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USA (155)

Jose Taylor from Granger In

Comments: I'm from Orrell. Now I live in the U.S.A. with my husband. I have three children and six grandchildren - all here in Indiana.

I miss: I miss family, both mine and my husband's. I miss seeing Rivington to the east and UpHolland to the west. Of course I miss pies!

Martin Walsh from LA

Comments: From beautiful Golborne, did one in 96. Got tired of the jet set international playboy lifestyle and settled down in quiet unassuming Los Angeles. Work as a Sr.Acct Rep for a BIG bottled water company. Staying here for the time being.

I miss: Family and friends. People with a sense of humour. Being ideally situated close to the M6. People who take their own plate and teatowel to the chippy. Hot pie on a cold day. Fresh air. "Real" pubs. "Real" football. Orange street lamps. Mesnes Park. Plantations. Miss everything, but doing well in LA. Expat rule #1 - Never forget. Thanks for the site Brian!! Helps to keep me "real".

Rose Khan nee Fairhurst from LA

Comments: Originally from Upholland, have lived in the States since 1976.

I miss: The good old Wigan accent and the way people laugh and joke with each other as well as with complete strangers. The smell of fresh baked pies and fish and chip shops.

Greg Hill from SC

Comments: Raised on Drummers Lane, Bryn, Schooled at Byrchall (the old Grammar), lived in Ashton, Hindley, Abram and Lowton. Moved to SC in 2000

I miss: Mushy peas, chip shop curry, real beer, family and friends (not necessarily in that order)

kathleen roth from wasilla Ak

Comments: belle green lane ince moved in 1952 retired to alaska. We owned a grocery store at 226 belle green lane I attended wigan and district mining and technical school business college when I was younger. Went to the Empress ballroom every chance I got and Moss dancing school.

I miss: Fish and chips, mushy peas steak and kidney pies. Riding the train and bus. Shopping at the market. Going to the Isle of Man and Blackpool.

Louise Lawrence from Houston

Comments: I was born in Wigan, and lived in Pemberton. I attended the Deanery High School and I work as a computer scripting engineer at CSC. I moved to Houston, TX 23rd November 2001.

I miss: I miss my mum and friends, pies, fish and chips at Tunstall Lane and beer. I also miss clubbing in town and going to Rivington Pike for a hot chocolate on Sundays.

Howard Phillips from Los Angeles

Comments: Lived in Platt Bridge-1949 to 1955. Immigrated to Australia and then to United States. Work in Human Resources for Los Angeles County government. Married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

I miss: Tripe. Fish and Chips and Peas. The old mining accents.

Joyce Bennett Wilson from University Place WA

Comments: When I left the first time (to get married) It was in the fifties. My father was the licencee of several Pubs in Hindley,in Ince and newbury, Southport. He also played water polo for Wigan and captained the team for five years - having a several records to his name. His brother Fred played rugby for Barrow and Batley.

I miss: I miss my friends but do coverse with them periodically. I can get mushy peas here. My daughter has a store in Everett where she lives who imports from England. I love to shop in the super markets when I visit

David Williams from Fort Lauderdale

Comments: Used to live in Newtown. Went to St Marks, Pem middle, Mesnes High, Wigan Tech and then Leeds Poly. Moved from England in 1992. Spent 4 years in France before moving to the US.

I miss: Miss my family and friends, the British sense of humour (thanks God for BBC America !), Meat & prater pies, fish, chips and gravy, REAL chips, Uncle Joes, English beers, rugby league and the Wigan night life.

Phyllis White nee (Hodgson) from Northern NY

Comments: I lived on Woodhouse Lane.. Attended All Saints School on Frog Lane..now known as the Deanery.. Came to the States in 1952. Also used to like dancing at the Empress.

I miss: the countryside, meat pies, fish & chips, mushy peas, black currant tarts... the way of life.. could go on and on.

Alice Green Brevik from Derby, Kansas

Comments: I used to live at #21 Whitledge Green, Ashton-in-Makerfield. My father's name was John Green. I married an American in 1953 and moved there. I have been back several times and miss my old home and friends.

I miss: I miss the wonderful bread, pies, Uncle Joe's mint balls, but mostly my old home and friends.

Alan Smith from Hamilton Bermuda

Comments: Hi I have lived in Billinge and Pemberton and London. My Mother still lives in Pemberton. l attended Lamberhead Junior School Abraham Guest Upholland College and Liverpool University.

I miss: l miss my mates, going to the chippy and the odd pint or two. l last visited Wigan in Dec last year and will be back in August with my wife and family, God Willing.

John Taylor from Washington PA

Comments: Used to live in Winstanley. Moved to USA with Job.

I miss: going to the chippy Friday's for tea.

Stuart Edwards from Richland, Washington

Comments: Born in Wigan. Married and moved to Lymm, Cheshire in 1981. Came to the US in 1998 working in the nuclear industry in both Washington State and South Carolina.

I miss: Obvious stuff. Family and friends. British sense of humour. Real fish and chips. Real bread.

Frieda Coronel from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Comments: Used to live at 33 Gidlow Lane from 1940 to 1951 Retired now, came to Wigan as a refugee from Austria, attended Bluecoat School in 1940 lived there with foster parents called Tarbuck now I live in Las Vegas.usa

I miss: I miss your fish and chips, pie and the warmness of the Wigan people. last time I visited Wigan was 1995

Tom Jackson from New Orleans

Comments: I used to live in Bickershaw lane in Bickershaw. My dad worked at Bickershaw Colliery as did my brother. I now work with people with disabilities

I miss: Rugby League, the dialect, Hollands meat and potato pies, Elaine Hamer and The Room at the Top... that shows my age

Jim Bissell from West Point IL

Comments: Used to live in Goose Green Moved to Illinois in 1994. Now doing clerical work for a major food distribution company. Not had the chance to return home yet but hope to one day, my son who was born in Billinge was only 18 months old when we left so does not remember anything about his real home town.

I miss: BACON !! of course Mum and sister who still live in Wigan. Oh btw did I mention BACON !!!!

Sheila e.Mitchell (Bennett) from Bristol, Va

Comments: Used to live Winstanley... moved to States in '92....... Kids, Katherine and Michael, have grown up and moved away... I am very proud of both of them. I have remarried to a great American guy.. I work for an Office Products company and I also sell Real Estate

I miss: I miss my dad very much , and my life on Melrose Drive, and my best buddy Petal.....or Pat Brogan as you may also know her .

Moira Brogan from Orem, Utah

Comments: I used to go to Pemberton Community High School. I left Wigan around 1990. I miss Wigan a lot. I am now a stay at home mum with three kids, five, three and one. Was formelly a nanny for about four years and worked for Estee Lauder. I used to work at JKS on Woodhouse Lane, I heard that is still around. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. And have a good laugh about the old days.

I miss: The people, the food, the laugh. Americans don't have the same sense of humor at all. p.s. Would someone PLEASE eat a pastie and a pie for me. I'm dying.

LYNN BREARLEY (nee Dawber and Stott) from KNIGHTDALE

Comments: I used to live in Winstanley and worked for Norweb as a meter reader. I have been in North Carolina since 1981 and miss everything about Wigan. If anyone out there knows of where Robert Stott is plz get in touch with me. He's a beer drinker, keen pool player and I really would like to catch up with him--oh he's American too.

I miss: I miss Southport potted shrimp and breast of lamb with gravy the most--Cheers Lynn, and Brian keep up the good work lad!!!

Sharon King from Winter Haven, Florida

Comments: Moved from Standish in 1993. Went to St. Wilfrids, Gidlow Middle and Deanery High (graduated in 1990). Lived in North Carolina for 9 years and just moved down to Florida. I teach third grade - eight year olds. I went home in Dec 02 and took my boyfriend.

I miss: Of course Greenhalgh's pies, going to Turnkey Cellars and then for a kebab. I love ribena and get it at a British store here and even got my man loving mushy peas.

