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Unknown   Views: 1535
Photo: RON HUNT   Item #: 30938  
  Two un-named boys taken somewhere in the Scholes area 1950's  

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Comments by Veronica, 10th February 2019  
What a very true to life photo of the time! Just how I remember little lads. The one on the right looks vaguely familiar - I do hope whoever they are gets to see this very evocative photo. Bisto kids come to mind!

Comments by Veronica, 10th February 2019  
It's come to me who the lad on the right looks like! Remember the boy on the fruit gums pack - who was sucking a fruit gum - that's him! They are chewing some toffee anyway. I wonder what it was....

Comments by john, 10th February 2019  
I like the symetrically droopy socks.

Comments by Cyril, 10th February 2019  
Poor lad on the right looks ready to burst into tears. Strange how each lads left sock has fallen down and it looks like they've swapped a shoe apiece too, unless it's the camera angle.

Comments by Maureen, 10th February 2019  
I bet they grew up to be good lads ..they had to grow up the hard way like many communities kids..my Mam came from Scholes and she was a belter.
I too seem to recognize the little un on the right as well Veronica...I hope they see this photo and let us know how they are.

Comments by Veronica, 10th February 2019  
Surely somebody will recognise them..... I can only think of Darlington St with those windows that jutted out in the Scholes area. The lad on the right seems to have a bruise on his left leg Maureen.

Comments by Cyril, 10th February 2019  
Veronica, maybe instead of a Fruit Gum to chew the lad on the right got a Sour Plum.

Comments by Veronica, 10th February 2019  
Or two of the Fry's Five Boys Cyril... ,! I was always fascinated with their picture on the chocolate.

Comments by Tom, 10th February 2019  
Twins from scholes

Comments by Ian., 11th February 2019  
I have a couple of mates who are twins who now live in Scholes although they were brought up in Whelley. They were born in 1949 as they are 10 years older than me. I'll show them this photo next time they are down here. At first glance it doesn't look like them. Mind you this photo was probably taken over 60 years ago and people do change!

Comments by A.W., 11th February 2019  
Obviously relations of Norah Batty with socks like that.

Comments by Veronica, 11th February 2019  
I wouldn't have said they were identical twins - but that may explain the reason for the socks on the left leg nearly round the ankles!

Comments by t, 11th February 2019  
the boy on the right looks very much like the singing butcher that was john connoly.

Comments by Tom, 11th February 2019  
Some houses near central park had bay windows don,t remember any in scholes

Comments by Cyril, 11th February 2019  
Veronica, when I worked in Scholes in the 1970s, I would say I'm going down to Fiveboys and folks would look at me strangely as the shop was actually called Forbuoys.

Comments by Veronica, 11th February 2019  
You've got me there Cyril - I don't remember a shop called Fourbouys....Whereabouts was it?

Comments by tudddy, 16th February 2019  
Veronica, I'm pretty sure that Fourboys was the news agent on Scholes precinct.

Comments by Veronica, 16th February 2019  
I only remember RSMcCall newsagents on the precinct Tuddy- thanks anyway.

Comments by tuddy, 16th February 2019  
I remember it being McColls, but I think that it might have changed to Fourboys, could be wrong though. Not much on there now, bookies and chipy, that's about it.

Comments by Veronica, 16th February 2019  
It must have changed as you said Tuddy later. It was quite a vibrant precinct when I lived in Scholes. Not as vibrant as the old Scholes though. I remember Sara Lynn's, The Post Office, The Butchers where John Connoly worked and sang!. There was also a nice dress shop as well and I think there was a Hairdressers too - if I'm not mistaken. Hanburys supermarket and a betting shop where my dad had a bet! It was 1969 when I left.....a lot of changes since then.

Comments by tuddy, 17th February 2019  
yes, that's how it was when I was a kid, there was also Annie Wigin's, and the T.S.B. bank. Bills Fry chippy has been there for years.

Comments by Veronica, 17th February 2019  
Yes I had forgotten about the TSB and Bill Fry's chippy- makes you wonder how they squeezed them all in. When I went back to visit my Mam and Dad and there was nobody in, I would go to the Precinct and sure enough I would find her there! These days when I come to Wigan I go back home on the Aspull bus and make sure I'm sat on the side where I can see Scholes precinct. I can see her there in my mind's eye and it's the same going past Vauxhall Rd. Many memories! It can bring a tear to the eye!

Comments by Wiganreds48, 17th February 2019  
The Wine Cellar as well, with Fred and his wife, they had it for years, lovely people. Used to go there Saturday night for my mam's bottles of Guinness. For years there was always a green grocers next to the entry from Wellington St., can't remember their name, Franz Sergeant rings a bell though.

Comments by Veronica, 17th February 2019  
The Greengrocers was after my time but I did go in - it was all very good stuff. There was the Launderette too on the front - the lady who worked in there for years was an old neighbour of our. It looks desolate these days around there...

Comments by tom, 18th February 2019  
veronica i went to wigan last saturday ,desolate is the right word the town centre was almost empty at 3 oclock think everyones shopping online these days.

Comments by Veronica, 18th February 2019  
I used to come to Wigan on a Saturday rain,hail, or shine but not anymore. I come in the week time instead. You are right Tom the Internet has stolen our towns everywhere. I don't understand it,as I love shopping and seeing and handling the goods before my eyes! You just wonder how it will all end....

Comments by H, 1st May 2019  
Tom some houses in Vaughn Street had bay windows!

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