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Wiganers on Holiday   Views: 1759
An extremely cold morning in Belgium.   Comments: 36
Photo: . Ozymandias .   Item #: 29153  
An extremely cold morning in Belgium.

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 666px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Somewhere in the vicinity of railway wood, not too far from Ypres. March 1982. In an ultimately futile attempt to coax ' Adolf's Revenge ' into life, Maurice Hall ( standing ) and Bob Grundy attempt the somewhat unorthodox procedure of lighting a propane camping stove under the sump of the vehicle in order to thin the engine oil out a bit, as the photographer maintains a respectful distance with a bucket of sand at the ready.  

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Comments by AP, 4th March 2017  
I'm glad you explained that. For a moment, I thought you had captured Bob in prayer to that great god 'Propane'!

Comments by Julie, 4th March 2017  
Hi Ozy, Can I respectfully ask. What did you do , arrive at these places ,
negotiate at vehicle at a village , then head into the sunset , taking and accepting what came your way? I ask this after your previous post , having a woodbine.
Sounds exciting and care free (is that one word?). If this was the case, not
suggesting it was, but bet you have quite a few stories of your adventures.

Comments by Howard P, 4th March 2017  
Never in my life seen that done before, I know I never will. Unconventional and bizarre. I mean, why stop there??

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th March 2017  
Hi Julie, the vehicles we travelled in usually belonged to Mr. Grundy, but as they were in the main, shall we say, pre-loved, almost to the point of being clapped out, there was rarely a dull moment, as witnessed by the above scene. But yes, we just pointed them and went. And again yes, we did experience a few interesting moments.

Regards. Ozy.

Comments by Alan, 4th March 2017  
A tin of engine start sprayed in the air intake makes more sense surely. The weather don't look too bad? not much frost about.

Comments by Veronica B, 4th March 2017  
I believe Railway Wood marks the site where 12 soldiers -eight Royal Engineers of the 177 Tunnelling Company and 4 Infantry were killed whilst tunnelling under the hill near Hooge during the defense of Ypres. The men were trapped underground and their bodies were never recovered. After the war a memorial was erected on the hill. The area is a Cemetry. Would I be correct Ozy?

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th March 2017  
I'm no expert on the First World War Veronica, Mr. Grundy's your man for that, I was merely along for the ride, but yes, you are correct and that would have been one of several reasons why we would have been in that particular area. Visiting battle sites in March makes good sense, before everything gets covered in greenery.

Comments by Julie, 4th March 2017  
Thanks Ozy, Mr Grundy sounds a very interesting chap!

Comments by Stu, 5th March 2017  
The car trouble in just a stunt for the camera.

Comments by irene roberts, 5th March 2017  
I know Mr. Grundy well, and he certainly IS an interesting chap, and in the early 1970s my husband Peter joined Ozy's Gang on trips to France. Peter and I went to The Somme with Bob and his wife in 1974 and I remember us driving through sleepy French villages with locals standing by the road, and Bob shouting through the car window, "Can yer hear me, Mother?" a la George Formby to bewildered stares! It was certainly an experience! Whenever we broke down, (no change there, then!), or wanted to camp in a farmer's field for the night, I was called upon with my schoolgirl French, and we got through. Heady days when we were in our twenties!

Comments by Veronica B, 5th March 2017  
Sounds great what you all did Irene. Much better than a set tour around the battlefields which I did ..although I did enjoy it even if stopped in my tracks at the sadness of it all.

Comments by Phil, 5th March 2017  
This car was only 5 years old in 1982, it must have had a hard life!

Comments by AP, 6th March 2017  
Could have been imported, and not new when first UK registered. Even if RH drive, some of the German manufacturers did supply such to UK servicemen in Germany. I had a VW, which had previously been a NATO car, and had a very misleadingly up to date UK reg number.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 6th March 2017  
No day too long for these lads, whatever the weather. I like the rusticity of it all ... French fields, farmouses, a wide-ranging compass, thinking on the go ... .

Comments by Alan, 6th March 2017  
Phil if it was serviced by these two or three men, I can understand why it's broke down. I mean a propane camping stove under the sump lol.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 6th March 2017  
I'll wager the team got the vaccine through, Alan.

Comments by Alan, 7th March 2017  
Ha ha Phil Gormless.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 7th March 2017  
My confidence in this trio of skilled hands having reached their destination grows even stronger ... £20 Win Porthos-Athos-Aramis, please.

Comments by Howard P, 8th March 2017  
Skilled hands trying to start the engine with a CAMPING STOVE UNDER THE SUMP!!! the most sensible thing to do is to set fire the complete car or pay for a garage to look at it, incompetent is the word, but 10/10 for trying. Lol.

Comments by Veronica B, 8th March 2017  
You can guarantee Alan pouring scorn on the lads! I don't suppose he was ever young- must have been born an old codger. Nop matter that the photos are treasured memories from long ago when we were all young and a bit daft! Why not send some of your photos Alan?

Comments by irene roberts, 8th March 2017  
Well said, Veronica!

Comments by Alan, 8th March 2017  
These fellows don't look young Veronica, but it all depends how old you are LOL.

Comments by AP, 8th March 2017  
Was he really trying to warm the sump oil, or is it a diesel engine suffering from waxing of the diesel occurring at low temperature?

(A recreation of the Stalingrad syndrome! Well, it is Mr G.)

Comments by Veronica B, 8th March 2017  
I'm younger than you apparently ....and young at heart you old duffer!

Comments by Alan, 8th March 2017  
Cheers Veronica only joking!

Comments by Veronica B, 8th March 2017  
Thats very noble of you Alan.....I'll let you off !

Comments by Veronica B, 9th March 2017  
Alan ...I've still got all my own teeth as well !!!! :0 ))

Comments by Garry, 9th March 2017  
Veronica...I'm as old as my tongue but younger then my teeth.x

Comments by Veronica B, 9th March 2017  
Thats an old saying Garry! :-))

Comments by Garry, 9th March 2017  
That's because I am old..lol.

Comments by Alan, 9th March 2017  
Garry you sound old...he he.

Comments by Rev David Long, 10th March 2017  david@scars.org.uk 
Nurse... am I in the right ward?

Comments by Veronica B, 10th March 2017  
Be careful Rev it might be Nurse Ratched .....we'll all be carted off!

Comments by irene roberts, 10th March 2017  
Veronica, I feel I've found a kindred spirit.....you're as daft as me!

Comments by Veronica B, 10th March 2017  
Older and madder Irene!

Comments by Garry, 11th March 2017  
Irene and Veronica make me smile!

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