Raymond Thomas Bentham from Tillamook, Oregon

Comments: Lived in Orrell, Moved to USA 1970. Worked for BP (exploration) now retired

I miss: Rugby Rugby Rugby Rugby and and now and then Rugby

Paul Eccleston from Tampa, Florida

Comments: Lived in Worsley Mesnes, moved over here 4 years ago.

I miss: Latics, Carling, Chips + Gravy, mint Aero's

John Davies from Largo, Florida

Comments: I used to live in Hindley, near the Bird I'th Hand, in my Mum and Grandma's Pie Shop. Rothwells it was called, on Wigan Road. Does anyone remember it ? After I got married I lived in Bickershaw for a while, after spells in Germany and USA. I'm now single again (almost) and in USA waiting to start work for a Fisheries Company based in Indonesia, but with offices in Florida. I work on Computer Systems. I've been out here on and off since Sept. 2002, but hopefully my residency will be through soon, so the move will be permanent.

I miss: A pint of John Smiths for 99p in the Moon Under T'Water. Wigan Athletic. Cockney Latics Fanzine. Do they deliver to Florida ? Playing Pool in the Bird I'th Hand, Hindley, with the gang. Day trips to Blackpool with Walls and coming home in a VERY good mood. Uncle Joes Mint Balls. I could make a fortune with those over here. Fish and Chips. Fishing in t'cut, preferably near a pub. Listening to excuses when Man U or Man C get beat.

Sean A. Pratt from West Haven, CT

Comments: Born in Billinge hospital, 1961. Lived in Wigan until 1965. Moved to B.C. in Canada. Then on to The U.S. in 1968. Been here since.

I miss: Not much that I really remember, with the exception of missing my heritage, culture. etc, etc...

Karen Humbert from Colorado Springs, CO

Comments: Lived in Standish Lower Ground, moved a couple years ago, work for Hewlett Packard and miss Wigan so very much. If anyone accesses this email and was educated at Deanery High School, send me a few lines!! I'd love to hear from you all. Take care all you Wiganers!

I miss: Beer, the friendly people, social walks, shopping centres, ASDA! Last but not least my family! Love you all and miss you more.

Margaret White from Jacksonville

Comments: Bryn Now live in Florida

I miss: My brothers ,fish and chips mushy peas steak pudding. luv our Marg. The talk pies friends

Alan Smith from Bermuda

Comments: Hi l went to Abraham Guest school, Winstanly College then Liverpool University. Lived in London after obtaining my Degree. l am hapily married with two boys {my lifes treasurs} and have lived in Bermuda for 5 years. l still have strong ties with Wigan as l have family there. Good Luck to Wigan Warriors and all expats.Best Regards Alan Smith

I miss: l visit home often and really tuck in to traditional Wigan foods. l miss Wigan people the most as they are the most friendly folks on this planet. l have taken my 5 years old Son to polish Baron Powells shoes in Mesnes Park and will be taking my younger Son when l visit at Xmas 2003

Janice Cooper from Westport ,Connecticut

Comments: I used to live in Higher Ince and went to Rosebridge school in the mid sixties. I now live about 45 miles from NYC

I miss: the bakeries and most of the things they sell

Chris Wilford from Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Comments: Hi guys, I used to live in Hindley with my parents and now i work in puerto rico as an ionospheric scientist at the big radio telescope dish as used in the James bond film Goldeneye - yes it is real and not just a hollywood set!!!

I miss: Things i miss pies, fish and chips, and beer in a pint glass

rosanne (cliff) collins from kendallville indiana

Comments: Used to live at 62 beech hill lane.Moved to the states in 1969 with my parents and brothers. I'm married to don collins an engineer. I have two children Sean and Wendi an one grandchild Damien. I am a house wife.

I miss: Just about everything.

Diane (Roberts/Miller) Downey from Carlsbad, California

Comments: I lived on the Hawkely Hall estate from the early 70s to 1982ish. Went to Marus Bridge Middle school and Whitley High. I'm a landscape designer and I run a women's business network. Mother of two boys and married.

I miss: Mushy peas, fish and chips. My old history teacher, Dr. Carol Hill, and my Biology teacher Mr Walsh.

Margaret Griffin Adams from St. George

Comments: Left Wigan in 1965. Was attending Wigan Girls' High School at the time (Mab's Cross). Moved to USA in 1972.

I miss: Meat and prater pies, fish and chips, Maltesers, all kinds of sweets really, and all the friendly Wigan folk.

John Dean Scully from Simi Valley, Ca

Comments: Lived in Goose Green and moved to the US in 1979 (Age 9). Still have a lot of family in Beech Hill and Scholes.

I miss: My relatives, fish and chips, pies, mushy peas and football.

Stuart Orrell from Holland, MI

Comments: Brought up in Aspull, Went to the Deanary High School(1978). Moved to US in 1995 with my wife and 3 Children (now 4 kids). Came back to Lancashire in 1999 for a couple of years and am now back in the USA again. Forever torn between here and there. I work for a design firm, servicing automotive, furniture and consumer goods clients.

I miss: I miss Pork Pies with loads of jelly from't market. Greenalgh's pies. Steak puddings, Mushy Peas, Brass Bands. Good slice of bacon. Friday night out round town with the lads. Definitely miss Wiganer's and there sense of humour.

John Davies from Largo, Florida

Comments: Hi folks. I posted a message a while ago saying that I had moved to Florida, and was hoping to make the move permanent. Well, I am happy to announce that I am now back in Largo (after 2 trips back to Blighty!) and this time it's a permanent move. My Florida Princess and I are to be married on March 31st this year (2004).

I miss: I found a bar that serves excellent Fish and Chips - English style - so that can now come off my 'I miss' list. They also have Boddingtons and Strongbow on draught. For those in the Tampa/St. Pete area, it's called 'The Rose and Crown' and it's on Ulmerton Road, towards Indian Rocks Beach. It has a fair compliment of Ex-Pat regulars, and is a real friendly place. I still miss John Smiths bitter at 99p per pint in the 'Moon under Water', watching the Boys in Blue at the JJB, and arguing with Man City and/or United fans. There is nothing in Florida to compare to a a Wigan Pie, so we'll draw the veil of decency over that one. I also miss playing pool in the Hindley League. The tables over here have pockets like buckets, so the skill factor is reduced considerably. Also, the balls are made of granite (I think), and you can easily break your wrist trying to put 'screw back' on the cue ball. I miss the fast Wigan Wit and Repartee, but I'm trying to convert the neighbours. I know now what the first missionaries in South America felt like! Good Luck to Wigan Ex-Pats everywhere. All the very best, JD.

Frieda A CORONEL from Las Vegas,Nevada

Comments: 1940 came to Wigan as a Refugee from Vienna,Austria age 6yrs.old lived in Wigan eleven years. Moved to New York.USA in 195now retired.

I miss: All the good food, such as custard pies, pork pies. Lancashire cheese and so many more things. Also the people are very friedly

Mike Morters from gainesville G.A.

Comments: Born in sinclair place, wosley hall moved to south africa 1971,then to U.S.A.in 1977.worked at S and S motors Cromton street wigan,currently own bakery with my darling wife Doreen [n]Fairhurst, in the States.

I miss: meat pies,the people,We love to visit,and see family.

Michael Cameron Morters from Gainesville,Ga.

Comments: Sinclair Place,Worsley Hall.Moved to South Africa 1971 and again to USA 1977.Self employed - Bakery.Am in the process of writing a book "Something Funny Happened to me on the Way to America.

I miss: A pint in the pub,a good pie and a good laugh.

Keith Fairhurst from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: I was born in Goose Green, at number 4 Arthur Street, March 1956. At the age of 7 we moved to Norley Hall, (14 Ambleside). Went to All Saints Boys School,(now called "Deanery High"). Was in both the 7th district Cubs and Scouts, and was also in the Wigan Parish Church Choir from the age of 6 until I was 14. My Dad's name is Thomas and my Mum's name is Irene, and my two Sisters are Doreen and Carole. I served my apprenticeship with Wigan Corporation as a bricklayer. After a spell in Germany, doing the old "Auf Wiedersehen" thing, I moved to the United States of America in October of 1980 and have lived here ever since. My wife's name is Patricia Ann and my two daughters are Rachael Patricia(15) and Julia Ann(12). I have a digital print shop serving the Gainesville and Atlanta area.

