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Billinge   Views: 959
Billinge Hill Beacon   Comments: 33
Photo: John Peters   Item #: 30627  
Billinge Hill Beacon

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 750px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Another watercolour from a different perspective. Acknowledgement to alamy for the photograph on which this painting is based.
I remember in the mid-60's the beacon was full of graffiti extolling the virtues of a certain rock band!

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Comments by GW., 5th July 2018  
A lovely image of a special place thanks John. All those delinquent graffiti artists. Where are they now?

Comments by Jarvo, 5th July 2018  
The Rolling Stones...

Comments by Philip G., 5th July 2018  
This path to the beacon is still the steepest John, but one of several that ultimately allows views across sixteen counties on a clear day. The DW Stadium is situated just to the right of the beacon, so to speak.
I wonder how many times it's been asked What's that Doofer thing at top o'Billinge Hill?

Comments by Julie, 5th July 2018  
Thanks Jarvo .

Comments by Jarvo, 5th July 2018  
The Rolling Stones, Jeb and CND. This place was an escape, and we camped late Friday night in a place that we named Stig's Dump. We stayed up nearly all night, making our way up to the summit to view the lights of Liverpool and to smell the Irish Sea on the breeze. What days were these: gone now with the ghosts of the sixties. I still look at it today and remember a time before technology and the cell phone. Ah, the burning of the midnight lamp...

Comments by Julie, 5th July 2018  
The best Jarvo ! Only wish more would spell it like you ...

Comments by jarvo, 6th July 2018  
Thank you, Julie.

Comments by Johnny, 6th July 2018  
Got it in one, Jarvo!
I can't recall ever walking up that way, Phil usually went via Beacon Road from Main Street. I remember Sundays in the summer at the Beacon where we would all meet up. And the more adventurous of us (you included) would go into the "haunted" woods at twilight!

Comments by Johnny, 6th July 2018  
You're most welcome G.W.

Comments by Julie, 6th July 2018  
The best Jarvo ! Only wish more would spell it like you ...

Comments by philip gormley, 6th July 2018  
What days were they indeed Jarvo, and all things westerly once lauded by you and your pals at daylight's end; graffiti cheapened by the diminutive sound of a solitary finch below, field glasses left intentionally far behind, and thoughts of tethered 'guys' equidistant.

They met the call of even' glow, that county's lantern wide
And savoured ozone on the crest, then puffed their chests with pride.

Henceforth a decade I had once sat atop at dusk, and pointed to a small isolated tree that resembled a human being with outstretched arms, on a ridge in the mid-distance. A short while later, I queried as to why it appeared to be situated some distance away from where it had originally stood, but I was duly met with an anxious "Are you feeling alright?".

Comments by Jarvo, 6th July 2018  
Shades of A.E. Housman, Philip. As dawn broke, we went back up after a fitful, short sleep. The cold light revealed empty beer bottles (not ours) strewn over the grass. The spirit stayed there, among the trees and in our humble camp. Someone once said that Jimi Hendrix paid a visit to the Beacon on one October night in 1968. It was said that he camped and mixed with locals, playing acoustic guitar and telling stories by the fire. I would like to believe that story, and it carries great significance in my life. I am of the spirit, Philip...Long may we live.

Comments by philip gormley, 6th July 2018  
Thanks for your kind response Jarvo.
A.E. Houseman, eh? I know next to nothing about him or his works other than the fact that he was a literary Big Gun, but I'll look at some of his titles first.
And Jimi with friends around a campfire - or should that be 'watchtower' -, on Billinge Hill would indeed have been somethin'. There had also been 'a' mention of Lennon eyeing-up 'the big house with a swimming pool, on Crank road' during The Sixties' - 'Imagine' him playing Bowls, at The Foot'? Nah!
I became interested in rhyme during May of last year, and have completed over forty of varying 'lengths' using ABCB scheme for each one. I'm now considering Free Verse, but online guidance can sometimes be a five-star hotel for contradictions i.e., rhyme allowed, no rhyme allowed, but I'll make some sense of it in due course.
However, I'll be sending Mr Peters an email quite soon cos' if I don't he'll be on to me before you can say Alex Young.

