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Gormley.   Views: 1096
Alicante - 1974.   Comments: 33
Photo: Philip G.   Item #: 31762  
Alicante - 1974.
  Yours truly, when as a member of Billinge Chapel End Labour Club's 'Journey into Benidorm'.
It was a time of over-booked hotels, and our crusty leader's brave rant with a young, frantic Rep', which paved the way for our motley crew's rightful place at the Pelicanos Hotel.
And of a certain 'early morning fine walk to the beach', which was made splendid by Albert's query regarding a local builder's reliance on his Two sand-One cement, mix.
Who, indeed, had said ' Owd'uns can't mix with Young'uns!'.

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Comments by Veronica, 6th January 2020  
If I remember correctly it was a looooonnng, long coach drive from Alicante in those days to Benidorm!

Comments by whups, 7th January 2020  
you know phil i went the year after & it was my 1st holiday abroad . i did everything wrong & got burned in the 1st week .

Comments by Veronica, 7th January 2020  
It was the days when a strict dress code was the norm for travellng as well! No baggy shorts and flip- flops until you hit the beach! You could always spot the Brits abroad with their sore red skin. Definitely more well behaved as I recall. Benidorm was my first foreign holiday, it was a beautiful place and still more of a fishing village than concrete jungle with lovely family owned hotels in the hills.

Comments by irene roberts, 7th January 2020  
Oh, what a handsome young man! xx

Comments by Philip G., 7th January 2020  
You've tendered some mighty fine words, there, Irene. My tremendous thanks.

Comments by Maureen, 7th January 2020  
Definitely a handsome young man.

Comments by XPat, 7th January 2020  
Private jet an all Phil ? You have done well lad ! Must say you do look very cool , calm and collected . Could this be celebrity status or perhaps the return to Blighty of the ‘brain’ behind the team that emptied the bank , the Big One , finally caught after years on the Costas ? Off shot is an awaiting Police car , the officers , in homage ( no handcuffs ) of the genius behind the fabled job and after years eluding them , allow him his last moment of prowess before the surrounding gallery of cameras ...
The unrecovered billions , for now , left for another day ...

Just joking Phillip , no offence . Just liked your calmness of pose in the picture and my imagination took flight .

Comments by RON HUNT, 7th January 2020  
A young Rick Wakeman..

Comments by Philip G., 7th January 2020  
Thanks for your cheer, Maureen. And I must say 'your gizmo now seems to be going like a symphony orchestra'; not a hiccup during its phrasing.
And perhaps a place on TV for XPat's symphonic scenario, which would be oh so much more enjoyable than discordant garbling played out by certain so-called celeb's.
Here's a little more on our now departed senior journeyman, Albert: Five members (Myself included.) of our mighty Chapel Eender's party had shared the same table at mealtimes throughout the holiday, and on one occasion, when each of the meals were seen to have been overcooked, Albert compounded the general miff with this ' Aye, 'un' this caew's pewd monny 'u' plaew, too'.
And of Young Rick Wakeman, … well, … how could I not, … a pint for Rocker Ron.

Comments by Anne, 7th January 2020  
Irene needs to put her glasses on or go Specsavers.

Comments by Veronica, 7th January 2020  
I don't think the 'usual' Anne would say anything so 'catty'...thats the difference between them.
Philip is one of life's gentlemen.

Comments by whups, 8th January 2020  
was anyone from the chappel end gang i know phil ? .

Comments by Philip G., 8th January 2020  
Thanks Veebs.
Whups, No Dart-players on that journey, I'm afraid, but you might have known our crusty leader and Crown Green bowler of note Ken Middlehurst.
Shame about your blisters, in '75.

Comments by whups, 8th January 2020  
let me tell you phil that i suffered with those blisters . i was thinking about our paul or billy cunliffe from holt crescent area ? .

Comments by Philip G., 8th January 2020  
Neither of those had been aboard, Whups. I remember Billy coming into the bookies that stood beside The Eagle' in the Sixties, and then saying 'Lol Lavin's put his house on Tower Walk! It was a very good Miler.

Comments by whups, 9th January 2020  
he,s never away from it now phil . he ruined a little club we had at bryn labour club where we went away on a jolly boys outing & everyone dropped off because he kept booking them into benidorm .

