i was 11 and lived in Heeley st from 1961-63 and went to Gidlow school. Trying to contact old school pals . Is audrey cutter related to doreen hesketh who also lived in the same cottage in leyland mill lane in 1961. I would love to hear from her or any others like angela morris christine murphy etc or any of the old neighbours in heeley st like andrew higham or ann sidebotham

I miss: my old friends the pie shop up the road from heeley st

Dale Christy from waikiki, perth

Comments: Used to live in winstanley. Moved out to wa after marrying an Aussie girl. Been out here since 2005 after a spell back in UK. Wouldn't go back now great lifestyle here for my kids. Work as rugby league development manager in western Australia for th arl.

I miss: Really only miss a couple of things watching the mighty wigan and village bakery and galloways pies hmmmm

Barbara Gallacher (nee Sullivan) from Sydney

Comments: Grew up in Ormskirk Road, Pemberton in the 1950s/1960s. Attended St Cuthberts and then Notre Dame High. Emigrated to Australia in 1971 with Bob. Now divorced but still good friends. One son and 3 gorgeous grandchildren. Work 4 days a week as PA in the CBD and am one of those rare people who actually enjoy their job! I've got a great boss (a pommie!).

I miss: Not much I'm afraid. Whoops! I do miss family and friends though and wish more of you would come to visit! Wiganers are great people!

Susan Davies nee Hilton from Brisbane

Comments: I lived in Wigan from 1955 to 1976 when I moved to London, got married and then moved with my husbands work to the Sultanate of Oman, and all over the British Isles. We emigrated in 1995 to australia and we wouldn't live anywhere else now.

I miss: Real Ale, pies, Noel Chadwicks sausage rolls,Ice cream Mars Bars, Fish & Chips wigan style.

Debra Kulik (Griffin) from Brisbane

Comments: I used to live in Scholes, and moved to Australia in 1989, after meeting my husband while here on holiday,I used to go to St Thomas More RC high school , and enjoyed going to the roller rink with my best friend Angela Byron who I have recently re-connected with on facebook.

I miss: I miss Christmas time in Wigan , watching Wigan rugby , and snow.

Eileen Bullen from Adelaide

Comments: Spring View

I miss:

paul messham from woy woy

Comments: higher ince , self employed carpenter

I miss: the pubs , darts ,going to the game.

Maureen Baxter (nee Wild) from Perth

Comments: changed email address

I miss:

Paula Nicholls from Coolum beach Sunshine Coast

Comments: Born in Billinge Hospital, lived in and around Wigan until, moving to oz in '87. Went back in '04 and bought a house in Platt Bridge. Stayed for two years but my daughters didn't like it much so came back to oz in '06. Good decision

I miss: The pubs, the poeple, ahh the wonderful food.

brenda evans nee atherton from aelaide sa

Comments: hiya my name is brenda atherton. i was born and lived on lee lane abram went to abram primary school and on to golborne girls scondary. married a golborner had adaughter. moved to adelaide oz in 1972 have been back to uk 5 times andi am off again may 6th 2010, cant wait to catch up with family and friends .

I miss: fish n chips, mushy peas n meat puds. school friends, walks along the canal and haigh hall. anyone wanting to catch up , u can find me on f book x

Carole Winstanley (now Ross) from Skye Victoria

Comments: Since my original post, we have changed our email address, so I am updating my profile with our current email address as at 6/3/10 I used to live on Norley Hall Estate and attended All Saints School. I left school at Easter in 1965. My parents were Anne & Bill Winstanley. Dad was a partner in the Seven Stars School of Motoring. I worked at Dunlop on the Pimbo Industrial Estate at Skelmersdale. My brother Geoff lives in Sydney and has two sons. I am married to an American named Dan and have two lovely daughters. Kelly is married to Paul and they have two boys and Jane is married to Cameron and they have a girl and a boy. It would be nice to hear from old school friends/neighbours/friends. I still have several family members living in Wigan and some of them have been out to Australia to visit us. I work in the health industry and Dan drives a stretch limousine and we really enjoy our lives together.