Comments by philip gormley, 7th July 2018  
Got him Jarvo, Got him. I was subconsciously aware of the Shropshire Lad collection of songs. - and lovely titles the songs have.

Comments by Poet, 7th July 2018  
I've just finished a book by hill lover Alfred Wainwright in which he describes being on Scafell one evening during the war watching Liverpool blazing under an air raid.
What an incredible amalgam of feelings that must have generated. Aloofness and solitude ? Concern and worry? Gratitude for the sanctuary of the hills?
Perhaps someone experienced this from Billinge hill.

Comments by Veronica, 7th July 2018  
I have enjoyed Wainwright's Walks on the Fells on TV and his drawings are brilliant. I believe his ashes have been scattered in his favourite spot up there. Imagine every chance he had to get up there probably away from his poor wife who had to have a meal ready for him on his return!

Comments by Poet, 7th July 2018  
AW rests at Inominate tarn on Haystacks near Buttermere. I have climbed up there many times. I've climbed every fell in the Lake District and say that it's the most beautiful place on earth. My spiritual home.

Comments by Maureen, 8th July 2018  
That's a lovely watercolour.

Comments by DTease, 8th July 2018  
No matter when you go to the Lake District, be it Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring there is a painting or photography opportunity around every corner.

Comments by Veronica, 8th July 2018  
If anyone is interested there's an Art exhibition soon in the community centre in Grasmere near the Heaton Cooper Gallery. It's always a really good display every year. It's a lovely village and were Wordsworth rests in the churchyard.

Comments by Veronica, 8th July 2018  
Yes - It's 'where' William Wordworth lies and his sister Dorothy.

Though nothing can bring the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind;

From Intimations of Immortality from early childhood

Comments by Jarvo, 8th July 2018  
Let's keep this to the topic, Billinge Hill. Is it really possible to see all those counties on a clear day? I've got to question that.

Comments by Veronica, 8th July 2018  
Jarvo with respect there are 3 pictures of Billinge Hill - sometimes it happens that there is a tendency to waver a bit. Especially with a water colour picture... I hope you gather your info on the counties anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if Billinge Hill can be seen from Scafell.

Comments by philip gormley, 8th July 2018  pg001g3340@blueyonder.co.uk 
I believe 'The Forces' had compiled the list of sixteen counties; Kirkcudbrightshire being the furthest from the Marilyn shown here - painted so nicely on Bockingford, by John.
Cumberland ... Westmorland, Cumberland Westmorland, yeah, Cumberland still has a crispness about it, though.

Comments by Johnny, 10th July 2018  
Thank you Maureen. How's your artistic endeavours?

Comments by Maureen, 10th July 2018  
Hello Johnny,I haven't done much lately,I want to paint but don't know what,it'll just come to me all at once,its strange but sometimes I feel like just dabbing loads of oil paint on a board and seeing what comes of it..I use both a palette board and block board to mix colours on and the block board I never clean when I've finished,but it looks lovely with all the different colours on.lol..what about yourself,apart from the lovely watercolour,have you done any more works of art.

Comments by Veronica, 10th July 2018  
Maureen you can get free photographs off the Internet - there's plenty inspiration on there. I've just done a seascape in watercolour - and one of Corbiere Lighthouse. I've Painted Laveder Fields as well from off there. Just type in what you would fancy in Google.

Comments by Maureen, 10th July 2018  
Thank you very much Veronica,I will certainly have a look.

Comments by Maureen, 10th July 2018  
Veronica I've picked one,hubby printing it off tomorrow.&#127912;

Comments by Johnny, 13th July 2018  
Hi Maureen
Done some abstract paintings lately. In fact done one yesterday in oil. Just squeezed the colours on to canvas and used palette knife! Got the tips from YouTube. But been to coast with my sketch pad this summer. I,m looking for a suitable pic of Wigan to paint.

Comments by Maureen, 13th July 2018  
Hello Johnny,don't you just love using a palette knife with oils,years ago I did an Edward Elgar portrait of using the knife..can you put your abstract on here ..Id love to see it.

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