I miss: (1) My family of course (2) The food, (naturally) (3) My first car, a Mini (Cost me 65 quid and it only ran on 3 cylinders) (4) Watching Wigan Rugby on a saturday afternoon Great times, Great memories!

Ric Hampson from Dallas

Comments: Lived in Leigh and then in swinley. Went to St. Mary's RC High and Wigan College, used to do a bit of swimming too.

I miss: Real Bacon, real beer, real football. Fish and chips and normal people who are not ridiculously wealthy.

Stuart Hunter from shelbina, Missouri

Comments: Used to live on poolstock lane near the "jet" petrol shop and across the road from threshers offy.Moved to usa in 1994 work for cable tv companies now. Used to go to worsley mesnes cp then hawkley middle then finished up at whitley(i hear it is a housing complex now)

I miss: Miss chips and pea whet and walking home from the clubs scoffing down a donner kebab from the saddle!!!!!!!!

George Bissell from Marshfield, Missouri

Comments: from Worsley mesnes, Wigan, been here twenty seven years, work for a newspaper, haven't been home since 1995

I miss: miss pudding and peas, chips with pea wet and steak and kidney pie.

Stuart Hunter from shelbina, Missouri

Comments: Did the flit in 94 for good,thought i'd never miss Wigan, thought wrong!!!.Was from poolstock lane area,near peters chippy(oohhh chips and pea whet!!). Work all around the states of missouri,illinois,tennessee,kansas and arkansas as a cable guy.

I miss: .

Michael-John Hewitt from Dallas, TX

Comments: Used to live down Moores Lane in Standish. Moved here 2 years ago where I now work as an IT Recruiter.

I miss: Apart from family and friends, has to be the Latics!

peter thomas cliff from dayton ohio

Comments: I lived on 62 beech hill lane and I moved to the us in 69 and now I work on a us air forcebase as a janitor at the air force museum and child care center also on the base I still have family in wigan I miss wigan after all these years pete

I miss: the people and the meat pies and the pubs in wigan

Karen Smith from Raleigh - NC

Comments: Origionally from Standish I moved to Accrington in 1969, then to the USA in 1993.

I miss: My family - i see them once a year but its not enough. The smell of the market hall :) and good bakeries. Everything tastes like plastic here!

Val Livesey from Old Saybrook, CT

Comments: Moved to the US in 1972. Lived in Abraham and Bickershw. Went to school in Hindley. Work at Bernie Inns at the top of King street. My best freind still lives on Wigan Pier.

I miss: I miss pork pies, sloppy peas and perriwinkles.

Kate VanLoke from Binghamton, NY

Comments: Born and raised in Orrell. Went to Abraham Guest and ran for Wigan Harriers. Left School in 74 and went to Wigan Tech until 77. Attended St.Mary's Col;lege in Fenham, Newcastle then moved to USA in 1980. Still married. Two kids 18 and 16.

I miss: Mostly I miss Wigan Harriers from the old Woodhouse Stadium. and of course I miss the pies, bakeries and chippy's.

Mike Spencer from Nassau, Bahamas

Comments: Hail from Billinge, moved over to Nassau in the Bahamas from August '04 to teach.

I miss: King Street on a Friday and Saturday night, Guinness draught, chips and proper gravy, the list goes on....

Catherine Rosbottom nee Thomas from Louisville KY

Comments: Moved here in 1998 from Standish but orginally I'm from Marus Bridge. Hubby is also from Wigan (Orrell). Went to the Deanery and worked at Trencherfield Mill for 9 years before coming here.

I miss: The accent! I was in stitches in the summer listening to a girl in my Mum's local chippy describing the new Subway sandwich shop in Wigan. Her accent was priceless. I also miss decent pies and bacon and the greater selection of decent chocolate ( well, my children both do anyway). I also miss fog! It's marginally safer than tornadoes and we've only had fog here once in the 6 years we've been here.

Kimberly Anne Blyth from Billings

Comments: I lived on 22A UpperDicconson St I'm an American who moved to Wigan for over 3 yrs since 1999 with a couple trips back home to the US....I worked in the Swan Meadow Industrial Estate in a factory job for nearly 2 yrs. My husband still lives in Wigan but I'm currently in Billings taking care of my mum who had a stroke in Jan 04....I hope to move back to Wigan sometime in 2005

I miss: I miss your great selection of teas!! and a pint of Stella!! and I love reading all your national papers! and making a song request on WISH FM!!! but most of all I just miss the friendly nature of all the people of Wigan....Wigan is, in my humble opinion God's country!!

Andrew Rowlands from TAMPA, FLORIDA

Comments: Lived in Stubshaw Cross for the first 30 yaers of my life, been in TAMPA for the last 5. IT Director for a Mortage related company.

I miss: I miss the crack with the boys and the beer. But on the other hand we do have lots of strip clubs, so you gotta take the rough with the smooth.

Harold Stevenson from St Louis, Michigan

Comments: I was brought up in Platt Bridge. I worked as an apprentice at De Havilands in LostockI moved to Canada in 1981 and I moved to USA in 1994.

I miss: I miss the old Wigan Rugby team with Billy Boston and Mickey Sullivan. OH! I also miss the pies.

phil tidmarsh from durham

Comments: i lived in hindley(went to mornington high)...then moved to leigh for 16 years, met a US girl on a soccer site and moved to Durham ,North Carolina...i'm a machine operator at the moment and looking for work as a mechanical cad drafter...

I miss: my son Matty who lives in Leigh, my mum who lives in standish lower ground.....greenhall's mild...fish & peas from green lane chippy....friday nights out around leigh(leigh arms, barbarellas)...Yates & Grear pork pies....RATBONES bread....Hollands puddings....being around the christmas table with all my family watching top of the pops and then queens speech and james bond.......good days...great memories.

Peter Allison from Oakland, California

Comments: Lived in Shevington with my wife for three years. She's a native Shevingtonian and I'm from Ohio originally. We had to move back to the States for job reasons.

I miss: I miss the BEER! I love cask ales and those who know me from The Anvil will remember me meticulously taking beer tasting notes and talking with other afficianados for hours on end. I miss the pies! Greenalgh's was a weekly stop on Saturdays - nothing like a Steak Kidney Pie (or two) with some good old pea or mushroom soup! The Rugby! I really enjoy rugby and look forward to catching a match when we come back for a visit! Chadwicks butchers in Standish - wow - what a place! Great meats and anything you can imagine food-wise. Drives in the country in search of pubs and local landmarks. The people - nowhere in England are the people more friendly and funny! I sure miss Wigan!

Nick Spencer from Lincoln, Nebraska

Comments: I'm from Avondale Road in Swinley. Went to St. John's primary school, St. John Fisher, and Wigan Tech. I came to the USA to get a PhD and I'm now what the Americans call a professor at the University of Nebraska.

I miss: Mostly pies and RL, but also Mad Eric's barber shop in Beech Hill, the old Market Hall, Jimmy's chippy on Earl Street, Bluto's circa 1982, the Pier on a Wednesday night, and about a million other things.

Keith Tushingham from Houston, Texas

Comments: Born in Ashton but always tell people I'm from Wigan as most people don't know where Ashton is. Went to Ashton Grammar from 71 to 78 and then went walk about. London, Norway, Indonesia and now living in the US working in the oil patch. Spent most of my pocket money on Saturdays in Wigan and Wigan market area either in JJBs or Smiths record section or at the baths.

I miss: Definately meat and potato pies and tetleys bitter. The number 2A bus with the smoking section upstairs(not really). Wigans old ground by the river Douglas. The smell of the indoor market on Market Square. Pendleburys ! Anyone remember that? Watching idiots jump off the top board at the baths.

pauline unsworth from Boston

Comments: lived in Bottling wood. Left whelley school in 1957, work as Midwife in Lg Boston hospital.