I miss: I miss: I miss my family and friends. I miss those lovely Lancashire accents and the fish and chip shops. I especially miss steak puddings and Uncle Joe's mintballs and visiting my old pub, The Windmill at Parbold.

Ian Scott from Sandgate Qld

Comments: This is a second posting with updated email Initially lived in Green Hey then Gathurst Road and Linley Close. Went to Lamberhead Green school prior to doing an electrical apprenticeship at De Havilland Lostock then moved to Brisbane Australia in 1968. Wouldn't change my lifestyle for anything I just love it here, great place, great job and great weather. I visit the UK quite often on business but haven't been back to Wigan since 2003.

I miss: If there's anything it'd be the little country pubs and also those long summer evenings

jeff yates from perth

Comments: went yo all saints worked at heinz moved over here in 83

I miss: do not miss anything realy as my wife makes the best meat& pot,pork pies &steak puddings in the southern hemisphere

Carole Winstanley (Ross) from Melbourne

Comments: Lived on Norley Hall Estate, emmigrated to Australia in 1967. My parents were Anne & Bill Winstanley and my brother's name is Geoff.

I miss: GORDON CHERRINGTON used to be a friend of ours and my brother and I are wonering where he might be now. Godson had a sister Ruth . does anyone know his whereabouts ???

brian & brenda smith from sydney blacktown

Comments: poplar ave worsley hall. brian brenda .norley hall ave arrived in oz jan 1973 brian st thomas moore brenda pemberton snr (schools }there are many wiganers in this listing we would like to get intouch with some how do we do this ?we live here but wigan is still home

I miss: true wigan folk miss chippies pubs & clubs plus wigan humour but not the rain

Barbara Mercer from Canberrta. A.C.T.

Comments: I used to live in Barnsley St, and went to the Girls High School, I left Wigan in 1959 to live in Bolton then to Australia. I keep in touch with many Wigan people and am now retired but enjoy getting around this big country in my camper trailer. I am still quite active. I was a parishioner of Wigan Parish Church and an active guide and then guide leader.

I miss: I miss my friends and relations and various chocolates and ainiseed rock.

ronald berry from sandringham Melbourne

Comments: lived in great acre,worked at heinz standish& kitt green ,moved to aussie; in1964 been back a few times.Hoping to visit in Aug;Sept;agian 2010. with my wife Kathleen we are both retired but enjoy trips abroad.

I miss: miss the rugby and would like to watch Wigan ATHLETIC play.

Ray Bowyer from Sydney

Comments: Used to live in Appley Bridge/Wrightington. Went to St.Peters, then Wigan Tech. I'm working as an Art Director in Sydney, Australia. Left UK '95, spent time in Asia, Aussie and NZ before settling in Oz!

I miss: My mates from school/college... apart from that... nowt!

james daniel dewhurst from perth

Comments: Aspull lad now 54 emigrated in 1971,still have family all round wigan area,been back a few times,Butcher by trade, played football her in my youth and cricket,now golfing and greyhounds are hobbies.Still support England in all sports.

I miss: fish n chips, snow, people family and dandelion and burdock

Philip Dingsdale from Currency Creek

Comments: I was born in Billinge & lived there from 1942 - 1960. Most of my family still reside there.

I miss: Uncle Joes Mint balls & pork pies

chris mcloughlin from Perth

Comments: Im a st pats lad from scholes,i came to oz in 1978 aged 21.I spent a my twenties in Sydney twas great,remember nowt about it.Came west again 20 odd years ago ,its still alreet.

I miss: I get back now and again and i like to catch up with me family and a few mates,but im a cold beer in a cold glass man these days,England is another country when the sun shines.

mark reddy from perth

Comments: wigan , newtown

I miss: pies beer ,the crack...football..the lads...the women...the lovely weather.. mi mam

christine ashton from sydney

Comments: born in wigan 1961 went to the Blue coat school then gidlow middle and then whitley high. spent many a happy weekend doing the pub circuit. moved to australia 1990 with my husband and two children. mum and dad had the fish and chip shop near the old tupperware factory at Beech Hill.

