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Dogs   Views: 1611
Park Drive dog   Comments: 24
Photo: Aubrey Fairclough   Item #: 30237  
Park Drive dog

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 648px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  A dog made from cigarette packets. My wife, Jean, saw 1 on display at Haigh Hall in the mid 1950s. She then, successfully, taught herself how to make them. Jean made numerous dogs with Woodbine and Park Drive cigarette packets  

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Comments by irene roberts, 20th February 2018  
I have a 1959 calendar made from Players Navy Cut cigarette packets. When I was a little girl in Ince I can remember my Dad bringing home similar things made from cigarette packets from our local pub. It was quite a popular hobby in the 1950s. Well done to Jean for teaching herself to make them!

Comments by irene roberts, 20th February 2018  
PS, Aubrey, Jean might like to see a pic of my calendar. It is under "Assorted" , then you scroll down to "Ephemera"; click on that and it is on page four.

Comments by Poet, 20th February 2018  
What an unusual and charming object. People are wonderful sometimes.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 20th February 2018  
Aubrey: I can't be sure if your wife had used glue, as part of her model-making processes, but it's pretty clear that she had employed some very clever and effective pleating during the completion of her Beagle? It's a very good model.
The collectors' catalogues inform that Wills, and Gallaher had issued numerous sets of 'dogs on cigarette cards' during the 1930's, and this particular subject matter maintains its appeal.
I remember going to a few of the collectors' fairs that were held at Wallgate Station, a few years ago, and despite them being reasonably well-attended were, apparently, suddenly stopped! If only they could be given another organised whirl.

Comments by Cyril, 20th February 2018  
Your wife Jean must be very dextrous Aubrey, reminds me of those birds and other animals Japanese street artists make with folded paper.

Comments by DTease, 20th February 2018  
I'll bet it took a lot of "Dog Ends" to make this little doggy.

Comments by Aubrey, 20th February 2018  
Thanks everyone Jean is very pleased with your compliments.
Irene, The calendar looks very nice. It is amazing what can be done with a little patience. We have never seen those before.
Philip, Jean did not use any glue. The packets are cut into strips and threaded through one another.

Comments by A.W., 21st February 2018  
It's remarkable the things that people used to make out of throw away items, animals made of crown bottle tops and wire, rugs made of old nylon stockings, matchstick models. Recycling is nothing new!

Comments by Veronica, 21st February 2018  
Before the real advent of the 'telly' people were far more creative -from making rag rugs to knitting and sewing. Children too making things - I think we all have a creative streak -the long winter evenings was the ideal time for hobbies to relieve the boredom - television killed all that.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 21st February 2018  
Something 'crackled' for children of the 50's, when they cold-pressed their chosen flowers, sifted their way through autumn leaves in their hunt for the large horse chestnut leaf, and floated postage stamps off unwanted envelopes. Those were the days, but on second thought, hand me your unwanted Airfix catalogue, and crinkly tube of cement, sir.

Comments by irene roberts, 21st February 2018  
I still take unfranked stamps off envelopes, Philip!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 21st February 2018  
Then you have a First-class touch Irene. Thanks.

Comments by Poet, 21st February 2018  
May l ask if the model retains any ghost of old tobacco aroma ? How delicious and evocative if it did.

Comments by Aubrey, 21st February 2018  
This dog is about 60 years old, there is certainly no smell of tobacco. There may well have been at first but we have never smoked, so do not miss the aroma.

Comments by Stan, 21st February 2018  
This reminds me of a little dog we used to have, the poor thing had no legs, we called it Woodbine because we took it for a drag round the park every morning

Comments by Poet, 21st February 2018  
I like old things to smell of old things particularly when it's of their essence . I have some books about as old as the dog and the smell of time cannot be taken from their pages.
It's strange about tobacco. When it's unburned as in the packet it smells lovely.

Comments by irene roberts, 22nd February 2018  
Our car is from 1959 and I LOVE the smell of it; it isn't a musty smell, but just smells of age, and I feel like I am back in time. We have had people bob their head inside it to look at the controls and they never fail to say, "Oh, that smell takes me back to my Dad's car!"

Comments by Veronica, 22nd February 2018  
I still have my mother's purse from 30 yrs ago with the flap and the phone number written on it. Every time I get it out the first thing I do is smell it. The same with my dad's glasses case and the tissue I wiped his forehead with- the smell always takes me back to then. It's the same with perfume from long ago the sense of smell is a very strong and poignant reminder of old memories.

Comments by Maureen, 22nd February 2018  
The sense of smell is very evocative,when I wasn't very old my Dad worked in Blackpool,but he only came home at weekend,I would wake up Saturday and smell his cigarette smoke,which of course meant that be home..bliss.
after he died my Mam kept his favourite sweater in the wardrobe and every so often she'd just bury her face in it,but it somehow went missing after my Mam died..I wanted my lovely Brothers coat for the same reason,but his sons threw it out, they'll probably regret it when they're older?
When I smell pears soap I'm back in IOM as a teenager..I'm using it right now too.

Comments by Aubrey, 22nd February 2018  
I didnít expect this photo would attract so many comments regarding the aroma of the past, however, Jean has kept her fatherís pipe, tobacco pouch and flat cap all in a biscuit tin. Needless to say the smell has kept his memory alive.

Comments by irene roberts, 22nd February 2018  
One memory leads to another on The Album, Aubrey. Some people object at comments going "off the subject" but that is human nature, and I think it's lovely that people share their memories on here. You are obviously pleased at the reaction to the photo regarding nostalgic aromas and have added your own, which says such a lot about Wigan World Album. x.

Comments by Thomas Jackson, 23rd February 2018  burtonhouse@hotmail.co.uk 
My dad, Joseph Jackson, used to make these cigarette dogs as well from collected packets from neighbours and from Hindley Labour club and the Legion. He also made cats, giraffes and a few birds. Same as Jean he never used glue just the strips cut into the same width then plaited together, then bent or curved to make the shape.

Comments by Linda Massa, 25th February 2018  
You can buy one at Next in Preston -£25.

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