I miss: Wigan common sense.Dandilion and burdock. the plantations . being a kid.

John "Wink" Winstanley from Loganville, Georgia

Comments: Born in Orrell. We are the Winstanleys from Beech Hill. Our family moved to the States in 1985 after a stint in Krautland. I'm a civil engineer who concentrates on design/buildings retaining walls.

I miss: The pies, the buses, the pubs.

Edith (lewis) Wright from Dunkirk, New York

Comments: I was born in Yorkshire and moved to Wigan as a young child. I married Ronald P Wright in 1951. We have four children. We moved to the US in 1958 and settled in Western New York on the shores Of Lake Erie. My husband died in 2000. I have all my children close by.

I miss: Uncle joe mint balls.....the people and relatives.

Frieda A.Coronel from Las Vegas,NV.USA

Comments: Lived in Wigan moved to USA IN 1951 got married have four children all married now, also have seven grandchildren oldest 21 youngest 5yrs.old. I came to Wigan with lots of children during WWII from Vienna,Austria the year was 1940

I miss: I miss the the great food,pies and most of all the people are very friendly, its very hard to make friend in Las Vegas so to spend time my husband and I go to the Casino's L.O.L.

JOHN CLIFF from Poncha Springs, Colorado

Comments: I lived at 62 Beech Hill Lane. I went to Sacred Heart School. I moved to Ohio in 1969, to Texas in 1980, to Colorado in 1999. I married a Texas girl(Leslie) and have five year old son(Sawyer). I am a carpenter and build custom homes in the mountains.

I miss: I miss all my relatives and friends. Playing in the Piggy(behind our house on Beech Hill Lane). Cockles and mussels from the market for a shilling. ABC minors on Saturday mornings. I could go on forever. I miss everything.

John Davies from LARGO FLORIDA

Comments: Just an update folks. My lovely Jersey Girl and I were married March 31st 2004. We have a lovely new home and we're happy. I'm still doing the old 'puterstuff, and my wife is Relocation Co-ordinator for HSN (Home Shopping Network)

I miss: I still miss my local, The Bird I'th Hand in Hindley, and my team, Wigan Athletic. We're coming over for a holiday in June, so hopefully the boys will be in the Premiership, and I can collect a few 'friendly pint' bets back in the Bird. To all my fellow Ex-Pats, stay safe and stay happy. All the best, JD and Ana.

Ian Barkley from Spokane WA, soon to be Boise ID

Comments: Wigan, my home from birth till march 2004. Moved to Spokane WA USA, to get married. Alas work has not been good here but We are moving to Boise ID and things should be much better down there.

I miss: The beer oh god the beer. I did find a pub in the north of Idaho that had one cask ale on from a place in western Washington, and it was great. Fish and chips of course. Friends and family goes with out saying.

Helen Walsh (Trickett) from Boston Mass.

Comments: Used to live in Winstanley, Cropper House near the Big Stone. Worked as a tracer for the N.C.B Moved to America in 1967. married a yank and here I still am.

I miss: I miss the sense of humor, the honesty. Fish and chips coming home from the pictures. the surrounding counrtyside. Pub lunches and the people. I of couse miss my family, my brother John lives on a narrow boat in Bedford Basin Leigh. What a lovely life he has.

jessica thompson from calafornia

Comments: i used to live in a place called worsley hall, i'd lived there all my life until i was 11 and we had to move away because of my older brothers behaviour.i moved to the usa to get away from him mainly.i hated him for making us move cause i wanted to stay with all the friends that i ad grown up with. now i am a lawyer and have a life of my own and my brother cannot determine what happens in it.

I miss: i miss everything and i think i might go back, i miss my family, my five dogs, cat and also my horses, but to do with wigan, i miss mc donalds, propper pies ect.

Helen Walsh (formerly Trickett) from Boston Massachusetts

Comments: Used to live in Winstanley,Emmigrated in 1967. this message is for Richard Humphries. I rememeber you because My Dad Peter Trickett was married to John Lydons sister Kathleen. I used to love going to Aunty Nancys she made the best scones in the world.I have lost contact with the Lydons. could you please give Nancy my love. Richard and June were houshold names when I was growing up.

I miss: .

Mike Morters from Gainesville G A.

Comments: Lived in Sinclair place Worsley Hall. Wigan. Lived in U S A. For 26 years My Wife and I have a small bakery.We also make.Meat and potato pies

I miss: Off course Meet Pies.My family

Jane castrignano from throggs neck (bronx)

Comments: Im from Manchester but my best friend lives in Wigan and I miss her a lot. Wigan was my second home when I still lived in the UK.

I miss: I like wigan and spent countless weekends there visiting my pal.I also miss the pies and the mushy peas. I especially miss holland's steak puddings. I miss the telly and the sweets and cream cakes . custard tarts vanilla slices. Uhhmmm!! oh well, I dream of them once a week, so that will have to suffice for now, till my next visit Ta Raah!!!!

Joanne Lloyd (now Aziz) from Royal Oak, MI

Comments: I lived in Highfield with my family until I went to Liverpool Poly. Eventually came to the States in 1996 on a student exchange program. Go home to Wigan at least once a year but definitely every Christmas - wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

I miss: My Mum, Dad and sister, the down to earth people, the accent!, honesty, sense of humour, friendliness .... and football and rugby!!

Frieda Coronel from Las Vegas.NV

Comments: Lived in Gidlow Lane moved to USA 1951 worked in New York when I retired my huband and I moved to Las Vegas 7 yrs. ago.I have four children all grown up now and seven Grandchildren.

I miss: The friendley people, great tasting pies, chips& fish with vinigar.The simple way that I used to enjoy like family get get togethers and going to Blackpool to see the eluminations.

Gerald Ginty from Newport, RI

Comments: Lived on Castle Hill Estate in Hindley, attended Cardinal Newman in the 60's. Went to Bradford University in 1969. Married a yank and moved here in 1979. Now work in the IT department at the local university.

I miss: I miss most things. The people, the town, wigan, real sausages and bacon, a decent pint. I get over as often as I can. Miss my old school mates and my newphew's and niece. Given half the chance I would love to move back (If I could afford to live there!) Can't complain about the US tough, it has been good to me. Still a Brit and will be

Dave Cowley from Charlotte, NC

Comments: From Aspull Wigan just moved to Charlotte 3 weeks ago and having a great time. The people here are so friendly we have been made very welcome. The best part is even when it rains it warm.

I miss: Rugby, rugby, Rugby. They have the same shaped ball - the story ends there - come on you Judes !!! At least we can get the results online.

Philomena Vick from Houston Texas

Comments: I used to live in Pemberton. I went to St Cuthberts and Notre Dame High School. I worked at Nat West before I moved to Germany, married an American in 1973 and have been in Houston since then.

I miss: The obvious things - My family and friends. Fish, chips and mushy peas, fresh cream cakes, vanilla slices, cornish pasties, chocolate eclairs and anything Cadbury's.

peter cliff from dayton ohio

Comments: moved to the usa in 1969 I lived on the street named beechhill ln ( 62) I now work on a air force base in dayton (wright pattison airforce base at a child care center as a janitor

I miss: I miss the meat pies and fish and chips alot and i,v been over here for 36 yrs and I still miss them

June Corless Flanders from Ramsey, Indiana

Comments: I was born on 1/12/43 on 69 park road and lived there until my mother Edna Howard Corless and I emmigrated to the states on June 20, 1951.

I miss: The fish and chips and custards. Just being in my home country!

Lauren Somers from Mooresville

Comments: ello!i used 2 live in hindley green n went to St. Edmund Arrowsmith High School. we moved to mooresville about 3 months ago cz o ma dads job. wus so funny to luk at all da uva wiganers hu liv in da US!

I miss: i miss everifin...my frends, family, pies, chinese chippy, GOOD bacon n sausage butties n cadbury's chocolate. N wigan rugby!!

