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Aspull   Views: 1211
Wutchy woods   Comments: 19
Photo: DTease   Item #: 30924  
Wutchy woods

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 708px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  This vehicle was found abandoned in the deepest, darkest depths of the Wutchy Woods. It is believed to have belonged to a group of St Helens supporters who were foolish enough to follow their Satnav to Robin Park.
Experts who examined the scene think that the fact that the Beer Barrel was found to be bone dry may have been a factor in bringing about the tragedy.
The Wigan supporter who first stumbled on the scene failed to report his find for two weeks . When asked why this was he declared “ well, a wer goin’ on mi ‘olidays on’t same day”.
(Only joking)

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Comments by Arthur, 4th February 2019  
Don't understand this post?????

Comments by Stan, 4th February 2019  
Some good topsoil there.

Comments by Jarvo, 4th February 2019  
Wasn't there a song by the Eagles called 'Wutchie Woman'?

Comments by Veronica, 5th February 2019  
Fancy abandoning a barrel like that... It would have made two lovely planters cut in half! Some folk have no sense ....As for the car, unless I live in a bubble, it's not often you see them abandoned these days- or it's not heard of. It was common at one time I suppose - stealing cars and leaviing them burnt out, but now the 'robbers' go for the upper end of the scale to sell. It's not that long ago a man was killed outside his home by robbers who had stolen his car from his driveway. Come to think of it - you don't see 'old bangers' very often - owing to the more strict MOT tests I guess.

Comments by Alan, 5th February 2019  
Nothing to do with MOT's. Cars are made much better these days, they don't rust like they did unless they got bumped or untreated body damage. old Vauxhalls were one of the worst years ago but most were rust buckets.You were lucky to get three years out of a Datsun before the welder was used.

Comments by Jarvo, 5th February 2019  
Mk2 Ecort or Fiesta...I think.

Comments by Alan, 5th February 2019  
Vauxhall Astra.

Comments by Veronica, 5th February 2019  
MOT's still play a part. That's one of the main things checked for!

Comments by Alan, 5th February 2019  
Today, a car/van is more likely to fail an MOT on electrics or emissions than corroded bodywork.

Comments by Veronica, 5th February 2019  
That may be so - but cars can still fail with rust- there's no such thing as perfect rust proof bodywork especially underneath for that matter. Not everyone changes their car every couple of years either. Weather causes rust and salt on the road affects underneath.

Comments by Alan, 6th February 2019  
I never said a Rust Proof car, I said bodywork on cars are much better these days. Every car will rust in time, but nothing like years ago, like I said a vehicle these days is more likely to fail on emissions or warning dash lights than corroded bodywork.

Comments by Veronica, 6th February 2019  
My old mechanic looked after my little Nissan for ten years. He 'drummed' into me the use of 'owd engine oil' smeared underneath the car, as that was the main area were corrosion starts to take effect. This he did annually and he got my car through every MOT and it was old to start with without any welding. RIP Billy you did a grand job. I don't have the headache of any 'rusting' these days thank goodness! We'll leave it at that Alan....

Comments by Mr X, 6th February 2019  
I haven't been to the Wutchy Woods for a few years. At the top of the hill there is a good view of the Wigan skyline, and the churches of St Wilfrid, Standish, St Peter, Hindley, and Atherton and Westhoughton including the council offices can be seen. Also views to the Pennines, Cheshire, the Beetham Tower in Manchester and the cooling towers of Fiddlers Ferry power station. The burned out car with a barrel on top looks like a Mk2 Vauxhall Astra.

Comments by Alan, 6th February 2019  
Well done to Billy, owd engine oil was perfect to help stop rust underneath chassis and sills etc. But, no need to do that today. Billy proved with every MOT pass that owd oil works to help stop rust.

Comments by Veronica, 6th February 2019  
And I still got £500 pounds for it when I sold it!
If I had a car now - I would still do the same...

Comments by Alan, 6th February 2019  
As I've said before, no need to oil paint underneath today, modern cars are wax oiled and have covers under each wheel arch. (Phew, your hard work lady.)

Comments by Theresa Reeves, 7th February 2019  theresaforshawreeves@yahoo.co.uk 
Every body is entitled to their own opinion alan ,don't make you right in everything

Comments by Alan, 8th February 2019  
But I am right.

Comments by TJ, 11th February 2019  
It looks a prime contender for a Turner Art prize

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