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Adverts   Views: 1055
Makinson's   Comments: 21
Photo: DTease   Item #: 30480  
  This advert is from a magazine printed around 1958.
I'm no expert on kitchens but I bet you could buy one similar today.

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Comments by Veronica, 26th April 2018  
Good grief it would have been considered 'posh' to have a kitchen like that in the 50s. All we had was a pantry and a kitchenette! My mam was cock a hoop when she got that. We only saw pictures of kitchens like that in the 'Woman's Own'!

Comments by Dave Lewis, 26th April 2018  
very nice for that era, is it the same George Makinson who had a store in miry lane in 80s 90s.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 27th April 2018  
A great photo of 1950's kitchenalia, DTease, which might induce Ozy into telling a little more about his treasured AGA.

Comments by DTease, 27th April 2018  
I don't think he needs much inducing Philip.
How do you control the heat with an Aga? You can't just turn it up or down, or can you?

Comments by GW., 27th April 2018  
He's most likely throwing in his meat and 2 veg as we speak.

Comments by Ken, 27th April 2018  
Yes it is Dave.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 27th April 2018  
Fancy you lot knowing about my AGA,....I must have inadvertently let it slip at some time or something. DTease, before even contemplating purchasing an AGA, it must be made clear that one must first obtain a certificate of professional competence from the DVLA by passing the prescribed ministry test and having the relevant group added to ones driving licence, as operating one of these beasts is somewhat akin to driving Fred Dibnah's traction engine whilst simultaneously piloting a hot air balloon, inasmuch as, whatever function one requires of the apparatus, one is required to give the damn thing at least half an hour's notice. Coincidentally, and just as it happens, my DVLA entitlement to operate an AGA expires in June this year, and since I will be required to undergo rigorous health checks and obtain a certificate from my GP in order to renew said entitlement, I'm seriously considering selling her on eBay, and downgrading to a Calor Super Ser butane heater. So if there's anyone out there that may be interested in adopting her, I can be contacted at my usual email address, ozy@runoutofwoodfortheaga.com

Comments by Cyril, 27th April 2018  
It is Dave, they moved to there when their buildings along with the station showroom on Station Road was demolished.

Comments by DTease, 27th April 2018  
GW, I was thinking of having sausages fer mi tay but you've just put me right off.

Comments by DTease, 27th April 2018  
It sounds a bit too complicated for the likes of me Ozy. I once managed to burn a Fray Bentos Pie to a crisp, and that comes in a tin! All I had to do was take the lid off and throw it in the oven but I still managed to make a mess of it. Granted this action took place after an evening partaking of strong waters but the grief I got next morning put me off cooking for a long time and put me off Fray Bentos Pies for all time.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 27th April 2018  
How right you were, DTease! Ozy's up and running.
I've never given much thought to the workings of an AGA, but your query did prompt me to look a little further into the matter.
I'd been going fairly well, through a Wiki article only to have pulled-up sharp when discovering that 'A two-oven AGA runs on gas for 22,000 kilowatt-hours per year.'
Considering the fact that I'm not technically-minded, further reading became all too much for me, and I'm now relying on an AGA Saga to provide me with the gentle come down that I now so badly need.
I like the green AGA; coincidentally, the colour of the Aga Khan's racing silks,

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 27th April 2018  
I'm not a fan of boxing ordinarily, but I understand that Aga Khan destroyed his opponent Lo Greco in under a minute in his comeback fight last Saturday.....well done Aga, that's all I can say....well, I could say a lot more I suppose...it's just that I can't think of anything right now...and besides, my pizza's burning.

Comments by Keith Beckett, 27th April 2018  
Philip mention of the word saga reminds me of the older peopleís travel company Saga which translates as sex annually, generally August.
The kitchen display looks like an early example of the Hygena polyester lacquered finish.

Comments by Cyril, 27th April 2018  
The Two Fat Ladies used to swear by an AGA, they were never bothered with soggy bottoms nor did their soufflés ever drop.

Comments by John G, 27th April 2018  
Cyril: They were that sozzled at times they would swear by anything, and to be honest I'd rather not think about their soggy bottoms.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 27th April 2018  
I've noticed that every once in a while, this site tends to throw up the occasional little gem....To give just one example, I'm indebted to Keith for informing me that the word Saga translates as ' sex annually ' ( usually in August ).....I never knew that.... did anyone?.....Now if the manufacturers of cooking and heating appliances could come up with a product and give it a name that translates as ' sex every fifteen years ', then I'd be straight down to the showroom tomorrow to be first in line to purchase one, as the appliance would fit admirably with my current lifestyle. I don't particularly care what month of the year, May, September, whatever,....I'm not even bothered if it's snowing.... Now I haven't actually taken the trouble to check it out, and I'm not entirely certain at this juncture that you aren't fibbing young Beckett, but nevertheless, I'm prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 27th April 2018  
Yes, Keith, seven days in August at one of Saga's prime locations with a burnished beauty, would please me no end. And there's every probability I would display manners rather good towards her - late, but rather good.

I've had another look at your wedding photograph (Item 30242), and your Barbara was indeed a good-looker.

Comments by DTease, 27th April 2018  
Oozy, before you're inundated with offers don't you think it would be a good idea to make it plain that when you say "Even if it's snowing" you are talking about indoors rather than out?

Comments by GW., 27th April 2018  
Iv'e ordered a Margaret Thatcher jaffle maker that should keep me celibate well into my hundreds Ozy.

Comments by irene roberts, 27th April 2018  
A little girl who lived near me in the 1970s "went" on the toilet in the window of either Makinson's or a similar store in Wigan, (which, if I remember, was in Station Road), whilst her Mum and Dad were looking at bathroom dispays! If you've got to go, you've got to go!

Comments by Keith Beckett, 27th April 2018  

I canít claim credit for the Saga saga. It was a line used by an old friend Nicky Martin. Nicky started out with Eric Pep band in Warrington and went on to became an all round entertainer. He appeared on the tv programme New Faces, compered Sunday Night at the Palladium and then joined the cruise ship circuit. He used the saga quip when he had a mainly elderly audience.
On one occasion when my wife and I were at one of his shows on the Oriana cruise ship he had me as his fall guy. It was a tad embarrassing at the time but the free drinks made up for it.

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