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Wigan Athletic   Views: 1020
An acquisition.   Comments: 26
Photo: Philip G.   Item #: 30912  
An acquisition.
  I hope that Ivor has kept his copy in much better shape than I have mine. I hadn't seen this game, and would have been a month shy of my ninth birthday. Three years after this game, Dad took me into Stan Mortensen's (Blackpool, Southport and England) Sports shop at Blackpool, in which I bought a scrapbook; signed on the spot by Morty himself. He wore a suit and tie.  

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Comments by Veronica, 24th January 2019  
I remember those Holland Toffee caramels. Mam would buy a quarter between three of us when going to the Scholes Picture House. They were long lasting and a good chew!

Comments by Philip G., 24th January 2019  
That's a good-un Veronica; 'A good chew'. We don't hear it now, as in days of yore, but it still has a 'good ring' about it.

Comments by Veronica, 24th January 2019  
There was a caramel bar as well in squares P. Brick hard they were - not sure if they were the same name. So chewy and hard they nearly pulled your teeth out. I think they were fourpence.

Comments by Albert, 25th January 2019  
Beautiful, creamy tasting Holland toffee, but be careful about your fillings, and crowns.

Comments by Ray, 25th January 2019  
Perhaps Hollands Toffee which were made in Southport were
one of the sponsors of Southport F.C. at Haig Avenue.
In the City of Liverpool, Barker & Dobson, toffee makers,
were the main sponsor of Everton F.C. at Goodison Park.
Everton F.C. were known as "The Toffees", and on matchdays,
the "Toffee Maids" would throw toffees and Everton Mints
into the supporters inside the football ground.

Comments by Jarvo, 25th January 2019  
Who won?

Comments by Philip G., 26th January 2019  
I remember seeing the Toffee Lady, dressed in blue with matching bonnet, at the first match I attended. The match was played between Everton and Manchester United at Goodison Park in October 1958 and watched by 64,079 spectators. I was two months shy of my tenth birthday, and the largest gathering of people that I'd previously been involved with had been our well-attended annual Walking Days. A different, but equally exciting, kind of furore.

Comments by Albert., 26th January 2019  
Veronica. I seem to femember the shop keepersí having small metal hammers, to break up those bars.

Comments by Rob, 26th January 2019  
Latics won 2-1.

Comments by Veronica, 26th January 2019  
I remember the little hammers Albert - but I preferred trying to chew the squares off or banging them on a solid object. It's a wonder I have still got some teeth! I can even remember trying to crack nuts with my teeth! (shudder!). I didn't know any better in those days!!! Some of the daft things I did - I would never allow my kids to do...

Comments by Veronica, 27th January 2019  
Miss Hunt's toffee shop comes to mind- it was pokey, dark and smelled of aniseed and pear drops. She had a kindly face and wore a long 'pinny'. What I remember most was the 'Tiger' nuts. I have never seen or heard of them since. They were small and shrivelled, I wonder if anybody else remembers them. The shop was in Hardybutts opposite St Pat's church and just a few doors from the Vulcan pub. Nothing remains of that row of buildings and is now open land. If ever I visit the church - I always think of the shop and can see it in my minds eye! I know who will recall it though- our friend Tom- he would have a tale to tell!

Comments by Philip G., 27th January 2019  
I'd almost forgotten all about my 1950s Tiger nuts, Veronica, so thanks for your recollection; I remember being in possession of some, but not the actual 'chew' - I suppose it would have taken a bit of effort to 'get them going.' My brother threaded a small length of wire through a horizontal line of Monkey nuts in his back garden recently and when he'd returned, some time later, he'd noticed that for some 'unknown reason' the squirrels had bitten through one end the wire; wouldn't it have been 'Potterian' to know that the squirrels had shunted-off the nuts before tucking in. Anyhow, I've also been trying to find a particular toffee wrapper on Images, but I've had no joy. The toffee bar was about 5" x 1" and came in a brown and yellow wrapper. Penny Arrow Toffee Bar sprung to mind, but none of the various other 'Arrow' wrappers on Images tally with my description. Perhaps further search could reveal all.

Comments by Mick, 27th January 2019  
I remember tiger nuts well, Veronica.
Last time I had them was from Shannon's on Market Street, under the market hall verandah, so it's well over thirty years ago!

Comments by Veronica, 27th January 2019  
Toffees these days don't 'do' anything for me - they don't taste the same at all! And the shops that sell them seem to be 'posh'! You can't beat the little shops of childhood days with their huge variety, Gob Stoppers, penny Spanish, Bobby Bubble Gum, penny Arrows and Fry's Five Centres. I loved Curley Wurley toffee, brown and cream in colour in those big glass jars. My mouth's watering! Glad you both remember the Tiger Nuts!

Comments by Jarvo, 28th January 2019  
Thank you, Rob. That must have been one of the shock wins, obviously.

Comments by Jarvo, 28th January 2019  
Phil G: It was a Z Bar.

Comments by Philip G., 28th January 2019  
Thanks for your effort Jarvo. Good chap. Good chap.
I've just had another search and found what I'd been looking for; The 1d Arrow. It came in a brown, yellow and red wrapper, and . . . well, well, well . . . made by Holland.

Comments by Jarvo, 28th January 2019  
Phil, but you won't find it on images...There other Z Bars, but the caramel bar was the one.

Comments by Jarvo, 29th January 2019  
Correction: There are other Z Bars...

Comments by Philip G., 29th January 2019  
We got ours from Florry Chisnall's shop, Jarvo, which is now Medivet. Florry was a silent woman, had a hair-bun, wore a mid-blue smock and could often be seen sat at her tall desk as she inserted valuable information into her meaty tome. No 'Florries of said mien' these days. Thanks.

Comments by jack, 5th February 2019  
Santus made some of the best toffee. Their treacle, invalid and caramel toffee were in slabs and brocken with a toffee hammer to your requirements. They then put the toffee in grease proof type bags to stop them sticking to the paper

Comments by Veronica, 5th February 2019  
I had completely forgotten about 'Invalid' toffee - wonder why the term 'invalid' was used. There must have been a secret ingredient in them- more milk/ cream perhaps...

Comments by jack, 5th February 2019  
I don't know Veronica but it was delicious.I've never seen or heard of it since.

Comments by Veronica, 5th February 2019  
That's right Jack- it was very pale in colour - perhaps that was the secret- it matched the pale faces of the invalids! ;0))

Comments by jack, 5th February 2019  
You're not wrong.Google it.

Comments by Veronica, 6th February 2019  
Interesting facts Jack. Invalid toffee was made specially for veterans recovering in hospital after the War. Jelly Babies were known as 'unclaimed babies'. Aw!

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