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Celia Gilligan with her daughter Elizabeth and Granddaughter Irene   Comments: 11
Photo: fred foster   Item #: 29863  
Celia Gilligan with her daughter Elizabeth and Granddaughter Irene
  This photo was taken in the old Schofield Houses which were at the bottom of Little Billinge Road. Irene s now 87 so the pic must have been taken around 1930. Elizabeth was married to Ted Twigg, my father-in-law. Schofield Houses was terrace of 2up2down and blind back houses which were demolished in 1936. The residents were re-housed in Worsley Hall estate. The Gilligans went to live in Daisy Road  

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Comments by Veronica, 9th November 2017  
What a great picture -especially good if the family are interested in their family history.

Comments by Maggie K, 9th November 2017  
Brilliant photo - love the shawls.

Comments by Josh, 9th November 2017  
Bet those weren't made in China etc.,

Comments by irene roberts, 9th November 2017  
I never had a pram; my Mam carried me in a shawl like that; I have it still. This wonderful photo is why Wigan World exists. Thankyou.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 10th November 2017  
Great photo Fred !

Hope you are on the mend & behaving !

Comments by Sonia, 10th November 2017  
Fab photo! How did the women manage to carry anything else, though when carrying a baby in a shawl?

Comments by Veronica, 10th November 2017  
Thats a thought Sonia- perhaps Grandma or some other relative minded the 'babby' whilst mam did her shopping. I don't suppose they had far to walk as shops were quite plentiful then and they probably did some every day. They would have a basket on one arm with a few things they needed and 'babby' was wrapped tight in the shawl - perhaps the other 'childer' had to carry some as well if there was any others -no doubt there was. They probably run errands as well. Women have always managed -being ambidextrous is second nature I believe!

Comments by Sonia, 10th November 2017  
Yes Veronica, I'm sure you're right.Multi-tasking has always gone on for women.

Comments by Sue, 11th November 2017  
I think mums still carry babies in shawls but they are now slings and kite marked for safety.

Comments by Maureen, 11th November 2017  
My Grandma carried me in a shawl..and..I vaguely remember it believe it or not..and I carried my youngest in a sling which of course give you free movement,but nothing will take the place of a lovely warm shawl to make a baby feel loved and secure.

Comments by Veronica, 11th November 2017  
I still remember women in the fifties wearing shawls they were the last of a dying breed. One lady in particular I had nicknamed 'Tooting Julia' as she was always spying behind the lace curtains. Oh the brashness of youth! I think we were all still wrapped up in shawls in the forties and part of the fifties. I was also put in a cupboard drawer instead of a cot! Kids today wouldn't believe that would they? No wonder I get feelings of being 'hemmed in'!

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