I miss: Things i miss! everything,the people, the pubs, mushy peas,Wigan RL, the old market, walnut whips, uncle joes mint balls, black jacks, my beloved family

Andrew Glenn from Perth

Comments: Lived in Perth for 14 years in Quinns Rocks near the beach. I am married to Sue and have a son Kiaran we last lived in Highfield before moving over.

I miss: Football was a big Latics fan, plus the yearly trip to Wembley watching rugby league final.Pies are a given.

Diane Hayter (nee Potter) from Sydney

Comments: Lived at 621 Bolton Road, Bryn Gates, opposite Bryn Hall Hotel. Emigrated to Australia with family, arriving January 1964. Married (and divorced) out here - have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. Met great Aussie man and been with him 11 years now. Retired at 30 June and went to US,then UK for a month to catch up with family. Had a great time and hope to go over again next year.

I miss: I miss the meat and potato pies - not same over here. Loved the fish and chips and mushy peaand pies on my recent trip. Life is so much slower over there. Don't miss the weather; love the heat over here.

Paul Messham from Woy Woy

Comments: I use to live in Higher Ince went to Rose Bridge High School left in the golden year of 1980 give us a bell if you wanna get in touch

I miss: Chips pudding peas and curry from the chippy on Darlington St. Blutos. The King of Clubs. The Foundry Inn. A competetive game of darts. Stealing records from the jukebox at The Crispen Arms at Birkett Bank.

Brian Naylor from SHOALHAVEN HEADS

Comments: Born at Fisher Cottage, Gathurst Rd 1933. Lived in Orrell until marrying and living at Haigh for one year prior to coming out to Australia in 1865. Apprentice at Tho's Witter in Appley Bridge ( Lino Works )Draughtsman at Gullicks Only just been referred to this site and will complete later

I miss:

patricia weisz from adelaide sa

Comments: lived at no 2 buckingham close pemberton, moved to adelaide in 83, with my family, who are scattered in australia now. love australia but sometimes wish for the old life. worked at rathbones bakery for a few years just before we came over to oz, have had a very varied work life doing all sorts, don't do that much now. I moved to wigan from liverpool, so when i came here my accent was a mixture of scouse and wigan, gave everyone a headache trying to work out where i came from, but odd words always gave the liverpool heritage away, still does. maiden name was rickards, then coxhead.

I miss: the friendliness, pubs, meat and potato pies, with so may people missing them, maybe pooles or greenhalghs should open a shop here. i'll run it!being able to walk everywhere, buses.

John prince from Perth

Comments: moved in oz in 2001

I miss: steak pudding and pie and beer

Eileen van Helden from Nedlands Perth

Comments: Used to live in kitt green, came over to Perth 1995, have own hairdressing business,

I miss: Family and friends Marks and spencers! english chocs and sweets, good chippy chips!

Amanda Boffey from Perth

Comments: Come from Ashton-in-Makerfield. Went to Byrchall High, married with 2 boys, moved to Perth in 2006.Work for Council

I miss: Rugby, mates, walking down Old Road on Sat morn to Ashton market

michael stuart davies from melbourne

Comments: born 1941,lived in Barnsley st till 1957 ,went to Beechhill school then Gidlow school,moved to pemberton in 57 ,married Jean porter from Abram in 1962 then moved to Warrington ,worked at BURTONS ,moved to Melbourne in 1966, been back a couple of times .Became a textile teacher in 1974 ,have three children two girls ,one boy. Retired from full time teaching but tutor on a part time basis .Think Wigan a great place as long as one does not have to work for a living.

I miss: miss eccles cakes and the shops being just around the corner.remember TOM HUGHES the bike shop in Mesnes st,

Julie Elliott from Brisbane

Comments: My maiden name if Ferran. I went to St Josephs infants, then onto Sacred Blood at March Green and finally to St Thomas Moore. My husband and girls moved to Australia in 1984 and lived here ever since. The life is wonderful but I have lovely memories of the old Wigan.