Michael Madani from Dallas, TX

Comments: Born and raised in wigan, lived in standish, shevington, then apply bridge...Went to wood fold primary school, then shevington high...left in my last year...now im in america, dallas tx...enjoyin the long summer days, and 100 degree weather...its middle of october and were still in upper 80s....i now go to college, and transferin to UT Austin (biggest and best school in the whole of TX) workin on my masters in kinesiology and physical therapy...still live with parents who talk about nothin but wigan..mum is home sick..and will return soon

I miss: I miss everythin..my friends, family, scenery, wigan town, food...meat n potato pies, chippy...marks and sparks...miss apply bridge, but most of all..miss english lifestyle... now that i think of it..im a bit homesick myself...

Debbie Lomax from manasquan nj

Comments: Grew up in Billinge,round the corner from the Brown cow.Went to St marys infant & junior school until 1975.Then to St Peters in Orrell and discovered Wigan.

I miss: Going to Blutos and Wigan Pier after getting the bus outside the Smithy in Billinge.Eating Chips & gravy whilst waiting for a taxi.Fish chips & mushy peas.Working class people that tell it like it is.

Paul Causey from atlanta, Ga

Comments: Lived in Barnsley Street, Wigan. Left in 1988 to attend university.

I miss: Family, mates, rugby and Mild.

james roberts from southaven mississippi

Comments: I used to live in marsh green, then in worsley mesnes, then in scholes.used to go in the jaw bone in newtown, and in gems. moved to the usa 8 yrs ago anybody who remembers me get in touch thank you. You might be able to help me.

I miss: all the good nights i used to have and i miss the guys and the girls from the turnkey and the people i know from all over wigan. so get in touch, if any body knows Dave Varey from whelley, he used to play for doncater rovers and has a brother lawrence give him this e-mail address

Steve Pegram from Chicago

Comments: Lived in Wigan. Went to St James CE in Poolstock and finished at Whitley High School in 1977. Now living in Chicago and running a $100M business. I am enjoying life and having a great time. Money speak.

I miss: Wigan Rugby Union and Fish and Chips and thats it.

June Corless Flanders from Ramsey, Indiana

Comments: I was born in 1943 and lived on 69 Park Rd. Wigan until 1951 when my mother Edna Howard Corless and I emmigrated to the states in 1951. We sailed on the Queen Elizabeth I. My memories from Wigan are still as vivid as yesterday. I had four children and my husband and I have farmed for several years. I still view Wigan as my home and have never became a citzen here.

I miss: Custards, fish & chips, ice cream wafers fro the park.

roy maalma from orlando fla

Comments: still own a house in downall green rd my daughter is living there i am a plasterer i am doing it over here the pay is crap

I miss: i dont miss anything really ok the odd greenhalghs pie and rugby i miss the wicked humour of brian yates also of downall green if anyone knows him im sure you will agree

jim barker from san diego

Comments: born in the potteries 1939, 40 yards from wigan pier .my grandmother sheltered the clydsdale barge pullers at wigan pier where the new nightclub is . wigan grammar in 1950 and chorister at wigan parrish church.my dad, george barker, worked in no 2 mill all his life at eckersleys and could only sleep sitting up because of cotton dust.just retired as part owner in san diegos 2nd largest architectural firm since 1971 and will travel back to wigan quite a bit .

I miss: rugby league .pie'yed city. lommer'ead green, pints with graham ellis ,walks to appley bridge on't cut with george and his dog.i know its gone - but wigan hipp and the old market .

james t roberts from memphis

Comments: used to live in woodhouse lane, marsh green, worsley mesnes, scholes. i moved to the usa in 1997.i work in construction industry used to play rugby throw darts and all that stuff

I miss: all the local bars the town center on the weekends and of course the santi bag miss all the guys and girls from the turnkey had good times there

Jeff Whittle (Malcolm Jeffrey) from Sacramento, California

Comments: Used to live at 40 Holborn Ave, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan. Now married to a lovely American. I taught for 34 years - now retired.

I miss: Uncle Joe'a Mintballs. Meat pies. Black Pudding. Rivington Pike. Hearing the accent. The canal. The Plantations and Haigh Hall. Decent fish and chips.

james roberts from hernando near memphis

Comments: i have lived all over wigan i moved to the united states in 1997 i am in the construction industryif any body remembers i used to play for the stork hotel in marsh green and st thomas's labour club rugby team

I miss: Firstly i miss the wigan people there is nobody like them in the world.and of course the pies and beer


Comments: Lived in Winstanley, born 1979 and moved to usa with my parents in 1992, John and Sheila and my little brother mike. went to st edmund arrowsmith high school and morris danced with high field st aidans..... miss you girls...

I miss: everthing... hi auntie pat!!!! i miss my family the most.... and trips to southport beach and blackpool...my grandad and my cousins....chris you need to come see me!!!!!

Doreen Morters(nee Fairhurst) from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: Lived in Wigan until 1971 Graduated Wigan Girls'High School in 1963.Worked for Marflow Greet Cards until 1971 - when I ,and husband - Mike ,emigrated to South Africa .From there - came to Gainesville,Georgia USA in 1977.Mike had a garage for 10 years here -then we had a bakery/cafe for 15 years which unfortunately we had to sell recently because I had emergency open heart surgery.Ok now. So I guess we're retired. We have 2 grandchildren 3yrs.and 6yrs. so we keep pretty busy.My brother ,Keith,and his family live here too - just across town.

I miss: I have to say pies first or Mike will have a fit; family of course,all kinds of good food,good Wigan humour.

Lindsay(Walsh) Gormley from Temecula ,CA

Comments: Hiya all you Wiganers,I moved to the States in 1993 I married a Yank we have three lovely kids,whom was all born here,I lived in Standish went to Whitley High grew up in Shevy (shevington) went to St Bernadettes,with My Beloved Brother Colin Walsh also Pamela Walsh,then moved to zambia with my Mum and Dad,which who now live in Ireland.

I miss: Where do I start,I do not think I have the room,I miss the Wigan night life there is nothing like going round town have the crack with all the mates, then going to Sweaty Betty's for an Indian after a couple of drinks which used to be the Bee's Knee's,I miss all my freinds and Family my Uncle Michael Ryan, who is my rock,Sister n law Diane Walsh and my lovely Nephew and nieces,I miss it all there is "nought like home" and the good old Wiganers.

jim barker from san diego

Comments: pottery, wigan pier 20 yards ,born 1939, retired, wigan grammar, poolstock elementary and st james ,wigan parish church with g galloway choirmaster , eckersleys mill .whelan early years .

I miss: being there , and a beer, and plantations ,and leeds and liverpool canal at dean wood , a town of dreams and guts.

Debbie (Stevenson) Mayes from Houston, TX

Comments: Lived on Beech Hill Lane until I was 17 - went to Deanery High School and 6th Form then moved to Chicago in 2001 to go to school. Got married and I now live in Houston.

I miss: My family, my friends, chips and gravy, pies, and people sayin "oreet!"

Barbara E. Smith (Woods) from Scotts Valley

Comments: Our dear mother Barbara departed us in October 2005. She was born in 1938 in Wigan and grew up in Goose Green on Warrington Road. The location of the house is now a football pitch near the labor club. She moved to the USA in 1960, married Robert Smith, and had two children. Steven and Debra.

I miss: Mostly we miss our "Mum" and are eager to keep in touch with others from Wigan. We both visit Wigan as much as possible and were christened at St Pauls, Goose Green. Who doesn't miss the pies and beer? Steven and Debra.

Margaret Alice White from Jacksonvile

Comments: I was Born in Bryn nr Wigan I am married with 2 childen

I miss: The family The Chippy the Wigan people The pies Going fishing with my Dad friends

Steven Pendlebury from Standish

Comments: Used to live on Baxter Street in Standish, and play on "The Backs" and in St. Wilf's graveyard, climbing the trees. Good Times :) Moved to Avondale Street and spent a lot of my teen years roaming all over the Rook (I hear it has burnt down recently). Now I live in Virginia, USA. Not at all like Standish, but a change is as good as a rest. I fix computers.

