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McGovern Family.   Views: 1987
Me, mam and dad.   Comments: 41
Photo: Maureen   Item #: 30426  
Me,  mam and dad.

Alert Image scaled down from 999px to 748px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Me, my mam and dad, at Thames waterside 1967  

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Comments by Veronica, 10th April 2018  
Another good one Maureen with your mum and dad- what a happy family!

Comments by Maureen, 10th April 2018  
Thank you again Veronica,you're very kind.

Comments by Elizabeth, 10th April 2018  
Another fab pic of Maureen and her parents. Maureen you are so like your Mam.

Comments by Irene roberts, 10th April 2018  
Gorgeous! Both you and your mum very stylish ladies, Maureen! No going to Tesco in pyjamas for you, certainly, And you are still very smart today. Lovely photos. X

Comments by MarieM, 10th April 2018  
Lovely. I hope we photos of the wedding.

Comments by Maureen, 10th April 2018  
Thank you Irene..my Mam was always stylish and woe betide me if I wore anything less.
Thank you Marie,but I'm not good at putting photos on here,someone had to put them on for me.

Comments by Maureen, 10th April 2018  
Hello Elizabeth..I know,I go more like my Mam every day..and thank you.

Comments by John G, 10th April 2018  
Maureen: I see a very pretty young woman, and your mum and dad look very nice, your dad looks easy golng. To think Maureen in 1967 I was just about to leave school, how time goes by.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 10th April 2018  
It looks like your drink was at last being brought over to you Maureen.

Comments by Maureen, 10th April 2018  
Thank you John for your kind comments..my Dad was a big gentle man,I never saw him lose his temper,never heard him swear,he was my hero really.His name for me was 'Chic'

Comments by Maureen, 10th April 2018  
Philip,I probably didn't want one..I've changed since though.ha ha

Comments by Garry, 10th April 2018  
Wow, I need a sherry maureen.
lovely photo.

Comments by Maureen, 10th April 2018  
I'll have one with you Garry,I just fancy a sherry.

Comments by irene roberts, 10th April 2018  
Count me in, please, Maureen and Garry! x.

Comments by Roy, 11th April 2018  
Michael must have opted out. Very nice photo Maureen.

Comments by TD,., 11th April 2018  
What a lovely photograph Maureen. Then there was music with wonderful roses?

Comments by Maureen, 11th April 2018  
Thank you Roy. I hope you are keeping well.x

Comments by Veronica, 11th April 2018  
Maureen your dad must have been very proud to have two lovely ladies either side of him! He looks like the cat that got the cream!

Comments by Maureen, 11th April 2018  
Thank you TD.

Comments by Maureen, 11th April 2018  
Veronica,I have no doubt that he was,but no prouder than I was of him..when I was about thirteen I wanted to see a particular film at the Court cinema,my Dad wanted to see it as well..so there we were stood in the queue when one of my School friends came to say "awwww Maureen I'm going to tell your Mam you're going out with a lad "and was I proud to say "This is my Dad",it can't be seen on these photos but he was just like Robert Mitchum..even Cliff says when we see a film with him in I can only see your Dad...the only snag was we ddnt have him long enough..he was known as Mac...and thank you Veronica.x

Comments by Veronica, 11th April 2018  
You can't always see everything in a photo as people imagine Maureen that's why artists like to paint from life. I used to think my dad looked like Jimmy Cagney!!!****

Comments by tom, 11th April 2018  
Maureen went on thames from windsor to oxford around 1970 it took seven days, we hired a boat lovely area

Comments by Roy, 11th April 2018  
Yes thank you Maureen i'm fine, here's hoping you both are.

Comments by Maureen, 11th April 2018  
Hello Tom,we hired ours from Bushnells of Wargrave..it was a beautiful boat.we like you went everywhere in it..I can honestly say that I could live on a boat ,.roll on the lottery eh.

Comments by tom, 12th April 2018  
maureen i remember a lot of celebs of the 60s lived near the river at that time

Comments by Johnny, 13th April 2018  
Nice pic Maureen, looks like luvverly summers evening>

Comments by Maureen, 13th April 2018  
Yes Tom,we saw Diana Dors house,and the landlord of the pub that we were outside of was an actor off the Telly..quite a few more which I can't bring to mind just now,have just got back a four hour journey from Northumberland..my brains a bit addled...

