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Wigan Lane   Views: 622
WIGAN LANE   Comments: 7
Photo: RON HUNT   Item #: 31360  

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Comments by Graham P, 22nd July 2019  
Would that be Woodfield on the right? The entrance in the photo is the one I used when I went to Woodfield Primary School in the 50's!!

Comments by Cyril, 23rd July 2019  
Though the school what is there goes under the name of Woodfield it wasn't always that name, the original Woodfield School was further down Wigan Lane, more or less opposite the entrance to The Elms. (this is now a housing estate) The original name for the school on this land until around the late 1980s was Brock Mill J&I.

Comments by Philip Cunliffe, 24th July 2019  
Cyril. Did the original Woodfield bulilding have any connection with the Hollies that I think stood somewhere in that area?

Comments by Cyril, 26th July 2019  
Philip, it seems that Woodfield and The Hollies were schools in the same area of Marylebone, both having been former mansion houses, descriptions of both schools are of them being built of stone. The area is now the housing estate of The Woodlands and The Hollies.

There is a photo of Woodfield at Marylebone in the 1950s on the Album, http://www.wiganworld.co.uk/album/photo.php?

And one of The Hollies when still a house. http://www.wiganworld.co.uk/album/photo.php?

The council over the years have allowed the destruction of some beautiful ancient buildings around town, some a lot better than in tourist towns.

Comments by Philip Cunliffe, 26th July 2019  
Thank you Cyril for your reply. I started at Woodfield in 1960. I would have said that your facts re an earlier site were wrong. However I have seen the photograph showing " the last year at Marylebonne" and reference to a room near the Plantation gates. I could not see a date on the photograph.
I am thinking that the photograph was pre 1947 and that this school moved into the new site.

Comments by Cyril, 27th July 2019  
Philip, having read the comments concerning both schools I'm under the impression that they may well have been the same building with both having comments about tennis courts and a large conker tree, perhaps the convent began to use the house when Woodfield vacated and moved upto Brock Mill, the school did have an early fifties look. I would visit the school when working at the council in the 1980s and we would call it Brock Mill J&I school, it could well have had the name Woodfield, though I can't remember, I do remember the huge 3D effect compass mural that was set into the corridor floor below what I think was a domed roof window, I thought it looked great.

In the early 1970s when I was working at Potter's Herbal Supplies I was cleaning out a large drum which had contained Chilli Paste, an arthritis ointment made from chilli extracts, this consisted of filling the drum with cold water and introducing live steam to bring it up to boiling, I later learned that it had caused a right palaver at the school with children taken in from the field which was just above the valley from Potter's, with emergency services being called out fearing a chemical spill on Wigan Lane as residents had complained too, and all along it was the red hot chilli fumes from the boiling ointment that had caused the stinging eyes and burning throats, it didn't affect me as the hot steamy fumes were rising straight up through the vent in the steam room roof. Sshh don't tell them.

Comments by Graham Parkinson, 28th July 2019  
To continue the conversation........Woodfield, according to other sources, was, until 1919, the prep department and an integral part of the then Wigan High School. It was remodelled and reopened on 12th January 1920 when older pupils progressed to either Wigan High School or Wigan Grammar School. Following the 1944 education act the school ended as part of the High School and became Woodfield County Primary School. As far as Marylebone School is concerned I suspect that it was a long established purpose built school serving the local community around the area. As others have said, both Woodfield and the Hollies were former private residences both of which have no way been demolished. As a former Woodfield pupil from the 50s I remember very clearly my classrooms in the old house. The Hollies was also known as Notre Dame Prep School by some but I have never heard it being connected to Woodfield.

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