I miss: not being able to watch a music gig without 300 idiots yelling "Red Army" for no reason. I miss the casual-drinking culture. The fantastic public transport. I miss Brewer's Fayre Pub lunches on a lazy sunday. I miss all my friends. I miss my family. I do not miss the weather, or constant football coverage.

Mick Mahan from LA County

Comments: Lived in Wigan in the 1970s.

I miss: Nothing.

Vicki Sherwin (Murray) from Yarmouth port Massachusetts

Comments: I was brought up in Wigan, and went to the Deanery. I left when I was about 21 and have only been back twice since (I am now 40. I am married with a 16 year old son. I like living in the US but there are things that I miss about "home"

I miss: I definatly miss Sarah Lynns, Wigan Rugby, Cadburry's Flakes. Friendly people and oh yeah the beer!

peter t cliff from dayton ohio

Comments: I lived on beechhill lane moved to usa in 69 with my family does anyboby recall the cliffs steve peter rosanne and john? I,v been married for 17yrs I work for a cleaning company on us air force base in dayton at a child day care cener on base.

I miss: going to pubs with my mates and the fish @chips



I miss: being home at the hoilday season with family and the pubs

Lesley Humphrey from Houston, Texas

Comments: I used to live in Standish (then I was Lesley McHugh). I have lived in the States now for over 26 years, but I come back at least once yearly to work....I am an artist (figurative & equine). I am married to Larry, have three wonderful children, two girls in college, one boy in high school.

I miss: THE PEOPLE!!!! Wonderful family and raucous personalities. Old people in macs... I have to get the following fix within a week of coming home: Chips, fish & mushy peas, a pie, sandwiches & sketching on Parbold Hill, a walk along the canal bank (and occasionally renting a longboat), Blackpool for mussels and donkey painting...The list is endless...

Marjorie Ann Brenenstall from Palm Springs,California

Comments: Hello, My name is Marjorie[maiden name Houghton].I was born and raised in Shevington and attended Shevington secondary school leaving in 1969.In 1971 I moved to Newquay in Cornwall and made that home until September 5th 1991.The USA has been home since then.After living in the San-Diego area for 2 years my family and I moved to the Palm Springs area.My husband Steve is a retired US Marine who has a love of the UK [but still cannot understand what my Coppull born brother-in-law says!]I have a background in teaching which originally started in Wigan Tech' but, have been involved in Hotel management for many years.I have four children ranging from 32 years to 13 years[sadly one is deceased],two are in the medical profession in the London area.Both kids stayed with my family and attended Wigan Tech' before going on to Uni'.

I miss: Whenever I return to the UK I always come right back to Wigan.My 13year old American son loves the people plus all the attention he gets with his accent.I miss fish chips and mushy peas and my son Grant loves the pies.We always return with bags of Uncle Joe's mintballs for my husband.

Jill Lee from Washington DC

Comments: Used to live in Billinge, next to the rezzies in Orrell. Now work in the Embassy in DC but on our way home soon for good, back to Billinge! Full circle in nearly 22 years!

I miss: Pasties definately and Gaskells chippy in Orrell!!

Anthony Harrison from York. Pennsylvania

Comments: My nickname in the late 70's was PODGE and I was known as cock of Cansfield High in Bryn. I joined the Royal Navy in 1979 and in 1982 was aboard HMS Antelope that sank in the Falklands. In 1991 I met a native of Baltimore Maryland in the USA and after 5 years of traveling decided to leave the UK to be with my new wife and young daughter. I now work as a senior engineer for Hewlett Packard have 2 young daughters and a nice home. My family still live in Wigan and I miss them very much. My sisters are Janette Greenall married to Barry Greenall formerly Greenalls Commercials in Bryn, my other sister is Samantha Ashton and she owns the Beauty Box salon in Ashton-in-Makerfield

I miss: Chips fish and peas and gravy, Wigan Market. Friendly banter, broad wigan accents. Heinz beans and sausage, mates from school

frank rowley from virginia

Comments: i was born and raised in leigh and have lived around the leigh bolton wigan area all my life i of course miss my hollands pies fish and chips and my local pubs

I miss:


Comments: lIVERPOOL 7, FAIRFIELD. I am an English warbride. I married an American GI in 1945. Moved to the states in 46. I have two children and two grandchildren.

I miss: Visiting friends

Mike Morters from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: Lived in Sinclair Place,Worsley Hall. Emigrated to South Africa then to U.S,A.where my Wife and I live.Also living here,we have one son Andrew and daughter- in -law Brooke,two grandchildren Sarah and Gavin.

I miss: Of course We miss the 'normal' things i.e. the food and English humour. I have been trying to write a book about my 'growing up' in Wigan and it's almost finished. I decided to title it PIE , CHIPS AND PEAS. (Mmmmmmmm -delish eh?)

Maureen {Riding}Bahr from Pittsburgh, Pa.

Comments: Born and grew up down Back Lane, Shevington Moor. Went to St Josephs RC school, until age 13, then went to Shevington Secondary. Came to the USA via New York in 1964, as a Mothers Helper. Met and married my husband wayne 1968, in San francisco

I miss: Family!! Wigan is not the place I left. I can't help but wonder where the good manners went to.. I am proud to tell people that I am from Lancashire,and3eqjl my memories of the Shevington Moor area.Especially those long evening walks with Mum and Dad....

Robert Winstanley from Mooresville, NC

Comments: Born in Waltham Ave, Beech Hill. Brother Chris, sister Anne. Went to Beech Hill and Gidlow schools. Attended Wigan Mining and Tech Collage. Worked at English Tools/Gullick/Parks Forge Married a girl from Pemberton, Rita Ainscough and had 2 boys, John and Richard. Now live in the Greater Charlotte, NC area - Mooresville, NC - home to NASCAR racing. That's where I do lots of business.

I miss: Puddins, pies and fish and chips. The English pub and cool sleeping weather!!!!

Steve Hart from Sarasota

Comments: Used to live in Ashton with my wife Sue and son Alex. We have been in Florida since 2004 and although the sunshine is great we are missing home terribly. Christmas just isn't the same here. Brits are the best!!

I miss: Friends and family more than ever. Nightlife and sense of humor, pubs, British TV. Donner Kebabs, Steak Pudding and Chips, Pork Scratchings. Asda Prices and Free Health Care!! Remember the grass isn't always greener.

Michael Cameron Morters from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: I have lived here in Gainesville,Ga. USA for 30 years and before that in South Africa for 6 and a half years,then originally Wigan for 25 years. That makes me pretty old eh? I lived in Sinclair Place, Worsley Hall for 25 years then moved on. My wife, Doreen and I are now retired and have two great grandchildren -Sarah 7 and Gavin 5. I have almost finished writing a book that I've been contemplating writing for a long time, and decided to call it "PIES, CHIPS AND PEAS" I had such a good time growing up in Wigan that I thought I'd share them with anyone who might be interested, and what could taste better than Pies, Chips and Peas?

I miss: Pies, Chip and Peas. The wonderful Wigan people and their warmth and humour.

Alan Dean from Los Angeles

Comments: I was browt up in Orrell, i' Beechwood Cresunt. A moved te Brooklands drive un then moved t'america i' 2 theysund un 6. I'm an engineer wi a company mekkin kitchun units. A'm ere wit wife un 3 step kids. My son still lives i Gowburn.

I miss: A gud wiigin accent, rugby, Moor road, Gaskell chippy, rain, folk u r us daft as a brush. Chattin in't pub wi't mates. Meemawin latics fans. Babies yed an peys. Terkish delite, Northern So, Folk in't street. Aw mi sistus un ther childer, my cusuns, antys un uncles. Owd mon a cud goo on fer ever. An of course mi son Brett, get thi backside eywt ere mon. Aw wenches luv us wigginers.

peter cliff from dayton ohio

Comments: does anybody remember the cliff kids who lived on beechhill lane Steve Peter Rosanne and john please e-mail

I miss: the people and the holidays also the food

Elaine from Philadelphia PA

Comments: Used to live in Springfield, moved to Pennsylvania in 2005

I miss: Beer, pies, bread, butchers shops

Margaret White from Jacksonville Florida

Comments: Bryn Retired

I miss: Family Chippy brit tv friends

tina lewis from kenilworth nj

Comments: as a child I grew-up in downall green.in my 20ts moved to Italy for 3 yrs.Then moved to usa, wear I still live.I now work with sp.ed.children in the school.

