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NOTICE   Views: 878
River Douglas Warning Notice dated 1913   Comments: 14
Photo: RON HUNT   Item #: 30437  
River Douglas  Warning Notice dated 1913
  Maybe the council should post these around town today, but make the fine £400  

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Comments by Colin Harlow, 12th April 2018  
Printed by Thomas Wall and sons Ltd, proprietors of the Wigan Observer, Rowbottom Square Wigan.

Comments by GW., 12th April 2018  
A good thing this notice was so effective in it's message. Otherwise we could now be living in an age of disposable consumerism that creates more junk and rubbish than we could hardly be expected to keep up with. Thank goodness for foresight.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 12th April 2018  
Tesco, Morrison's, Asda, Lidl, Aldi. To my knowledge,these are the five most prominent supermarkets in the Wigan area. There may be others that provide trolleys that I'm not aware of, but of the five named, Tesco are the only one that I know of that don't have a coin operated slot mechanism built into their trolleys. This fact may go some way to explaining why the river Douglas is awash with their damn trolleys.
I believe these things cost around two or three hundred quid a time, or possibly more to replace, but what do Tesco care?,.... The answer is, they don't evidently, they just increase the price of a bag of sugar by 10 pence to cover the loss. Only the other week, I saw a couple of blokes from the environment agency dredging them out of the river. Cost to Tesco?...nil more than likely.....Answer to the problem?...charge Tesco £400 for every trolley recovered. Sweet baby Jesus asleep in a manger, Is there anyone out there, someone in a position of authority preferably,..someone with half a functioning brain, and the guts to confront these multi million pound conglomerates? I very much doubt it....after all, don't they provide much needed employment for the area?... Of course they do.... So do McDonalds, and their garbage can also be seen scattered far and wide across the region. Oh, and while I'm on fire, Tesco's bloody lift still isn't working....again....for the sixth time in as many months. And while I think on, whoever sources their veg would be signing on next week if I had any say in the matter....mumble grumble bloody crappy supermarket grumble mumble..... Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

Comments by Janette, 12th April 2018  
Couldn't agree more about Tesco, most of their products are crap.

Comments by DTease, 12th April 2018  
At the same time that this warning was being enforced, there was a Gentleman's Urinal on Powell Street that emptied directly into the River Douglas.

Comments by DTease, 12th April 2018  
Ozy, unless Tesco has been indulging in creative accounting again it seems they made 1.3 billion profit last year.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 12th April 2018  
I forgot to mention Sainsbury's incidentally, but they're another outfit that require a coin in the slot in order to obtain a trolley. I deliberately omitted to mention Farmfoods, as I don't consider them to be a major player, and as I rarely use them, I'm not sure if trolleys are an option there anyway to be honest.

Comments by Garry, 12th April 2018  
Tesco is Britain's biggest supermarket, they're doing something right. They own lots of other shops too.
Well it's sherry time folks.

Comments by Alan, 12th April 2018  
Janette, Tesco don't make food they are from suppliers just like Asda, Morrisons have etc.
Some rubbish is spoke on here by quite a few so called experts who really know nothing about the food industry!!!!

Comments by Methinks, 12th April 2018  
Thank goodness that one British company is making a profit, are there any more British companies?

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 12th April 2018  
Now I don't consider myself to be an expert on anything, quite unlike yourself of course Alan, as you evidently know everything about everything. No one, as far as I can see, has stated that Tesco actually produces food, but they do source food products, as do all other supermarket chains, and if the stuff that Tesco sell is crap, then the reason for that is that they source crap. Now I'm not personally passing judgement on the quality of all the products that Tesco sell, as I'm reasonably confident that the majority of their lines are at least fit for purpose, it's just the veg that I have a problem with. It's garbage. It's been garbage from day one, and in my view someone should be held accountable, as should the directors of a multi billion pound international company for allowing a situation to arise whereby a fair percentage of their trolleys end up in the adjacent river on a regular basis. Which was, although it appears to have escaped your eagle eye, ultimately, the point of my previous post.

Comments by DTease, 12th April 2018  
By jove Alan! it's a good job we've got your good self to keep us on the straight and narrow what.

Comments by DTease, 12th April 2018  
Maybe we could get the U.N. to set up a new organisation called The International Trolley Service.
Seeing that this must be a worldwide problem we could make T.I.T.S. responsible for the collection and return of missing, abducted and badly treated Trolleys all around the world.
I'm sure Theresa would vote for it. In fact, she would probably be willing to provide most of the members of the organisation from her own government.

Comments by GW., 12th April 2018  
Enjoy your drop Garry. I've decided to do my bit in saving the planet and are no longer using a plastic straw to savour the benefits of Oloroso del Puerto.

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