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Garswood   Views: 1397
Garswood & Simms Lane labour club.   Comments: 13
Photo: . Ozymandias .   Item #: 29151  
Garswood & Simms Lane labour club.
  Taken on the labour club car park in the spring of 1982. Harry Heaton, left, Jack Heaton, centre and Brian (Herr Bock) Halliwell on the right. Entrance to the bowling green just to Brian's left.  

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Comments by DTease, 3rd March 2017  
It's obvious from Jack's toolkit that he is a skilled D.I.Y professional, just like myself. Not for us all these electrifated gadgets. Who needs electric drills when you can knock a hole through a piece of wood with a screwdriver and a Fitter's Friend. Who needs an electric Plane when you can lose two gallons of sweat wrassling with a Stanley Block Plane?
I don't know, these young Uns today are always looking for the easiest way of doing things instead of working their fingers to the bone like what we used to do.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 3rd March 2017  
To be fair DTease, I suspect Jack just borrowed the tools specifically for the photo shoot, whereas in reality, the real craftsman was the bloke with the flat cap and hand knitted jumper. But thee and me were obviously cast in the same mould DTease, as I feel obliged to agree, who needs power tools? The closest I've ever come to a power tool is a 'Yankee' screwdriver. O.k., It may take me twice as long to complete a job as the bloke down the street with the Bosch this and the De Walt that, but the difference is, I could do the job in the middle of the Gobi desert if the situation demanded, independent of the grid, whereas he would require a 300 mile long extension lead, not to mention a robust bank balance. No contest in my book.
All the best. Ozy.

Comments by Albert., 3rd March 2017  
In today's laws,If you try to protect your property by surrounding your fences, or walls, with barbed wire, or broken glass, you leave yourself open to be sued, by any person who injures themselves on such deterrents. Even if they are entering your property for illegal purposes. I think it is nonsensical, but that's the law.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 3rd March 2017  
" if the law supposes that, " said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, " the law is an ass - an idiot. "........1838. Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist. Ch.61....,,,,,nothing much has changed in the intervening 179 years really, has it Albert?

Comments by DTease, 4th March 2017  
Have you noticed Ozy, how the workmen and women of today seem to have a need to carry all the tools they own about their person? I am of the opinion that the rise in crime in this country is, in large part due to the amount of baggage that poor old PC Plod is expected to adorn his person with. If by mistake, he finds himself on foot in the street and witnesses a crime being committed the poor beggar is so overloaded that he has no chance of catching a 90-year-old flasher with a white stick. if the powers that be pile any more junk on Mr Plod they'll have to provide him with a hoist to get him on his bike. he's carrying more weight than Ann Widdicome's Horse!

Comments by jj, 4th March 2017  
The gentleman on the right is a dead ringer for Dr Spock (I hope he doesn't mind me saying so!).

Comments by Veronica B, 4th March 2017  
The one in the middle is very handsome! Dad looks a character!

Comments by John G, 4th March 2017  
DTease: If ever I am lucky enough to get to the grand old age of 90, be able to Flash and out run a copper I for one will be well made up!

Comments by whups, 4th March 2017  
couple of characters there ozy . i knew them all .

Comments by Albert, 4th March 2017  
Qzzy. An excellent way of protecting your property without falling foul of the law, is, if possible, plant Pyracantha, on the inside of your fencing. No intruder will risk getting entangled with the vicious spikes the plant produces. It also produces colourful berries, two varieties, red, or orange. It also blossoms.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 4th March 2017  
Does Brian's daughter still come on the Downall Greener's site whups ? I recall she was asking for photos of her dad a while back, and I've got one or two photos with Brian on.

Comments by whups, 5th March 2017  
not much from what iv,e seen ozy.

Comments by Sharon Price, 9th March 2017  Sharonprice16@aol.com 
My granddad is on the left and Jack was my Uncle my Mums brother, don`t remember him working as carpenter or anything like that he used too drive small trucks before he got ill , Both are no longer around but will be great memories for my mum x

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