I miss: things I miss!the pubs,fish&chips,chocolate,pies and the bakery.

tinalynaugh from kenilworth

Comments: Grew-up in downallgreen

I miss: pubs,chip shop,bakery ,bear

Beverley Harter(Derbyshire) from Palm Harbor, Florida

Comments: We moved here in 2006 from Hindley Green, Went to Hindley Secondary Modern and St Johns Hindley Green. Got sick of the crap weather and boring lifestyle. I am working as a nurse out here. Hard to make friends out here.

I miss: Friends, Family, especially our daughter Jennifer. Meat pies, can't say I miss much esle really.

Karen Thomas from Inver Grove Heights, MN

Comments: Lived 13 years in Huntington Beach, Ca. Moved here and love it. Like the changing of the seasons. Married with 4 kids. Originially from Whitley, wigan and went to Whitley High School.

I miss: Miss the pubs and the night life. Miss cheese and onion pasties. Miss my family, definietly don't miss the weather.

Margie Harding from Marietta. Ga

Comments: Born in Bryn Wigan.Left the area in 1941 to join the ATS,marrieda RAF man and moved to Gloucester in 1946.Came to the USA in 1968 with my husband and 2 of my sons. Left 2 in the UK where they still are. I am now retired,my husband died 11 years ago.

I miss: Just miss the people and also real chips and fish and litle oval pork pies. Just miss my own country as it was not as it is now!!!

George from Los Angeles, California

Comments: Used to live in quaint Skelmersdale all those years ago, time has passed by and have been fortunate to have travelled to many places. Currently live in Los Angeles, California. This is home now....

I miss: what I miss, Ahh yes - The Friday Rock Nights @ Maximes in Wigan.. Loved those times and loved the ladies that went there too.. Julie and Wendy, I still think about you !! God damn they where gorgeous ! Bunch of us used to go there every Friday, had some great times, the music, the atmosphere and of course the Air Guitaring.. Still do it to this day.. LOL. Anyways, if anyone remembers me and wants to drop me a line, would be nice to hear what you have been doing over these years... KEEP ON ROCKIN !!! George...

Diane Miller Downey from Carlsbad, CA

Comments: I lived in Wigan from 1971 until 1981. We lived in the Hawkley Hall estate in Aldrich Close. I attended school at Worsley Mense Primary, Marus Bridge Midle, and Whitely High. I left when my family moved to Sandbach, Cheshire. Now living in the USA

I miss: School friends, my history and biology teachers at Whitley High and the old high street

Gillian O'Donnell from Sonoma, CALIFORNIA

Comments: Used to live in Goose Green. Moved to California in 1988 and love it. Met my husband in 1994. He is in the Architecture field and I teach art and cooking classes. We have a son and daughter and live in the lovely wine country.

I miss: mum and sisters, family, friends. Sausage rolls. Cheese and Onion pasties, Wigan Market, good pubs and of course... the chippy.

adele megown from tampa

Comments: Lived in Standish Lower Ground, now live in Tampa Florida, left Wigan in 1990, went to St Peters school and worked at wigan infirmary.

I miss: Miss my mum, dad,brother and friends, miss chips, peas and gravy, parkin and treacle toffee. things I don't miss: mi brolly blowing inside out, mottled legs from standing too close to the fire.

adele megown from tampa

Comments: Lived in Shevington and Standish Lower Ground, went to St Peters School and worked at Wigan Infirmary. Moved to the USA 1990. Mum and Dad are Marg and Joe Hammond and brother is Wayne.

I miss: Miss Mum, dad wayne friends and family, miss chips peas and gravy, treacle toffee and parkin. Don't miss mi brolly blowing inside out, or mottled legs from standing too close to the fire.

Michael Cameron Morters from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: I was born and raised in Wigan and lived in Worsley Hall until I was 24 years old. That was in 1971 when I decided to emigrate with my wife, Doreen and son, Andrew to South Africa where we lived until 1977. We then made another move to America where we still live, in Gainesville,Georgia. Andrew is now 42 and has a wonderful wife, Brooke and we have to 2 fabulous grandkids, Sarah 8 and Gavin 6. I attended St.Cuthbert's School and then St.Thomas More. I served my apprenticeship with S & S Motors in Crompton St.and for the two years previous to leaving Wigan, worked for Hawker Syddeley Dynamics in Bolton. As you get older, you start to think back on the 'good old times' and somehow seem to relish them much more than you did at that time. So.....about 5 years ago, I decided to write a book, which at last is finished,about my 'antics' whilst growing up. If you'd like to check it out, it's called "Pie, Chips and Pease.....Please" go to https://sites.google.com/site/fairhurstfamilywebsite/ so you can see what I'm on about. Here's my E-mail address piechipsandpeasplease@gmail.com I'd love to hear from you.

I miss: Pie,Chips and Peas ...of course. A good pint, Uncle Joe's Mintballs, eccles cakes and of course Wiganers.

Michael Cameron Morters from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: I lived in Sinclair Place,Worsley Hall until 1971 when I emigrated to South Africa with my wife Doreen and Son(then 5)Andrew. Attended St.Cuthberts and then onto St.Thomas More -sorry to see it's no longer there. Lived in S.A.for 6-1/2years then came on to America where we have lived since 1977. Now retired, I decided to write a book and missing Wigan as much as I did,chose to write about my childhood and the antics we got up to. Couldn't miss the opportunity to recall some of my time at S & S Motors where I served my apprenticeship. If you're interested in Wigan -of course you are - and love pies, check out my book -called Pie, Chips and Peas Please - at https://sites.google.com/site/fairhurstfamilywebsite/

I miss: Pies of course. Wigan humour Uncle Joe's Mint Balls

Nolan Brookes from Port Richey, Florida

Comments: I used to live in Billinge but went to school at the Deanery from 1987-1992. I now work from a large restaurant company doing QA for their computer programs. I am 33 and came over to the states in 1994. Feel free to shoot me an email.

I miss: I miss the tight bonds that I had with my friends and football being a game that is played with your feet. I miss real pubs and I miss the chippies and pie shops down the street.

Rosalind Tyler from Mechanicsville, Maryland

Comments: My grandparents owned the BP station in Whelley and we lived across the street. Went to Gidlow Girls School. Moved back to the states in 1968, but left my heart in England.

I miss: Everything

Sue Hays (Nee Singleton) from Tempe AZ

Comments: last lived in whelley (corsock drive) long long time ago, mum and dad and brother are still there, went to st cathrines, whelley middle(no one wants to admit going there for some reason) :-) and the Deanery High left in 85! Im a digital artist, working with fractals, photo manipulation and I'm a semi pro photographer as well! you can see my work on deviantart. screen name English-Rose08. came over to tempe to get married, and married my wonderful husband on valentines day this year!

I miss: things I miss are pie and mushy peas! cannot find a decent pie in the states! good chocolate, they have cadburys here but not the same! Miss my family most of all

Dorothy Morris from Sterling, Virginia

Comments: I used to live in Worsley Mesnes and I moved to the US permanently in 1974. I am currently retired and living in Sterling, Virginia where I tap dance 3 times a week and line dance 4 times a week. I am active in a local British club where we have approx 42 members whome are from all over the UK.

I miss: Fish & Chips in newspaper.