I miss: The local pubs, vanilla slices from Rathbones. Walking around the cemetries with my gran, whilst she told me about all her friends laying there! The arcade that I use to walk down also the "little arcade" which was great when you where little. Wigan market, because I loved seeing the big blocks of "best butter" you could buy and it was wrapped in greaseproof paper and cut by hand. The fishmongers outside the market hall, with the wild rabbits hanging outside and as a child being upset that they had died. The fun fair that use to park on the carpark of wigan market. Eating 'black peas' with Dad and thinking it was the best place in the world. Walking days, when all the schools walked and every child had a specail outfitt and everyone would line the streets. I miss wigan baths, because it was always so cold. It put me off water and swimming for life!


Comments: lived in kenyon rd, worked at heinz 76-83 raced m/cycles with Les Hurst

I miss: Good beer

Derek Poole from St Andrews

Comments: lived in Kenyon rd wife Allison worked Heinz 76-83 friend Les Hurst sidecar driver.

I miss: Uncle Joes, pint of good bitter

June Cherrington from Brisbane

Comments: Lived in Marsh Green, Goose Green then Darlington Sreet. Went to Gidlow School, worked at Wigan telephone exchange. Moved to Aust 1973 married 3 children 4 grandchildren.

I miss: Fish and chips, childhood haunts.

Brbara Mercer from Canberra

Comments: Lived in Barnsley St, went to GHS,left Wigan in 1959,left UK in l964

I miss: Pies, uncle Joes Mint Balls

Christine Geeves (nee Hinks) from Manly Vale, NSW

Comments: I lived in Higher Ince with my grandmother until I was about 12 and then moved to Worsley Mesnes until I came to Aus in 1967. I went to Rose Bridge Sec Mod Girls School. I am 63 yrs old and work as a secretary at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney

I miss: Good fish and chips and mushy peas

Barry Naylor from Muswellbrook

Comments: An Abram lad for the first 16 years of my life,

I miss: since then been abroad mostly, now am in Oz, I miss the pubs, the accent, and of course the food, pub food lol...

Lynda from Perth

Comments: I used to live in Golborne but was born in Stubshaw CrossI came to Western Australia in 1973 with my husband Jimmy(James Leigh) who was born in Abram I run my own catering business have 3 grown up children and 4 grandchildren

I miss: The Market and the people


Comments: I lived in Kitt Green. Went to Lamberhead Green Secondery Modern in the late 1940s. Lived in Eccles Rd. till 1956.Would like contact any body who remembers me. I am now retired in Australia.

I miss: Wigan rugby.latics.old school friends & mates.Atmosphere of a Lancashire Pub. Pork Pies.& of course Wigan Pier

Jayne Lloyd - Corless from Adelaide

Comments: From Bamfurlong attended byrchall high school left in 1985. Moved to Adelaide in 1993. I live on Hindmarsh Island now which is just lovely but I am a wiganer at heart

I miss: I miss my family, the bryn hall, the meat and potatoe pies from greggs, the chippy and just bumping in to people that you grew up with or went to school with.

Andrew Penk from Adelaide

Comments: Lived in central drive shevington went to shevy secondary school moved to Adelaide 2007, work for myself renovating peoples homes lots of work too much red tape.Riding motorbike in Adelaide hills in spring temp just right.

I miss: Miss Alex and Daniel and mum and dad and all the mates i left behind .Fish and chips from pepper lane pies proper black pudding,beer in the proper pubs you know who you are and generally having a good whinge on a friday night down the pub putting the world to rights football politics taking the piss etc etc.Big country Aus but i feel hemmed in strange that one? Trouble is I think I came here to late in life but heah thers always the blast to Phillip Island.

christine davies(Corless) from wigan

Comments: lived in vine st whelley, once married moved to Springfield, then a small move to Oz!!-been here for the last 17 yrs. have been nursing for 35 yrs 2 beautifull girls, and a good husband-gary married for 27 yrs.

