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Wigan Lane   Views: 1270
Matchstick men...and women.   Comments: 7
Photo: DTease   Item #: 31233  
Matchstick men...and women.

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  I took this photo of the Fox And Goose on Wigan Lane for my Family Tree because one of my ancestors was found dead near this Pub.
But I really like it because of the lady crossing the road.
When you stop time (As you do when you take a photograph) you see what Lowry must have seen when he painted his matchstick men and women.
If it wasn’t for the colour and the cars, this photo could have been taken anytime since the First World War.

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Comments by Irene Roberts, 24th May 2019  tizziesgirl@gmail.com 
We went there for a drink after my wedding and they weren't open as it wasn't quite twelve o'clock, and my Dad hammered on the door.....I didn't know where to put myself! However, when the landlord saw how many customers he had, he willingly let us in!

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 24th May 2019  
Now I rather like the sound of this ancestor of yours DTease, as it's long been my ambition to shuffle off this mortal coil somewhere in the vicinity of an establishment of liquid refreshment,.....but inside the place rather than outside preferably, as I don't particularly relish the image of my being discovered in a moribund condition out in the farthest reaches of the beer garden, surrounded by empty kegs, and with the rainwater running down inside my collar and exiting via my trouser leg. ....No, I much prefer a vision of me toppling backwards off the bar stool, with just 50p in my back pocket and still wearing my bicycle clips, moments after having finished the last of the pork scratchings, and having just drained my glass,.....and if this scenario could take place just prior to me having settled my tab,.....well, wouldn't that just be the proverbial icing on the cake?

Comments by Veronica, 24th May 2019  
They could carry on a wake for you Ozy before carting you off - how very convenient that would be for all your mates! They could prop you back up at the bar on the same stool and all the bar flies could drink your 'health'! Hahaha!

Comments by DTease, 24th May 2019  
Ozy, I suspect that my ancestor had just left the Establishment having done something along the lines of what you describe.
Given that his Missis remarried shortly after his sad demise, I reckon he was no stranger to the strong waters.
I must say I am warming to the heroic ending you describe. I can go along with toppling backwards off the Barstool but in my back pocket, I would prefer to have a recent letter from the Inland Revenue claiming that I owed them thousands of pounds in unpaid taxes and for my last drink I would like a double brandy that the Landlord had reluctantly served me after telling me there would be no more until I paid my tab.
Not even a Viking Warrior sailing away to Valhalla on his burning Longship could claim a better send off than that.

Comments by Poet, 24th May 2019  
The best 'viking funeral' was on 'Only Fools and Horses' when the ashes of Triggers roadsweeper granddad was sucked up into the dustwagon.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 24th May 2019  
Then following the wake Veronica, they could have me stuffed, then placed in a shop doorway in Wigan town centre, with a filthy sleeping bag draped around my shoulders and an empty McDonald's coffee cup on the pavement in front of me........if only they could find a shop doorway in Wigan town centre that isn't already occupied that is.

Comments by Veronica, 25th May 2019  
Well you certainly wouldn't be out of place Ozy and it could be months before anybody noticed!

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