Ann Cronin from Santa Ana California

Comments: Born in Liverpool, lived at 68 Market Street,Conroy and Sons, until I was 5 years of age. Moved with my Mum, Patricia Conroy Giles and Dad William Giles to California with younger brother Edmund in 1955. Visited my Nana, Hannah Conroy often. Met and married Alan Cronin, his parents Edna and Joe ran the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Standish 1969. Alan passed away in 2001. We have two sons, Edmund and William, and a five year old grandson Alan James.

I miss: Market Day. A feeling of community. Friends and family.

Ian Barkley from Boise, Idaho

Comments: I used to live down Fulbeck Ave. Moved to the USA in 2004 to get married. Work from home for a company in Seattle as there IT guy. Huge College football (American football) fan and travel as much as i can to see the Boise State Broncos play. Check out the 2007 fiesta bowl game for the greatest sporting event ever!

I miss: Pie's!!! and a nice hand pulled pint. Though unknown to England the USA has a great microbrew industry so I am swamped with great beers, even have a place a few miles from my house that make there own :) Miss family and friends of course.

Howard Phillips from Los Angeles

Comments: Lived in Platt Bridge, Walthew Lane from 1949-1955. My dad owned the barber shop on Walthew Lane. I went to Saint Nathaniels. Immigrated to Australia and have lived in USA for past 50 years. Retired executive with local government in the USA.

I miss: Pork Pies, Tripe and Chips.

Doreen E Connelly Halliwell from Thomasville NC

Comments: I used to live in Beech Hill but I moved to America in 1976 and no longer work, my husband passed away in 2009.

I miss: I love visiting Wigan I even like the rain and the sausage rolls and pubs I would like to say Hi to anyone that remembers me I had a brother named David if there is a person named John Ward I remember from when I was very young I would love to hear from anyone.

Arthur Blinkhorn from Logan OHIO

Comments: Lookin for anyone i might know there

I miss:

Tony McHugh from Mebane, North Carolina

Comments: Lived at Orrell Post in the mid 50's and moved back to Heywood in the late 50's I attended school at St John's and Thomas More. Worked as a salesman for Leesona and was transferred to North Carolina in 1986. Now retired

I miss: I miss Wigan rugby, crown green bowling and a good pint.

Pauline Unsworth from Boston

Comments: Born 1942 Lived at 117 Chestnut Rd,Whelley Went to Whelley school, SRN at RAE Infirmary Wigan , SCM at Mill Rd Matrnity Liverpool. TO Boston 1965. retired this year from Mass General hospital where I worked at a midwife, 3 children 1 grandchild

I miss: FOG- I remember walking home from work trying to follow the curb up scholes Meat and potato pies . Santus big juicy lollipops, Maltesers.

Anne Moran from St. Louis

Comments: My mother grew up on Teck Street. She attended St Patrick's School and remembers playing on the roof of the school, which was their playground. At age eleven, she attended Notre Dame as did her cousin and best friend, Bridget Sharkey. When war was declared on September 3, 1939, she left school and joined the Report and Control Center, the Wigan war room. She later joined the police and worked for Paul Foster, the Chief of Police. She left the police force in 1947 and joined her American husband in Germany. She eventually moved to St. Louis, Missouri, and has seven children, thirteen grandchildren and one great-child.

I miss:

Antony John Davies from Tucson

Comments: I used to live in Stubshaw Cross. Born Goldbourne Road in 1958. Son of Leslie and Audrey Davies. Looking for any relatives..please contact!

I miss: Uncle Joe's mint balls.

Ian Thomas Buckley from Cypress, Texas

Comments: I was brought up in Beech Hill. Moved to Dundee in 1996. Moved to Skelmersdale in 2004. In 2007 moved out to Texas where I am now the North American Technical Transfer Manager for a company that manufactures buoyancy products for the offshore oil and gas industry.

I miss: Definately miss the pies, a good pint of bitter and fish, chips and mushy peas. Most of all miss watching the "Cherry and Whites"

Lesley Humphrey from Houston, Texas

Comments: Eyyup y'awl! I've been in the USA for 30 years now, and grew up in Standish. I come back twice a year to visit family and friends, and am planning to buy a small house around Wigan. Yes, I'll be coming to Wigan for my holidays! I'm a painter, married to fab husband Larry, and have 3 children, 25, 23, and 21. My maiden name was McHugh

I miss: Fantastic, genuine people; The Boars Head Pub, & Prospect Brewery; The view of Rivington through my bedroom window; Painting with friends at Haigh Country Park; Walks along the canal and old railway lines; Gents pies and Pepper Lane Chippy... I could go on...

Gordon Brown from Austin Texas

Comments: Browns off licence, corner of Ormskirk Road and Scot Lane

I miss: rugby, pale skin, ever present buses, caustic humor.

David A. Simm from Northbrook,

Comments: I grew up on Ormskirk Road, Newtown, Wigan. Started my career with McConnell News Service in Addison Chambers, Wallgate and photographed many great occasions in Wigan, including three cup finals at Wembley Stadium. Covered the Wigan Observer Queen Of Industry Pageant throughout. I left Wigan in 1984 as Wigan Metro Borough Council were making impossible for town centre business to survive in readiness for their compulsory purchase to renovate the market hall.

I miss: Certainly I do miss Poole's Steak pies, Greenhalgh's Steak 'n' Kidney pies. I miss Jimmy Chong's Chippy, of course I miss photographing Rugby and the many friends I made along the way

Vicki Sherwin (was Murray) from Westport Massachusetts

Comments: I graduated Deanery High in 1982. I traveled around for a few years and settled in Massachusetts. I would love to hear from people I went to school with or grew up with from the Springfield area. Please get in touch if you knew me.Let me know your maiden name to jog my memory britchick1966@facebook.com or vickisherwin66@aol.com

I miss: I miss watching Wigan Rugby

Steve Pegram from Chicago

Comments: I lived in Hawkley Hall, my first school was Poolstock Lane C of E then Marus Bridge Middle School, I finished at Whitley High School in 1977. I now live in Chicago, life is good. If you remeber me please send me an email, it would be good to hear from old friends.

I miss: Fish and Chips, Wigan Casino, Rugby. My all time true love from school!

Rosalind Evans from Mechanicsville Md

Comments: I lived in Whelley. My grandparents owned the BP station there. Left in 1968 to return to America.

I miss: Everything.

jim kershaw from st augustine

Comments: we live on a boat in isa,travelling south to bahamas this summer.

I miss: friggin brigadiers

Brian from Leominster

Comments: Originally from Aspull Went to Rivington and Blackrod Grammar, University of Liverpool Moved to US in 1984 I am a structural engineer and currently working as Director of Project and Program management at the University of Connecticut

I miss: Everything .......especially the beautiful countryside in England

Lynn Brearley from knightdale

Comments: Retired l write poetry. Have been an artist and graphic designer most of my life. Didn't want to emigrate bad decision by my American husband. This place is backwards.. NC

I miss:

Gillian Rothwell Rose from Tequesta, Florida

Comments: I lived on Hayes Rd in Orrell and attended St.Johns Secondary Modern. I left school in 1959. Work at Heinz Food. Came to America at the age of 18. I have just got my first book published. THE POISON GLEN BY Gillian Rothwell Rose. Available on ebooks friends. Beatrice Pennington, Barbara Cotton, Johnny Atherton, Alan Norris

I miss: My mother and sister and Chips and Meat and Potatoe pies.

Michael D. McLoughlin from Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: Originally from Bryn, near Ashton. Moved to Cleveland when I was about 7 with my parents. I am a retired automotive engineer still living in Ohio. I was just over to visit family and friends last September. Sayed for a whole month, had a fantastic time!

I miss: Really miss the steak pies and real fish & chips!

John Fisher from Buford, Georgia

Comments: Moved to Africa in the seventies and then to the US in the 80's. I am the corporate liaison engineer at LG Electronics, a Korean company for commercial products.

I miss: Miss pudding chips and mushy peas. Miss riding my motorbike and going camping with my riding mates. Miss the bike meetings at Rivvy Barn.

David Simm from Northbrook

Comments: 3985 Gregory Dr

I miss: Pies, Fish n chips, old market hall, The Arcade. Wigan RLFC

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