I miss: my friends, the british numour and steak and kidney puddings!!

Melbourne sSimpson from Perth

Comments: Station cottages Red Rock moved australia 1986 he world Best place in t

I miss: Nothing it sucks

Barbara Mercer from Canberra

Comments: now retired, been in Australia over 40 years. Lived in Barnsley Street as a young person

I miss: Uncle Joes, mint balls, pork pies

Irene Thompson nee White from Orange NSW

Comments: Was born Christopher Home 1942. Lived Hodges St Beech Hill till 51 then Hindley. Father John White Army Stores.Grandma Eatock had Penny bazaar. Went to Beech Hill Primary then All Saints Hindley(old building) the H.A.G.S and on to Durham. Came to Oz in 68. Lived in Kempsey. Married Ian a local and then to Sydney. Have a boy and twins boy and girl. Retired to Orange.

I miss: Have been back and Wigan's ruined. Miss bluebells in Borsdane Wood, proper chips and mushy peas, meat and potato pies and potato cakes, barm cakes and Aniseed rock, dandelion and burdock. And oh what I'd give to have a conversation with someone who speaks English with a real gradely accent.Real Christmas and the smell of coal smoke.

Frank Haydock from Darwin NT

Comments: I used to live in Standish near Pepper Lane. Went to St Maries School, left school in 1952, Worked at Chisnel Hall Coliery.Left Standish in 1960 when I joined the army. Moved to London 1961. Emigrated to Darwin 1977. Lived here ever since

I miss: Meat Pies of course. Town Centre Empress Ballroom , the Ritz. and Mesnes Park, riding my bike to Blackpool

colin walsh linda walsh [bithell][whitfield from uppper coomera gold coast

Comments: colin used to live at the top of hodges street was married to joan gallagher 31yrs now married to linda lived on the gold coast for 8 yrs this time i worked for wigan corporation of and on over the years we now have a patio and carport business www.colspatiosandcarports.com.au

I miss: dont think i realy miss anything pudding chips and peas where my fav

Eileen Hundley from Mandurah W.A.

Comments: I was born in Taylor Street wallgate Wigan in 1942. Worked as a nurse Retired now came to live here in OZ in 2011 to be with family with my lovely husband Doug we love the lifestyle here

I miss: I miss Tescos,Marks, and our friends and family .

Valerie Bolton from Sydney

Comments: I lived in Marsh Green until 1974. went to school at Gidlow High School. Living in Sydney with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. would love to hear from anyone.

I miss: I miss chips and mushy peas!!

Fred tinsley from Melbourne

Comments: My first belated post despite leaving for Oz back in 84.Typing this sitting in my sister Julies kitchen in Winstanley on a trip home to visit the folks -parents Fred senior and Ethel still going despite advancing years.DAd is ex Heinz.As for me ex St Cuthberts and John Rigby Orrell as is brother Paul who joined me in Melbourne where we both raised our families.

I miss: used to say I only missed the peole but reappraised this time around and see the place in a better light.walked the canal to Haigh HAll heaps of greenbelt around town foods on the improve --needed to- and coffee that's drinkable can be found.staples like steak puds always welcome.

Andrew Gregory from Newcastle NSW

Comments: Lived on Holly Road in Aspull, moved away at 22 to various ports of call and settled in Australia 10 or so years ago.

I miss: Pies, pasties, babys yeds, chips and gravy, and a good pint of bitter

Elizabeth Rose Kearvell from Adelaide

Comments: Used to live in Pepper Lane and moved to Adelaide in 1964 with my parents and two sisters, Am married to Keith and have been for 41 years and have three children. ( Jo Hayes posted on here is one of my sisters so hi Jo!!! ) I love it here, have never been back, too busy getting on with life running our small bricklaying business and enjoying Australia.

I miss: If I missed anything may be it would be the Wigan Fair on the market car park. My parents had a stall under the entrance next to Boltons Fish stall. The fair was great, toffee apples and fairy floss and the smell of diesel from the rides. Cheers all!!!

