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School Street Off Greenhough St   Views: 928
School Street, Wigan.   Comments: 15
Photo: Barry Carter   Item #: 31897  
School Street, Wigan.

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  This photo was taken in 1901. Found it years ago in the Wigan History shop photo albums. My Gt Gt G/parents James and Jane Carter lived at 15 School Street from about 1910ish.  

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Comments by Irene Roberts, 9th February 2020  tizziesgirl@gmail.com 
What a piece of Wigan history! Thankyou so much for sharing this with us.

Comments by phred, 10th February 2020  frederick.cunliffe@gmail.com 
I was born at no.66!

Comments by John, 10th February 2020  
Can someone give the location of School St. please

Comments by Veronica, 10th February 2020  
I might be wrong but at one end you could come out in Greenough St and the other end near Crompton St also Upper Morris St ran into the middle??
Just guessing as I think I cut through the street when going 'up town' from Scholes. It's a long, long time ago...

Comments by FrW, 11th February 2020  
Where are they now ?
What's left of this place,
are memories still present,
or gone without trace.
The people who lived here,
the children who played,
the grind of the daily,
that only graft made.
So what does it matter,
to someone like you ,
it's really quite simple,
this picture is true..

Comments by Philip G., 11th February 2020  
Your quern sits nicely mid-stream, FW.

Comments by Helen B, 11th February 2020  
A great nostalgic photograph.
My 2x Great Grandparents lived in School Street in 1841 with my Great Grandfather, then a boy of about 3.
I bet it looked different again at that time.

Comments by Helen B, 11th February 2020  
Barry Carter.
Sorry to pry, but do you have connections to Powell/Houghton by any chance?

Comments by TommyT, 11th February 2020  
Looking at an old map School St started from Greenough St, went through Boyswell Lane then Kay St, Upper Morris St, Lower Morris St and came out on School Lane near the Little theatre.

Comments by John, 11th February 2020  
John, School Street ran from Greenough Street more or less on the same line as the new Morris Street, in a straight line to School Lane, at the corner of Orchard Street (still there) just near the Little Theatre. I think a bit of School Street is still there in the middle of the new property,
another John.

Comments by John Brown, 11th February 2020  
Barry: I was born in School St. At the Greenough st end (no 72. . . I think) My mother's maiden name was Carter!

Comments by Barry Carter, 12th February 2020  bretrac@blueyonder.co.uk 
Hi Helen, yes on my wife side of the family. How are you connected?
Hi John, when I was keen and first started out doing the old family tree I looked at the old Wigan Burgess books and there were Carters living at No 15, 21, 23 and 27 at around 1912 to 1920. I don't remember having links to a Brown though John.

Comments by Helen B, 13th February 2020  
I sent you an email message

Comments by Norman Cunliffe, 14th February 2020  ncunliffe1@hotmail.com 
In the 1930's I lived at No.32.At 34 were the Moran's and at 30 the Urmstans. One of the Urmstan famlily was a train driver and had a 'Knocker-up'very early every morning. All the houses had coal fires; our coal place was inside the house;my mother and Aunty hid in there whenever there was thunder.During a thunder storm, the back door had to be left open in case a fire ball came down the chimney.My mother used to put a chair at the front of the house and chat with Mrs.Johnson who lived across the street. Our lives are now so very different and better(?) but what wouldn't we give to be able to sit in the street and chat to a neighbour

Comments by Veronica, 22nd February 2020  
That's something I remember well - the old ladies who sat on chairs outside their front doors in the summer months. I recall one lady who just used to stand on one leg with her other leg tucked up behind, like an ostrich, and leant with her shoulder on the wall!,,I was baffled at how she could do that!
Perhaps she had been a ballet dancer or gymnast in a former life!

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