Comments by Maureen, 13th April 2018  
Johnny thank you,it was a beautiful evening but not every day was sunny,very muggy some days,but when the sun shines it's surprising how the reflection of the water can tan you quickly.

Comments by tom, 13th April 2018  
hi maureen my sister lived in windsor took us to diana dors house, a lot of celebs lived around windsor then.

Comments by Maureen, 13th April 2018  
Hello Tom,and wasn't there a boat that used to be in a crisp advert as well.

Comments by tom, 14th April 2018  
funny you should mention that maureen my sister had a boat it was called the [the tasty cracker} but i dont remember the crisp advert

Comments by Maureen, 14th April 2018  
I don't remember the advert now Tom..I'll have a toot on Google.

Comments by Julie Bromilow, 16th April 2018  
What I love about pictures like this are the fashions. I like the fact that both ladies are wearing tights/stockings no matter how warm the day is. Fashion these days means that even at weddings so females have legs like snow and if they have weightlifters legs then the effect is even more startling. Done are the days when people dressed classily and knew what was smart and when to wear it.

Comments by John G, 16th April 2018  
Julie: I can honestly say that if I was out for the night, and a female in the room had weight lifters legs, then it's exit stage left.

Comments by Maureen, 16th April 2018  
Julie,you are so right,I was at my Sons wedding last week. I rarely. wear tights because I wear trousers so much..but I wouldn't have dreamt of turning up at the wedding bare legged,bare legs do not look nice anywhere any time,I also want to start wearing more dresses ( and tights ) again.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 17th April 2018  
Perry & Croft held your views as well, apparently, in the Dad's Army episode Never Too Old.
Mrs Fox stated that a bare-legged woman looks 'abandoned', and as one of her stockings had a patch, was faced with the possibility that it could become a run, and thus making her look even more abandoned.
She then sought Mainwaring's ok for her to get married bare-legged, to Jonesy. Strewth!

Comments by Veronica, 17th April 2018  
At least they had an excuse during the war when they put gravy browning on their legs and drew a line up the back of the legs. No wonder the Yanks were so popular with the nylons! I must admit on really hot days I like to feel 'abandoned' in a summer dress or skirt during the day.. I think that is permissable. But turning up at some 'do' or other with toned,tanned muscular legs is a turn off - such as a race meeting wearing outrageous hats and tight short frocks! My pet hate is fake tan !

Comments by Philip Gormley., 17th April 2018  
That's right, Veronica: Some girls attending certain 'special do's' sometimes don't seem to appear in dress and manner that might otherwise afford themselves 'real punch'.
Perhaps if they were to apply a little more thought and patience beforehand they might also save themselves from an un-fulfilling race for vainglory, and just as importantly, from their occasional and needless use of language reminiscent of the back of a coal fire.
Furthermore, some of the lads attending certain 'special do's' seem to have succumbed to the same haste.
I understand their preference for a bit of shine on top, but half a pound of bear's grease is surely taking sartorial elegance to a completely new level.
Whatever, my bewilderment will be blasted into oblivion the very moment that I sit in front of your well-balanced and well-coloured watercolour paintings.
I've told you that D/R Cobalt blue is opaque, before, ... haven't I?

Comments by Veronica, 17th April 2018  
You have mentioned Cobalt being opaque Philip but somehow I prefer it to French Ultra! If I was anywhere near as good as you with water colour I would be very happy! I have nearly replaced all my paints with Artist quality - more economical that's for sure. Still plodding on anyway....!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 17th April 2018  
Thanks for your kind reply Veronica.
I do hope that you'll have a look at a particular piece of colour film on YouTube, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.
The film is only 3 mins long, but extremely clear, and shows the 76 year-old artist laying out his 1956 Artists' quality watercolours in his studio, in readiness for his painting of a ballerina, wearing a long frilly dress.
The commentator plays his part with fine English accent.
'British Pathe William Russell Flint' will find it for you.

Comments by Veronica, 18th April 2018  
Awesome! Sir William liked his women abandoned and bare legged - what would Mrs Fox have made of it all I do not know Philip. Beautiful paintings and the commentary superb.

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