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Wigan   Views: 1512
Gone, gone, gone.   Comments: 15
Photo: DTease   Item #: 31248  
Gone, gone, gone.

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 710px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Gone from this photo in my lifetime. The Ritz, Station Rd, Central Station, The Railway, Central Park and the Car Park at the bottom of Millgate from where this photo was taken.


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Comments by Julie, 31st May 2019  
As a person well into my twilight years it seems like the changes are coming thick and fast . I must admit to greatly enjoying times when they were more stable and peaceful. Now knock downs seem a monthly occurrence . It is so sad but I know if I think of it too much I will go into deep depression, that has to be avoided at all costs as we grow older .
There are many pictures WW , like this one , showing how Wigan has changed not to their liking , to which I agree .
I feel , instead of being depressed how Wigan is changing , we should turn our feelings around , and be joyful ! Joyful, we are passing the baton on to
the next generation to fulfil Wigan’s dreams .
The youth of today , will empower those in the Council , to change Wigan into a High Tech world , like Singapore and Hong Kong , where everything is plugged into the web . This will bring massive investment to Wigan bringing jobs and services . Fields we knew and grew up on will be filled with buildings of computer tech , moving us to a world of robotics and less work . This surely has to be welcomed. The high tech youth will regard the Pits as ancient monuments, and will become as pointless as Adam ,
as their mobile phones go to Super ever drive , and their gadgets make their lives simpler. There is no sarcasm intended here , just reality . The buildings we knew , then , now belong to our youth , to decide what happens . We were excited in our time for the future, why shouldn’t they be with new technologies exploding daily . This explosion of new technologies not only creates jobs , it opens a world of opportunity for
them ... it shows them the world . We on WW should celebrate that change from the old to the new . This was our era , now it’s theirs .
What they choose to do with it ..and the consequences of their actions in doing so , is entirely theirs . That is how it should be . History is the foundation, progress is a massive opportunity for the youth of today to grasp at all costs , take it !

Comments by Jarvo, 31st May 2019  
Already the new Wigan is beginning to take shape: Gone are the dirty cobbled streets. Gone the are miserable slums of Scholes. Gone is the railway that was neglected to death. Gone are the memories of black and white Wigan...Put your new specs on. Everything is gonna be alright...:)

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 31st May 2019  
Calm down Julie, we've been here before, remember?.. I wouldn't even consider passing the baton on to this shower, as from what I see on a daily basis, they'd probably ask me how to light the thing.
" empower those in council "?, " change Wigan into a high tech world"?....and then we have " Super ever drive ", what the buggeration is that when its at home?
Bloody hell Julie, you've surpassed yourself with this one. I've heard of 5G, but super ever drive is a new one on me and no mistake.
Furthermore, I can barely contain my enthusiasm for the fields that I knew and grew up on being filled with " buildings of computer tech " as you put it. I prefer my fields to remain as fields thank you very much.
And with regards to " their gadgets making their life simpler ". How much simpler does it get than signing on and getting paid for doing sodall.
And you're suggesting that I be joyful?.......What a crock!....

Merely an observation.
Regards. The whizzer.

Comments by DTease, 31st May 2019  
Jarvo, if what we have in Wigan now is the ‘New’ Wigan then the next generation are welcome to it. The place is turning into a wasteland.

Comments by Veronica, 31st May 2019  
Seems to me that some folk who are so enamoured of all these marvellous changes taking place in dear old Wigan would have a great incentive to come back and live here! Leave the great Metropolis and it's wonderful history for the 'super- power of hi- tech Wigan. Sounds to me like you are living in the wrong place Julie!

Comments by rt, 1st June 2019  
if your reading these pages you have already joined the new hi tec world

Comments by MikeW, 1st June 2019  
Much as I like to recall the past, it's exactly that, the past. Rose tinted spectacles like to play tricks, how many have actually read The Road to Wigan Pier?
Would I want to go back? Maybe for a brief visit only.I
I grew up in SLG and all I can remember we're the mines, the atmosphere they created and the aftermath they left on the eviroment, now fortunately all gone. Despite the fondness I have for the past it wasn't better than today and I wouldn't like to live there today on the same terms.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 1st June 2019  
Sorry Julie, I cannot share your faith in the most of the feckless generation the baton will be handed on to, in Wigan or anywhere else. Its all self, what I want, what can I have & dont get me on their parenting skills !

Comments by Veronica, 1st June 2019  
I read Orwell's book Mike W and found he deliberately looked for the worst living conditions he could find and he did find them, but ignored the decent and well looked after places. His observations of the miners were accurate and his admiration for them shone through. I don't look back with rose tinted glasses- only fondness for the community I lived in - I appreciate the living conditions I have now -but sadly there is something missing these days that was in abundance in those days - it was neighbourliness and respect for others for one thing.

Comments by Veronica, 1st June 2019  
I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets bored with the broken record of future change - Julie it's the same pattern over and over again. We all know that change happens and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Just go with the flow ....

Comments by Poet, 1st June 2019  
Technology is a good servent but a poor master. I recall during a recent power cut hoards of bewildered and helpless people wandering the street like post apocalyptic zombies, which prompts me to hope that the next explosion of technology isn't mushroom shaped.

Comments by Veronica, 1st June 2019  
Ps Jarvo "the miserable slums of Scholes' weren't just in Scholes either. They were as you well know all over the country not just in the industrialised towns - in rural areas as well, much worse in some cases. Even so our'slum' was spotless - people did have standards in their terraced houses- more so than some these days who don't even take their rubbish home with them and drop cans,bottles and litter all over the place.
Perhaps Julie may or may not, stop trying to preach to the already converted about all the changes in Wigan and lay it to rest, as most of us are aware - unless we have been in a coma for the last 30 odd years or so. I suspect Julie loves to put the cat amongst the pigeons and enjoys her little debates. It seems to be turning into nagging though Julie. With respect..

Comments by Angela, 1st June 2019  
Jarvo has a thing about Scholes. Possibly jealous?

Comments by Veronica, 2nd June 2019  
A VC hero was born in a so called 'slum' from Scholes - along with many others - my own grandfather included. A derogative term if ever there was!

Comments by Alan, 2nd June 2019  
Jarvo is just making a point, he could have said Ince!

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