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Standish   Views: 1343
The Door   Comments: 18
Photo: DTease   Item #: 31483  
The Door
  The door to St Wilfred’s Church, Standish.  

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Comments by Philip G., 30th August 2019  
A flavoursome portal, and a door capable of producing a warm, meaty sound when closed, I should think.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 30th August 2019  
I like this photo, the solid, grimy stonework oozes Lancashire for me,

Comments by Veronica, 30th August 2019  
Old churches are the best, the atmosphere steeped in history and the smell of old candle wax and smoke. The solitude above all in an empty church and the coolness of the stone walls inside - (in Summer.)

Comments by TommyT, 30th August 2019  
There is a room above the porch, it was used as a classroom.
The church clerics were the teachers.

Comments by Alan H, 30th August 2019  
Please get the name right. It is St Wilfrid’s not Wilfred

Comments by Ken R, 30th August 2019  kenroo@rogers.com 
Good photo. If only these walls could tell, what wonders have they seen.

Comments by DTease, 30th August 2019  
Alan H, I beg Wilfrid’s Pardon and I consider myself suitably chastised.

Comments by Roger, 30th August 2019  
Many of my ancestors would've been carried through those doors in the 1700s, up to the mid 1860s in their coffins.

Comments by Roy, 31st August 2019  
I have known St Wilfrids for 78 years, christened, confirmed, boy chorist, married, plus the next step which I hope will be a good few years away.

Comments by Barrie, 31st August 2019  
The 1st time I passed through those doors was on September 26th 1959 when my elder sister was married. In 2019, they will celebrate 60 years married.I think Rev. Bramley took the service.

Comments by Alan H, 31st August 2019  
D Tease, you are forgiven. Keep posting your photos.

Comments by Polly, 31st August 2019  
Alan H ,
I found your comments very arrogant and rude towards Mr DTease post .
If I may correct you with some suggestions of approach .
‘ DTease , I think you will find it is..... Thank you for posting
As regards forgiveness, it is you who should seek forgiveness from Mr DTease for your aloof arrogance. Thank you seems to be lost with you .
All those who post on Wigan World should be highly commended for their efforts . Thank you , is the primary first gesture! It was Mr DTease who took the effort , not you . Manners and courtesy are the foundations of respect we each hold for each other ...

Comments by Mick LD, 1st September 2019  
In the early 19th century, one of the Vicars of St Wilfrid's conducted his own census in the village, in which he listed households, the number of occupants, how many could read/write, and whether they owned a Bible, or Book of Common Prayer.
This census can be found at the end one of the microfilm reels of parish records for the church. Through this census, I learned there were eleven people living at my 4x great grandfather's home, and only one could read. They didnt own a Bible, but they had a Book of Common Prayer 'with many pages torn out'. Knowing that branch of the family, they's probably used 'em to light the fire with.

Comments by Veronica, 1st September 2019  
I bet that branch of the family were the 'salt of the earth' Mick even if they did burn the words of the Lord. I recently read a book about Some POWs in the last war who used pages of the bible ( and other books) for toilet purposes. I don't think the Lord would have minded in such dire circumstances...

Comments by Mick LD, 1st September 2019  
I don't know about salt of the earth Veronica, but the baptismal entries in the registers show a couple of the daughters were pretty free with their favours!

Comments by Martin, 2nd September 2019  
Polly. The comment Anal H made was a bit sharp but I don't think he meant to be arrogant and rude.

Comments by Linma, 2nd September 2019  
That comment was harsh and uncalled for Polly, everybody makes mistakes that's why there are rubbers on the end of pencils.

Comments by Eddie, 4th September 2019  
Is that a stone bible above the door.

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