Comments by Johnny, 9th January 2020  
Happy belated New Year to all on WW !
Looks like Phil is eager to get unpacked and down to the beach or bar!
The duty-free must be in Phil's left hand ;-)

Comments by Maureen, 9th January 2020  
And a Happy New Year to you too Johnny..xx

Comments by Veronica, 9th January 2020  
Philip looks like he's already drunk the duty free...either that or he's been rudely wakened!.;@))

Comments by Veronica, 9th January 2020  
Ps. Those long night flights were a killer, but we did them in those days, if I remember correctly it was cheaper to 'fly by night' . ( that must be were the saying comes from!

Comments by Philip G., 9th January 2020  
My lack of vim could have been caused by the dreaded Gold Leaf, Veronica, as I remember being onboard 'a plane' once and being asked at the outset 'Would you like a Smoking compartment, or a non-Smoking compartment?', and having chosen the latter; Starboard - Aft. All changed now, of course.

Comments by Veronica, 10th January 2020  
I can only say I'm glad about the smoking ban on 'planes, especially as I am off to Oz this coming year! Although I do feel sympathy for the smokers, being without a smoke for hours must be awful Philip...

Comments by Philip G., 10th January 2020  
I wish you every enjoyment, in Australia, Veronica.

Comments by Veronica, 11th January 2020  
Ta vey much Philip, there's a lot to do before I get there!

Comments by whups, 16th January 2020  
dropped on your stef just before xmas outside aldi in haydock phil . he seems to be doing ok & mentioned that i was talking to you on here .

Comments by Philip G., 16th January 2020  
Thanks Whups. He's not too keen on the BDO, preferring the other lot instead. And he still reckons Taylor to have been 'the best'. Take care.

Comments by whups, 16th January 2020  
not for me phil . he was fixing times to go on when it suited him & did,nt play an afternoon session in the worlds . that 1st 10yrs there was an awful lot mediocre players in that pdc & even i could have given them a run for my money . no brissy was the best for me when there was a lot of gud players about .

Comments by Philip G., 16th January 2020  
Thanks Whups. No doubt it had been the 'Strike which prevented you from having a prolonged bash at 'em'. Doh!

Comments by whups, 17th January 2020  
it did put me back a bit phil but i did come back to play for lancs & my arms started to go . i ended up having a operation on my right arm & decided to pack it in .

Comments by WN1 Standisher, 18th January 2020  
I went to a few darts exhibition nights in the early eighties and saw the big 3, Eric, John Lowe and Jocky Wilson. My favorite at the time was John Lowe but found him aloof and rude. Put me off him. He turned up with the intention that nobody was to beat him and that turned out to be the case. Eric was different again, one of the lads, cracking jokes all through, and leaving himself 170 for his finish every game. 2 players beat him that night, one of who was Tony Blundell. He replayed them both at the end of the evening, renamed the Crafty Cockney v the Crafty Copper. Eric won both re matches. Jocky was a different night all together. He'd just been warned off the pop on medical advice and was snatching his darts very badly. He lost as many as he won but hit some awesome finishes. At the interval, me and my mate went to see him in his dressing room for an autograph, we ended up staying the whole interval talking to him. Was like we'd known him for years. Cracking bloke as was Eric. RIP you's 2

Comments by Philip G., 18th January 2020  
By crin, Standisher, you and your mate had done well; A jangle with a Star in his dressing room! And you've also rattled-off the names of 'big guns' in your post.
I remember seeing Leighton Rees Alan Evans and Wigan lad 'Brian' Smart - and a lad from Earlestown, I think, who'd successfully taken-up Rees's 'challenge to all-comers' -, at Goose Green Labour Club back in the day. I think the evening's main attraction had been the Smart v Evans match - it's so long ago. Thanks.

Comments by whups, 19th January 2020  
i was there to phil . rees played dave horan from wigan & beat him , evens played smarty & smarty won . the challenge match your on about was ernie sim from golborne . he,s died around 18mths ago .

Comments by Philip G., 19th January 2020  
That was the fella!, Whups; Ernie Sim from 'Golborne'. Thanks.

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