Kathryn Grayson nee Blackburn from Baldivis, Perth

Comments: Used to live in Lord street, then Mesnes Road. Went to St Johns then St Mary's then St John Fisher till 1989. Worked at shearings till I did my nursing. Moved to Australia in 2009 for health and wealth reasons. Love it here. Married John Grayson 17 years ago. He lived on Southlands Ave, Standish and went to Standish High. One daughter Bethany. Two cocker spaniels.

I miss: Meat and potato pies, cheese and onion pasties and pies, babbies yed (steak puddings), tescos, dream topping, cheap cars (flipping expensive here)

kathy brennan from adelaide

Comments: HAGS, Hindley, Ashton, 1971, retired Aquatic Instructor, widowed

I miss: Wigan folk club & my musician friends

graham thomas smith from redcliffe

Comments: 180 ormskirk road newtown wigan left 1965 for queenslandAustralia builder by trade went to st marks primary & junior school then highfield boys school did part apprentiship with w.c. gore pemberton & bill whitton builders.

I miss: pork pies fish & chips with mushy peas wigan warriors

Mark Leigh from Sydney

Comments: Live in Cremorne. Moved out here August 2010. Working for Leighton Contractors.

I miss:

Jeff Atherton from Coffs Harbour

Comments: Lived Ruskin Ave Worsley Mesnes. Born 1943.Left Wigan 1966. Moved to Ausralia. Now retired.Been married to Marion for 47 years. Have 2 daughters. Wendy lives in Manchester married to a pom. If anyone remembers me please contact.

I miss: Still miss my family. And the pubs.

Christine McGugan from Tweed Coast

Comments: I went to St. Pat's in the mid-late 50s. We lived in Teck St. Moved to Upholland in '61. Went to St. Theresa's Roby Mill then St. Peters Orrell. Left UK Dec.'66. Looking to contact old school friends, Ann Connor was my best friend at St. Pat's. She had 2 sisters, Eileen & Sheila. Kenneth Brown was another friend, he lived in (Cambridge St?) then his family moved to Pemberton, I think. His mum and mine were old friends. Anne Rigby was my best friend at St. Peters.

I miss:

Billy Flanagan from Katherine

Comments: I used to live In ashton In Makerfield with my wife Andrea who was from Pemberton. We moved to the Gold Coast ten years ago and are steadily working our way around Australia, we live in Katherine now. Would love to meet footy fans from all divisions areas to watch the game with.

I miss: Footy banter, pub banter, family, chips/fish/peas/fish bits/curry sauce/ and bean wet. Eurpoean easy access. Old Trafford. JJB/DW stadium, Gresty Road & The Gay Meadow. Teams I follwed when I was a student. Footy on when I'm awake.

barbara downie from rowville victoria

Comments: smith st at the top of belle green lane left in 1960 to emigrate to aust. divorced and retired

I miss: was only 11 when i left so the beer is not an something i miss just miss wigan itself.

Kieron Warburton from Perth

Comments: Appley Bridge, Behind Dicky Arms. Left There When I Joined The Para's in 1992. Now Telecoms Australia.

I miss: The Fairy Glenn, spent most my Life, Especially Fox Hill. Graham's Buthchers, Parbold Hill Ice Cream, Pooles Pies, Most of all my DAD!.

Andrew Glenn from NSW

Comments: Lived my final years in Highfield then Perth WA now living in NSW.

I miss: The social scene and the pies.

Jean davies from Melbourne

Comments: I used to live in Abram, then moved to Warrington. Left England 1966 to live in Melbourne . I am married . I am now retired

I miss: Family and friends

michael stuart davies from Donvale/Melbourne

Comments: used to live at 52 Barnsley St till 1957.Attended Gidlow Second Modern 1952/56. moved to Pemberton Worked for Thomas and Fosters Tailors also worked for Baron the Butchers in Gidlow Lane 55/56,then got married moved to Abram, then Warrington moved to Australia early 1966.Became a Teacher of Textiles at the Melbourne Collage of Textiles in 1976. Retired in 96.Wrote a number of Books on Pattern Making and Design for the TAFE education department. Would love to hear from any one from Gidlow school or from Barons the butchers. Used to be intouch with people from Thomas and Fosters but sadly they pass on. Any one intouch with Margret or Phillis who worked at Barons in the 50S or Alan.

