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Aspull   Views: 966
Wrecked   Comments: 17
Photo: DTease   Item #: 31737  

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 719px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  June 2001
Abandoned, burned out, rusting away, myself and this old car over the Wutchi have a lot in common.
It may be too late for the car but I think I could scrub up well with a make-over.

Just as a matter of interest, would that Power Station on the horizon be Fiddler’s Ferry?

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Comments by Mr X, 2nd January 2020  
I think the shape of this burned out car is a Rover 213 or 216, like the metallic blue one belonging to Richard and Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping up Appearances.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 2nd January 2020  
It had to be one of yours DTease !
Happy New Year to you !

Comments by Philip G., 2nd January 2020  
I think this burned out car, half-hidden in the mid-distance by Aspull grass, suggests DTease's wary approach - no chance of waiting savages. So, his grasp of 'a thought-provoking photo', I feel.

Comments by Joe Thomas, 2nd January 2020  
It looks very much like Fiddlers Ferry power station DTease

Comments by Cyril, 2nd January 2020  
It is Fiddlers Ferry power station, it was announced that it is to close this year - 2020, on clear frosty mornings the mass of steam rising from those distant cooling towers resembled smoke from a large fire.

Comments by DTease, 2nd January 2020  
And a happy new year to you and yours Helen. “Lang may your lum reek”
And the same to all on wiganworld.
Philip, the natives must not have been restless that year or I wouldn’t have risked it!
Cyril, I remember seeing the scene you describe one day when I was over there. I tried to grab a photo with a telephoto lens but it did not come out well. Would probably have needed a tripod.

Comments by fw, 2nd January 2020  
Just above the grasses
a lovely wave of heat ,
rusted wasted coffin
rests its lazy feet,
no longer runs on highways , roads or
country lanes
but gazes into distance,
and yawns away its pain ....
Finally going nowhere ,
it plays the God’s life game ,
Sleep where rust will find you
One day I plan the same ..

Comments by DTease, 2nd January 2020  
I like that poem fw. A noble end indeed.

Comments by Wigginlad, 2nd January 2020  
It is Fiddlers Ferry Dtease, I use to deliver this site regularly throughout the 1970s. One other thing I know about this power station is, sadly a young man I knew tragically lost his life during the building of it in 1969, he was a Wigan lad.

Comments by Ken R, 2nd January 2020  
Fiddlers Ferry? Yes indeed. I can hear the sound from here.

Comments by Philip G., 2nd January 2020  
Ken, Had you have stood beneath its towers one particular afternoon during the early nineties you'd have also heard a very different sound; the sound of continued mock from an un-civilised small section of the home supporters - I don't know how our visiting young footballers got through it, but they did.

Comments by Alan, 3rd January 2020  
Off course its fiddlers ferry.

Comments by Veronica, 3rd January 2020  
The only thing I can see that's 'off course' is the rusty remains ...;0))

Comments by DTease, 3rd January 2020  
Man the Lifeboat! Fiddlers Ferry as gone "off course" and run aground!
Wimmin and children first, every man for himself!

Comments by Veronica, 3rd January 2020  
What's that I hear - the band playing 'Abide with me'....?

Comments by Ken R, 4th January 2020  
Veronica, the Titanic is way out of earshot RIP.

Comments by Veronica, 5th January 2020  
Must have been the Fiddlers fiddling then Ken, there was definitely music playing, they went down valiantly.....being 'off course' of course! Only 'wimmin 'un childer' left to tell the tall tale!

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