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Mates from a time of yore.   Views: 1983
The gathering of the clan.   Comments: 14
Photo: Albert.   Item #: 29855  
The gathering of the clan.
  Photograph taken approximately, 1951/52, outside of 20, Lime Street, Wigan, my wife's mother's house. R to L. My wife's brother Billy Ashcroft. Alf Corless. Jimmy Foster. Mick Moffat. Ben Bennison. ???????. They all live in that locality. Notice top right hand corner, small area of the street gas lamp.  

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Comments by Veronica, 6th November 2017  
When men dressed smartly in suits,collar and tie even for a pint at Sunday dinner. So much nicer then....

Comments by Albert., 6th November 2017  
Should have stated. They all lived in that locality at that time.

Comments by TD,., 6th November 2017  
Your clan was well turned out Albert. Had they scrubbed up for Sunday service?

Comments by irene roberts, 6th November 2017  
Veronica, I'll fight you for Alf Corless.....what a nice-looking gentleman! All so smart! xx.

Comments by Veronica, 6th November 2017  
I'm quite partial to Billy Ashcroft Irene the one with the light suit on I think.
they all look like a nice bunch though.

Comments by Veronica, 6th November 2017  
Actually if any one of those young men had asked me to dance at the Emp I would certainly have said yes. (even though it was a bit before my time!)

Comments by Keith, 6th November 2017  
Thanks for posting Albert - good to see Lime Street (as well as the fine bunch of gentlemen), where my maternal great grandparents Henry and Susannah Brown (nee Donnelly) lived in the 1880's at number 15 with their offspring.

Comments by irene roberts, 6th November 2017  
Oh, what a wally I am, Veronica! I've only just realised these lovely gentlemen are named right-to-left, and my "beau" appears to be Ben Bennison, not Alf Corless, (sorry, Alf!). See you at The Emp, Veronica! x.

Comments by Ian., 7th November 2017  
I remember a Billy Ashcroft from Scholes he was a boxer.
Is this the same Billy?

Comments by Albert., 7th November 2017  
He certainly is the same one Ian, a professional boxer, during the fifties. Ben used to accompany him to a lot of his contests, always carried Billy's bag.

Comments by Ian., 8th November 2017  
Had many a pint with Billy In the Moon, Albert. Although I've not seen him for a few years. How is he doing?
Last time I heard he wasn't too well. I hope he's ok now.
He was a very good friend of my late father.
He will be about 20 years older than me though.
I used to love listening to his tales from years gone by.
His brother John was a rum un too! You could hear him from half a mile away!

Comments by Albert., 8th November 2017  
Ian. You've got them both to a T. Billy isn't too clever, health wise, but still getting about. He is now eighty five. Earlier this year, June, and he, together with the rest of his close-knit family, celebrated his Diamond Wedding. Good memories for you to look back on.

Comments by Ian., 9th November 2017  
I didn't think he was 85! That makes him 27 years older than me not 20! I've met his son, Billy junior. He came in the Moon one evening whilst visiting Wigan. If I remember rightly did he live in Hull?

Comments by Albert., 9th November 2017  
Yes Ian. Billy junior lives in Hull, he has just retired, or is about to retire from the fire service. He held the equivalent rank of a sergeant in the police service.

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