I miss: Weather snow in winter, rain in summer . Wigan Park I miss, used to play there most evening in summer. cakes shops. Cycled to Southport along the canal paths in school hols.was a monitar at the Ritz on a Saturday

Steph Keen was Halliwell from Perth

Comments: Lived in Standish until 2006 then moved with hubby and boys to Adelaide. Moved to Perth in 2008. Love it here but miss family and friends very much.

I miss: Greenhalghs meat and potato pies, steak puddings, decent curry and decent Chinese take away.

Pat Rogers from Boronia

Comments: Smith Street, Higher Ince. Came to Melbourne with parents and siblings mid 1960s. Retired for 9 years and loving it. My husband and I do a lot of caravanning and love hitching up and travelling around Australia. Travelled to Wigan several times to catch up with relatives. Love visiting and always feel at home there.

I miss: The people. The Lanacashire dialect, particularly when spoken by the older generatiion.

Rhea Veivers from Queensland

Comments: I lived in Billinge, moved to Queensland March 2013, no regrets..so far :-)

I miss: Miss proper chips n mushy peas!

Eric Gray from Elizabeth South Australia

Comments: We lived in New Springs Near Wigan, My wife and I moved to Salisbury South Australia in February 1958 with our 2 year old son, sailing from Tilbury on the good ship Oronsay work was plentiful then and I had no trouble getting work. We also have an Aussie son. I have been retired since 1994.

I miss: The things we have missed most are Going to the Wigan RLFC games and eating fish and chips on the way home. we have been back to the old country 5 times including a full European tour.

Ian Connell from Beverley

Comments: Brought up in Norley Hall, emigrated to Western Australia 2007. Live in the middle of nowhere in the WA Wheatbelt !

I miss: Things I miss ? Everything !

graham thomas smith from redcliffe

Comments: used to live 178 ormskirk road newtown wigan went to st marks junior school then highfield secondary modern school worked at wc gores joinery pemberton then emmigrated to queensland australia 1965 now a qualified builder would like to get in touch with john catterall laurence & margret turner who I used to be friends with growing up

I miss: just got back from a visit to wigan in august this year and caught up with friends I went to school with 50 years ago also went to see my old home sad to say it has sat empty for 10 years and was badley run down. things I miss about wigan old friends wigan fair uncle joes mint balls

Craig Fillingham from Melbourne

Comments: Lived in Swinley born in Highfield. MOved out for the second time 2013.Living in Chelsea Melbourne with my family.

I miss: Pudding Chips and Gravy. Latics and fiends and niece and nephew

Jim NDT from Fremantle

Comments: Moved to Fremantle Western Australia. Working in NDT in the Oil and GAS AND Offshore/ subsea. From Wigan, and brought up with engineering at Park Webb/ Gullicks

I miss: Cheap beer, pies, babbies yeds, Lobbys, Good Ham and bacon. Of course the weather

Samantha Edmondson from Melbourne

Comments: Went to Byrchall High School Ashton in Makerfield, left in 1991. Lived in Pemberton for 12 years up to getting a job out here and moving with a suitcase 2 and a half years ago (Jan 2013). Been back to Wigan once at Easter and have another trip planned in a few weeks time to take my (Australian) other half to meet the parents! Living just north of the CBD, loving nearly everything about life out here (the cold winters came as a bit of a surprise - you never see frost on Neighbours!)

I miss: Family, my dog, 1 hour flights to another country, Chips and gravy, 4am kebabs, Pemps (though it closed down long before I left), 10pm sunsets.

