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Church Street, Wigan   Views: 1713
Church Street, Wigan   Comments: 29
Photo: Brian   Item #: 29965  
Church Street, Wigan

Alert Image scaled down from 1000px to 717px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Church Street, Wigan, 1980s.
(Photo by John Metcalfe).

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Comments by Broady, 7th December 2017  
This place rings a bell but I just canít place it. Help.

Comments by Rev David Long, 7th December 2017  
That's St George's Church at the bottom of the row - it's still there. Does that help?

Comments by Sonia, 7th December 2017  
It's at the bottom of Standishgate further down thanks Primark where the car park is now.

Comments by JB, 7th December 2017  
Broady this building is the drill hall

Comments by Pw, 7th December 2017  
The building has now gone but the church and the cobbled street are still there .It is going down from Standishgate heading towards the old Central Park.

Comments by Sniltub, 7th December 2017  
The building on the left was the side of the Co-op. You could get to the cafe which was where the upstairs windows are, and also the Co-op dentist used to be there.

Comments by Veronica, 7th December 2017  
Every Saturday for years I walked along the cobbles of this street turning right at the bottom and going in the side entrance of the old Co- Op building. This picture does stir up the memories.

Comments by John D, 7th December 2017  
The street is actually WaterStreet. Church Street runs across the bottom.

Comments by broady, 7th December 2017  
Thank you.

Comments by Cyril, 7th December 2017  
There was a bar in the upstairs room where the bay windows are, a gang of us went up there in the early 1970s and this fellow with a twitching moustache quick marched up, questioned us, and told us to quickly drink up and leave as we wasn't in the TA.

There's talk that the TA are to leave their present HQ on Woodhouse Lane to join the Air and Sea Cadets in a combined HQ where what is now the market hall when that is moved over to Marketgate.

Comments by Bill, 7th December 2017  
I think that was the coop building. The entrance to the cafe was to the left.

Comments by Bill, 7th December 2017  
At the top of rhe street on Standishgate was the Dog ith Thatch on the right and the coop was on the left looking towards St Georgeís church.
The drill Hall was on Powell st ,and it was on that block.
Only a small portion of the coop was on Powell St.

Comments by Pw, 7th December 2017  
John D.Iam sure this is Church St.There is good photo on album ,places,drill hall showing this building being demolished

Comments by John D, 7th December 2017  
Pw, I hold my hand up. After consulting my trusty Wigan A to Z it is indeed Church Street and Water Street runs along the bottom.

Comments by GT, 7th December 2017  
The building on the left is the rear of the old Drill Hall in Church St. Water St is along the bottom where St. Georges church is. The front of the Drill Hall was in Powell St and is now under the dual carriageway. It was opened in the 1880's and was demolished in 1986. In 1914 the 5th Manchester's reported for active service here before sailing off for the Middle East and then Gallioli.

Comments by Bill, 7th December 2017  
Sorry GT the building you see is the coop.The whole of the coop building wrapped round the Drill Hall.Just look at the different angles on WW pictures.

Comments by Sniltub, 7th December 2017  
As an employee of the co-op for 39 years I can assure you THIS IS THE CO-OP

Comments by Norman Cunliffe, 8th December 2017  ncunliffe1@hotmail.com 
I can't say how much of this building was or was not part of the Co-op. However, what I can say with 100% certainty is that the entrance on the extreme left of the photo is the rear entrance to the Drill Hall.

Comments by Rev David Long, 8th December 2017  david@scars.org.uk 
Item 4005 in the Album (Assorted, 5th Battn. Manchester Regt) shows the officers of the 1st/5th Manchesters posed outside their barracks. It is quite plainly this building.
Fred Holcroft used a larger version of the image in his book on the Gallipoli Campaign, 'Just Like Hell', which Wigan Archives hold. In that image the bay windows on the 1st floor are in view, and St George's Church is dimly visible across the bottom of the road.
However, there is a major difference compared with this image. The doorway, with its two distinctive small windows alongside, appears with a canopy - but is under the third bay of the bayed section seen here - but you can see that the doorway is six bays up from the bails end section in this image. Also, the bayless section here has two windows - whereas in the 1914 pic it has three.
To square with this, this side of the Drill Hall must have been altered at some stage - and it must also have had a change of use to have become the Co-op, as some here have stated.

Comments by Cyril, 8th December 2017  
This is a photo of the Drill Hall, the Co-op Emporium was further up, out of shot to the left of the photo would have been the big shutter of the Co-op loading bay, plus the Co-op was built in the 1930s and was a plain building compared to the Drill Hall. See photo on Album: http://www.wiganworld.co.uk/album/photo.php?opt=5&id=28194&gallery=Wigan+CO-OP+&offset=200

Comments by DerekB, 8th December 2017  
On the opposite side of these buildings on Water St was St George's church hall - went to a few wedding receptions there in the 60s.

Comments by Norman Cunliffe, 9th December 2017  ncunliffe1@hotmail.com 
Can I correct you DerekB? On the opposite side of Church St.(not Water St.) was St.George's Church Hall,known as the Parish Rooms. I spent many hours in there.

Comments by Pw, 9th December 2017  
Could the church hall have been opposite Church St and Water St?

Comments by DeerekB, 9th December 2017  
You are quite right, Norman. I should have known better than confuse Water St. and Church St. as one who was christened in St George's and went to St. George's school in my early years of schooling.

Comments by DerekB, 9th December 2017  
Ray, only a couple of weeks ago I was talking to an acquaintance from Bolton who posed the question "What is it with you lot in Wigan?" Recently he stopped an elderly man to ask directions when driving in Wigan and he replied "Aye lad, carry on through the next three sets of robots and turn left" and thought to himself Robots, what the hell are robots? He claimed never to have heard the expression in Bolton and asked if I was familiar with it. I told him I had completely forgotten it but remembered my grandparents using it in respect of traffic lights when I was a kid.

Comments by DerekB, 9th December 2017  
Sorry folks - I have posted the last comment against the wrong subject.

Comments by A.W., 11th December 2017  
Remember doing Antique Fairs And Fleamarkets in the late 70's and 1980's, before the days of Car Boots! lol.

Comments by Norman Cunliffe, 11th December 2017  ncunliffe1@hotmail.com 
Hello DerekB,I think we must have followed in each other's footsteps with regard to St.George's Church and School. I left St.George's School in 1943. Mr.Mortimer was my headmaster; somewhat before your time maybe. If we were contemporaries, very nice to talk to you again.

Comments by DerekB, 11th December 2017  
Hi Norman, we must have both been at St.George's for a short period - I started in 1942, when Mr.Mortimer must have been headmaster, but I only remember a Mr.Gregory as headmaster. We moved from Whelley to Beech Hill when I was seven but I carried on at St.George's until I was eleven. Regards.

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