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beckett family   Views: 1912
Blackpool late fifties.   Comments: 32
Photo: Keith Beckett   Item #: 30211  
Blackpool late fifties.

Alert Image scaled down from 794px to 1000px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  From the left my cousin Maureen Roberts, sister Sylvia, auntie Joyce Beckett and Maureen's friend Betty McCabe.  

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Comments by irene roberts, 11th February 2018  
What a lovely photo of late-1950s fashions.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 11th February 2018  
I was just thinking that myself Irene & what a lovely sign of friendship....they are all holding hands...in the 50s it wasnt unusual to see girls link arms as they walked along, giggling, whispering or laughing.

Comments by Elizabeth, 11th February 2018  
Lovely photo, all nice and slim too.

Comments by Linda Massa, 12th February 2018  
Four bonny lassies.

Comments by TD,., 12th February 2018  
Good photo of happy days in the 50's Keith. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Wonder if our fashion expert Ladies can tell us if your cousin Maureen and sister Sylvia are wearing peddle pushers for dancing, or prepared for a paddling trip to the beach?

Comments by irene roberts, 12th February 2018  
I would say "pedal-pushers", d-i-y style....the ready-made pedal-pushers were already cut to the correct length so didn't need rolling up!

Comments by MarieM, 12th February 2018  
Those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end.

Comments by Albert., 12th February 2018  
No doubt, Albert Road, the boarding house kingdom, in the fifties.

Comments by Roy, 12th February 2018  
Yes,very possibly Albert. Albert Road aka Little Wigan. Nice holiday pic Keith.

Comments by Maureen, 12th February 2018  
Marie,I echo your comment.we did think they'd never end,but sadly they did.I wore clothes just like these..and loved them..memories.

Comments by Me, 12th February 2018  
a good friend ,used to always say ,Albert road , chicken twice a week , it always made us smile , cos he was a fury man l

Comments by Veronica, 12th February 2018  
I seem to remember 'Capri' pants were the ones already shortened - aka Audrey Hepburn - with a slimmer fitting. The ones the girls are wearing look as if they are for messing about at the beach. It's so evocative of the 50's at Blackpool. Great photo.

Comments by Me, 12th February 2018  
I meant funny man ,

Comments by irene roberts, 12th February 2018  
It's time we met up again, Veronica! Shall we wear Capri-Pants to Bruccianni's Café? Or our 1970s hot-pants and get thrown out?! xx.

Comments by Maureen, 12th February 2018  
Veronica you're correct about the trousers,they were tailored and not turned up as in the photo..I still love them,I have a photo somewhere wearing them.

Comments by irene roberts, 12th February 2018  
Maureen. PLEASE put the photo on here. I would love to see it, as I'm sure we all would. x.

Comments by Veronica, 12th February 2018  
As soon as the temperature is in double figures -I'll put mine on if you do Irene... Maureen put that photo on!

Comments by irene roberts, 12th February 2018  
We'll knock 'em dead, Veronica! (Or they'll die of shock!). Will email you soon. x.

Comments by Maureen, 12th February 2018  
Irene and Veronica,I will if I can find it..a few of my photos have been missing for a while now..I've even been looking for them today...will have another look tomorrow.

Comments by Maureen, 13th February 2018  
Well,I've look through my photo box,it isn't there but I will look upstairs tomorrow..I'm on a mission now ha ha.

Comments by Veronica, 13th February 2018  
Good for you Maureen.

Comments by irene roberts, 13th February 2018  
Come on, Our Maureen! Veronica, Elizabeth and I can't wait! x.

Comments by Elizabeth, 14th February 2018  
I know, Irene. I bet she looked stunning.All that dancing at Th'Emp kept her lovely and slim.

Comments by Owd viewer, 14th February 2018  
My mam and dad took me to Blackpool in the 50s we always stayed in Palatine Rd.

Comments by Maureen, 15th February 2018  
I'm still looking ladies...Elizabeth,thank you..your check is in the post ha ha?

Comments by irene roberts, 15th February 2018  
Come on, Veronica and Elizabeth....all together now...."We want Maureen....We want Maureen!" xxx

Comments by Veronica, 16th February 2018  
Maureen's too busy making delicacies and tit- bits for the birds I think....she's not got time to look!

Comments by Maureen, 16th February 2018  
Hello ladies..Veronica,you're so kind but Cliff does most of the feeding..our bathroom is an extension so he prepares all the good at night,as I say crushes the fat balls,breaks bread up,put it all on a big heavy tray with sunflower seeds..fills all the hangers that go on the Rhodi tree..that has chicken wire all around it to stop our cat getting in the said tree..the following morning goes up the ladder to put it on top of the bathroom roof,they've started to sit on the archway outside kitchen window waiting for him..I've got some lard this a.m for their yoghurt pots.but their droppings mean a lot of cleaning ..I'm hoping that he won't need to put any out in Spring,there'll be enough berries for them then.
On to the photo saga..I cannot find the one that I mentioned..but did find one of me as a teenager with guess what..turn up jeans just like those girls,it must have been a phase we all went through. ha ha..phew

We seem to be getting up someone's nose according to a comment on P.A.D still. ne'er mind eh.

Comments by Veronica, 17th February 2018  
I bet you get all the neighbourhood birds Maureen. They must pass messages on to one another! Blue Tit to Robin " Hey I know where you can get good grub- homemade too".
Robin - " Coo thanks - We like a good bun fight! We'll gate crash in the morning early on - whereabouts?"

Comments by Maureen, 17th February 2018  
Veronica,have you of Owd Dave that used to contribute to WW..he's a friend,and lives round the corner from us..he's always fed the birds, the other week he said "I don't know where all my birds have gone" I told him they're all at our house...
Just as an aside ...his garden is beautiful.

Comments by Veronica, 17th February 2018  
I bought a big bag of mixed seed this morning Maureen and scattered some on the ground and on top of the shed- we'll see what happens! I did see two robins as well as the blue tits and a black bird.

Comments by Maureen, 17th February 2018  
Well,Veronica that's a start..they can be so fussy can't they, it looks like they're going to enjoy that type..I wish we could throw it on the ground to see them better..but our cat who was a stray is a hunter through and through,we love her but try and keep her in as much as we can, we feed a squirrel as well,but only when she's indoors...cats eh!!!

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