Carole Anne Winstanley from Melbourne

Comments: My name is now Carole Ross. I lives in Avon Road, on the Norley Hall Estate. I now live in Melbourne Australia. I have 2 daughters Kelly (39) and Jane 38, and between them they have given me 5 beautiful grand-children.

I miss: I have lives in Australia since I migrated here 48 years ago. There are still lots of things I miss about Wigan but always the first thing that springs to mind after family and friends are UNCLE JOE'S MINTBALLS AND THAT SUGARY COUGH CANDY - YUMMY

Janet Redman ( nee Rittenberg) from Adelaide

Comments: I was born in Billinge (1966) and lived in Ellesmere st, Ashton in Makerfield until I was 8 yrs old. Emmigrated to Adelaide in 1974 and haven't been back. I went to RL Hughes school.

I miss: Would love to hear from anyone who knew us or went to the same school.

Alan Law from Mudgeeraba/Qld

Comments: Born in Worsley Hall , dragged up in Norley Hall ,settled in (Scot Lane area - Newtown ) Moved to St Helens 'Wife dragged me away 1968! ' Emigrated to Australia in 1974 .

I miss: My family , my mates , live entertainment in the Wmc n Lab. clubs . Wigan RL live games . Wigan warmth n sense of humour .

Carole Anne Winstanley from Melbourne Victoria

Comments: Norley Hall Estate is where I used to live in Avon Road. I went to All Saints C of E in Frog Lane until I left school. I have very fond memories of Wigan and always look up this site.

I miss: Other than family and friends, I miss Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, fish and chips and steak puddings. I also miss shopping in Marks and Spencers. Cough Candy and Licorice Tablet are also a must. I am coming over in May 2018 for 6 weeks, hopefully I will run into some old friends too.

Denise Ann Baxter from Perth

Comments: Moved to Australia in 1970, from Long Lane, Hindley Green. Went to Sacred Heart Primary and Cardinal Newman shs.

I miss: shopping, friendly people and fish and chips

David Roberts from Cootharaba Sunshine Coast

Comments: Lived in Kitt Green, went to Up Holland Grammar, college in Bangor. Taught in Colchester for 1 year and emigrated in 1970. tTaught in South Australia until 2006, now retired. Moved to Queensland this year.

I miss: Not much as only have a few cousins left there. Perhaps the Rugby. When I really think about it.

Carole Winstanley (Ross) from Cranbourne North Victoria

Comments: I used to live on Norley Hall Estate, my parents were Anne & Bill Winstanley and I have a brother named Geoff. I went to All Saints school and left in 1965. I went to work as a Junior Secretary at Dunlop, on Pimbo Industrial Estate, Skelmersdale. This year, 2018 in May/June/July I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Dubai and Singapore and a month in the UK visiting family and friends.

I miss: I miss all of my wonderful family, and have this year spent time with my cousins and their grand-children, it was fabulous. We visited a lot of restaurants in and around Wigan, and we couldn't believe the temperatures were around 32C every day. We also spent time in the beautiful Lake District and stayed at Keswick

Patrick Emmerson from Pinjarra

Comments: I used to live in Apply Bridge and worked at Chisnall Hall Colliery, I emigrated to Australia and moved to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, I traveled the world working in mines after Kal, I am looking for any one that has any JPG Photos of Chisnell Hall

I miss: My last position before retirement was in Turkey and I travelled to the UK and visited Wigan, I was in a pub on the high street and they had a picture of Gidlow secondary modern which I attended for my first 2 years of high school; I got talking to a couple of guys and they were there at the same time; I always enjoyed the pies and have a photo of a car sticker that stated that (No Pies were left in the vehicle overnight) which proofed that humour is still alive and well in Wigan and I still call it my first home even after living in Aus for 54 years

Fiona Rimmer-Booth from Adelaide

Comments: I lived in Standish and Springfield before I emigrated. Went to Shevington High School (left 2005). Would love to connect with any Wiganers here in Adelaide for a coffee or a glass of wine, any age or gender!

I miss: Butter pies, Quavers and Maureen's chippy.

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