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Aspull   Views: 636
Aspull   Comments: 9
Photo: DTease   Item #: 31027  
  Kids on the playground, Holly Road  

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Comments by Irene Roberts, 12th March 2019  tizziesgirl@gmail.com 
This has brought back such a lovely memory, but of Abram, not Aspull. When my children were small, there was always a queue of children climbing the ladder to take their turn on the slide in Abram Park, including a DOG! He used to love sliding down and took his turn happily with the children, and when he had slid down, he would run back round to the ladder, tail wagging, to take his turn again. Such a happy memory as I'm sure the children on the photo have carried with them through their lives.

Comments by Philip G., 12th March 2019  
At very first glance I thought it could be a famous Pop-group's photoshoot. Great duffle coat, and jockey's cap.

Comments by Val Bradshaw, 12th March 2019  
Children having fun in the fresh air instead of today's kids who sit in front of some electric gadget. No obesity problems years ago.

Comments by Veronica, 12th March 2019  
I recall the slide at Haigh Hall and as Irene says there was a longish queue up the steps, which could be quite intimidating for a small child. Most parks had this type of slide and then they seemed to 'vanish' - replaced by smaller versions. I know I ' hovered' about more when my grandchildren went up the steps of a slide. - I suppose I was remembering how rough big boys could be at Wigan Park!

Comments by Julie, 12th March 2019  
Does anyone know the names of the children are? they might have gone onto Aspull secondary modern school were I attended.

Comments by WN1 Standisher, 12th March 2019  
There was one similar to this at Ashfield Park, Standish except that one had a cage and platform around the top of the slide. The really brave ones used to climb onto the top of the cage too. 'Elf and safety would have a duck fit if such things were still around today.

Comments by Maureen, 12th March 2019  
I used to take my youngest lad to the little park at the very top of Gidlow Lane..and also our Border Collie Bess,the very first time I took her she kept looking at the slide then looking at me,so I said to her "go on then if you want to go on " so up she went and slid all the way down..she loved it and we couldn't keep her off ,all the children were shouting "come and watch this dog"..she had a whale of a time.oh how I miss that dog.

Comments by Julie, 12th March 2019  
My focus of attention is on the young black boy on the ladder , not on the slide itself . This is a very rare ( at least on WW ) picture , and should be valued enormously for historical record . It will give some insight to future generations as when other cultures came to live their lives in Wigan .
All the many pictures I see posted on WW are all white children .
This is fine if you choose to be frozen time , but gives absolutely nothing to the next generation of Wigganers. This picture by DTease , can at least give them some kind of insight , should they choose to look back historically. Without history , we are nothing , learn nothing , and will never ever grow .

Comments by Al, 25th March 2019  
Not only getting obese but also breathing in all of the EMF pollution from all the house gadgets that are using wifi and mobile phones. I can't imagine all of the Wi-Fi in schools it must having an effect on children's mental health, the headaches etc. I wonder why we're seeing such a rise in cancers even with children, and all the GMOs in our foods we are consuming every day.

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