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KIng st   Views: 1502
King Street   Comments: 15
Photo: Tom Sutch   Item #: 31202  
King Street
  King Street March 2005, plain pavement now.  

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Comments by Helen of Troy, 8th May 2019  
See what did I say the other day....a few days wonder before it disappears. What was the purpose of putting it there, obviously denoting some music went on in King St at some time....surplus to reqirements today.

Comments by Albert.S., 8th May 2019  
It has greatly changed since I walked it as part of my beat in the late fifties, and very early sixties

Comments by bewley, 8th May 2019  
The filthiest street in Wigan.

Comments by Julie, 8th May 2019  
All that matters now is money ! Money against History will always go to the former . This is all I have been trying to say , you cannot stop this flowing river called Change ! You can either get on the boat or choose not to .
I am 100% WW , but I also recognise that our future Helen , is now in the hands of snowflakes . Good or Bad ! But , life unfortunately, does not move backwards. I wish it did ..

Comments by Helen of Troy, 9th May 2019  
Powers that be could get their act together Julie & stop wasting money !

Comments by Alan, 9th May 2019  
No wonder there's traffic jams

Comments by Alan, 9th May 2019  
It does move back, go and visit Museums.

Comments by Veronica, 9th May 2019  
Well I for one would rather have the street as it was years ago - ne'er mind change- it is a diabolical mess! ( especially on weekend nights)

Comments by Veronica, 9th May 2019  
When Wigan Council allowed all these nightclubs in King St they probably thought it would be very chic and select to copy from the big cities. For example Annabell's and Bougies where the royals go in London. Instead it's the exact opposite - sleazy clubs with half dressed girls sitting in the middle of the road. I witnessed this myself after a train journey to Edinburgh and having left my car in Hardybutts a few years ago. It unnerved me to walk down there - I thought of 'Sodom and Gommorah' looking at the crowds of lads and girls. It was horrible - never done that since. It was only 10'o' clock at night and still light!

Comments by fred foster, 9th May 2019  ff001a5024@blueyonder.co.uk 
The building on the right which has a sign "Maloneys" had a gym on the top floor run by the NCB for miners who had been injured. at work.I went there after smashing my left hand in 1962. If you went to the baths afterwards, you got a ticket for a meal at the Savoy chippie on the market square, for half a crown

Comments by Sir Bob, 9th May 2019  
If you look closely at the pavement mural, it is actually disintegrating, it had worn out with all the walking being done on it day and night, so the Council removed it.

Comments by Garry, 9th May 2019  
I'd go back to the 1960s right now.

Comments by Poet, 10th May 2019  
This street has probably seen them all! Teds, Rockers. Mods.
Hippies. Punks. Goths. The kids don't seem to be 'anything' today. What happened to 'youth culture'?

Comments by Helen of Troy, 10th May 2019  
Well, it was obviously a sculpture that wasnt fit for the purpose...so a waste of money.

Comments by Veronica, 11th May 2019  
I notice some young lads wearing tight trousers with the gussets really low down and a strange hairstyle as opposed to shaved heads. I wondered if they are a ' different' group? Also seem to wear black mostly - perhaps a kind of updated 'Goth'?

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