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Billinge   Views: 1473
St Aidan's Church, Walking Day - c1956.   Comments: 20
Photo: Philip Gormley.   Item #: 29849  
St Aidan's Church, Walking Day - c1956.
  Yours truly looking fixedly towards Bankes Park; probably in anticipation of the Fun 'n' Games that took place across the Park's surface, later that afternoon. The completed walk was in excess of one and a half miles.  

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Comments by DTease, 1st November 2017  
Philip, you look very neat and tidy there but the look on your face tells me that you would rather have been back up that tree.

Comments by Linda massa, 2nd November 2017  
That look Philip says it all, I'd rather be climbing that tree.

Comments by Veronica, 2nd November 2017  
'How long before I can get away from all this palaver'!

Comments by Veronica, 2nd November 2017  
In fact Philip you look as if you are 'off your tree' wearing that 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' outfit !

Comments by Philip Gormley., 2nd November 2017  
V.B., Linda, DTease too
Showing mien of homely crew.

Comments by TD,., 2nd November 2017  
Very smart outfits and you look fighting fit Phillip. Was there a tug of war challenge in the park later?

Comments by Philip Gormley., 2nd November 2017  
TD: Thanks for you kind compliments. The Fun 'n' Games certainly included the Sack, Egg 'n' Spoon, and Sprint races, but I can't recall the Tug of War having been contested. The 'Games were always well-attended (Item 29700), and prizes awarded to the first three home. I remember winning the Sprint Race, on two separate occasions, and being awarded a 'Corky' ball, and steel-bladed dagger ... ouch! for my efforts. Another abiding memory is of running in-between the many small groups of people that seemed to occupy every part of Bankes Park. Early impressions, and Golden Days for sure.

Comments by TD,., 3rd November 2017  
Philip: Top of the rostrum again for bringing back great memories of such occasions.Thanks champ.

Comments by Helen B, 3rd November 2017  
We used to call the 'fun and games' "THE FIELD TREAT". Anyone else remember that name?

Comments by Eric W, 3rd November 2017  ericwinstanley@virginmedia.com 
I remember Field Treat occasions at Holy Trinity. It was on a different day to the walking day. Both days sadly missed.

Comments by whups, 3rd November 2017  
did you go across to the stork for a lemonade phil ? .

Comments by Helen B, 3rd November 2017  
I attended St Luke's, Orrell. We walked Saturday, and also Sunday. The 'Field Treat' took place on Holgate Playing Fields after the walk on Saturday, and included refreshments.

Comments by Broady, 3rd November 2017  
I went to Abram St. John’s and we walked on the Saturday, Sunday and the following Sunday. If I remember correctly we walked to Bamfurlong on the second Sunday to meet up with the mission. We had a tea on the first Saturday in the school and then up to the park for the “ Olympics”

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd November 2017  
Eric W. You're quite right, sir: Walking Day's won't ever be the same, but thank God for the Brownie camera et al.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd November 2017  
Whups: I never went to The Stork' for a lemonade, but I do remember going there, on one occasion, for one white rose. I'd just been 'done up' by my mother, then on the spur of the moment, I legged it to the rambler that was in full flow, near to the site of the pub's old bowling green. Job done!

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd November 2017  
Broady: You walked three days! What in heaven's name did you have for your breakfasts. Abram, and Platt Bridge were always hot beds for good pins, though, i.e., Francis Calter, Paul Roby.

Comments by broady, 3rd November 2017  
You're right there Philip. Francis and his brothers were all good sportsmen as was Paul Roby (RIP) Presume we are on the same one.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 3rd November 2017  
Broady: I didn't know that we had lost Paul Roby.
I remember the Wigan Schoolboys sessions, up at Woodhouse, and found Paul to have been particularly helpful, 'pally' if you like.
Paul and Francis had played alongside each other in the Holy Family team - I regard both, as having been up there with the best. Regards.

Comments by broady, 4th November 2017  
Philip, I think we are off different Paul Roby's. The one I refer to would only have been in his 40's.

Comments by Philip Gormley., 4th November 2017  
Broady: Thanks for that.
The Paul Roby whom I referred to, can be seen on Item 4506. And the death of a friend is particularly sad. Regards.

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