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Mesnes St   Views: 2277
Market Hotel View   Comments: 37
Photo: mike   Item #: 30893  
Market Hotel View

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  Market Hotel Taken from a street whose name escapes me,looking at the Mini car reg f makes it at least 1968.  

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Comments by John, 11th January 2019  
Marsden street?

Comments by Veronica, 11th January 2019  
Seems like yesterday to me...at least the street still exists.

Comments by Ben, 11th January 2019  
I wonder if that's the same Traffic Warden who booked me in the same street, years later, even though the double yellow lines were practically obliterated. Great photo.

Comments by RON HUNT, 11th January 2019  
What a great photograph of the town before the MODERN PLANNERS started their revitalisation plans!!!!! I completely forgot about the shop next to the Market Even now thinking back I can't remember what it sold?

Comments by Dave Lewis, 11th January 2019  
Great pic mike, yes it is Marsden st where the chambers was is now Galleries loading bay, and on right where the two ladies are is now B&M bargains.

Comments by Veronica, 11th January 2019  
I would like to know what was sold in the Market Chambers! I vaguely remember it but like Ron can't think what was in there..I am sure there is somebody who knows.

Comments by Albert, 11th January 2019  
Opposite the Market Hotel was the Royal Arcade, and on the corner was a jeweller’s. One snowy night in 1959, a smash and grab took place at this jewellers. Bill Cox, a Wigan constable, tracked the footprints, in the snow, and felt the culprits collars, in the Dickinson Street area. The owner’s of the the jeweller’s put a notice in their window, congratulating the police for their actions, and tenacity.

Comments by Pw, 11th January 2019  
Been into Wigan this morning and stood where this photo was taken.Nice to see some buildings are more or less the same even the windows

Comments by Rob, 11th January 2019  
A couple of years after this pic was taken, John Earl had his travel agency in one of the Market Chambers shops, and Royal Liver insurance had an office upstairs.

Comments by Albert., 11th January 2019  
Pe. Would have been nice to see a photograph, now, and then, to see what contrast that has taken place, since 1968, for Wiganers’ that do live far away.

Comments by Maureen, 11th January 2019  
Albert,I knew Bill Cox..his Sister Pauline was a good friend of mine from Schooldays..and his photo can be seen on "Album"under the Wigan Boys band.

Comments by Cyril, 11th January 2019  
There was a saddlers workshop down the ginnel between Market Chambers and the Market Hotel, they made amongst other leather goods; bespoke leather belts with big brass buckles, I had one made for me there.

Memories of Marsden St: http://www.wiganworld.co.uk/stuff/mem5.php?opt=memories

Comments by RON HUNT, 11th January 2019  
I can remember John Earl's Travel Agents being there now. He then moved opposite Wallgate Station, the end shop before the entry in to what was the Goods Yard now a car park. My mate Dave Twist worked there

Comments by TommyT, 11th January 2019  
Wife says the shop in the middle and directly under the Market Buildings sign was Charles Scott shoe shop.
The shop is now called California nails and I don't think they are the sort you knock in wood.

Comments by Kenee, 11th January 2019  
I worked for Knott Mill Carpets in 1969, roughly where this photo was taken from, so it would have looked like this then. Behind the camera and above the shop was the Wishbone restaurant, I didn't go in there but regularly had a pie and pint at dinner time in the Market.

Comments by Rob, 11th January 2019  
Ron - the travel agents opposite Wallgate station was Frames's. I used to know the manager, John Winnard. See Item #: 22870 in the Wallgate album.
I don't think John Earl ever moved from Marsden St.

Comments by Albert, 11th January 2019  
My mother in law, Mrs Doris Ashcroft, worked for several years at the Market Hotel. Photograph, first one, at the top of the column WORK, shows those that worked at the Market Hotel.

Comments by RON HUNT, 11th January 2019  
Hi Rob yes I know it was FRAMES TOURS but I thought that John Earl took it over, or became the manager? But as you say the manager's name was John I may be getting it mixed up<g>

Comments by Jeanette, 11th January 2019  
It was Frames travel in Wallgate. We always booked our holidays with them and we booked our honeymoon through them in 1981.

Comments by dave johnson, 11th January 2019  
john earle moved to mesnes terrace opposite the main gates to the park.

Comments by Mr X, 12th January 2019  
MBL172E isn't a local registration, it is from Berkshire! This Ford Anglia parked in Marsden Street was new in 1967. Across the road are three Minis, unfortunately the trio are not in red, white and blue as memorable in the Italian Job film. Lancashire United, Ribble, Wigan, Leigh and St Helens corporation buses went on Marsden Street to get to the bus station.

Comments by Tommy P, 12th January 2019  
Mesnes Park Terrace is the street you men Dave Johnson. It runs from the main park gates, past the old grammar school to Parsons Walk.
Mesnes Terrace was the street that ran parallel to Marsden st, with Warburtons furniture shop and Hope st Church on the corners

Comments by dave johnson, 12th January 2019  
what i meant was bridgeman terrace on the corner of wrightington st, sorry for the confusion.

Comments by Ian., 12th January 2019  
I remember the saddlers I can still smell the leather!
As kids we used to buy decorative studs from there to attach to our belts. He would pierce the belt and attach them for us.

Comments by Peter, 12th January 2019  
John Earl died very suddenly about 15 years ago. He was a nice chap.

Comments by Barrie, 13th January 2019  
What a change in 50 years! 2 banks close together- now you are lucky to find one. 3 minis in a row, nowadays it is BMW's,Merc's & Audi's that are parked in streets (providing there is parking allowed.) A "friendly"traffic warden ? rather than now the "cash cow" officers. Streets clean instead of now being strewn with litter and other garbage. People walking about looking instead of being "glued" to their gadgets and not looking where they walk.A great reminder of yesteryear.

Comments by RON HUNT, 13th January 2019  
I think this is the first pub I went into? When I started work at John Englands aged 16, I with some other guys used to go here for our dinner. A pie( best pies I have ever tasted, no question) and half of Youngers IPA. I think it cost about 1s 8d. It only seems like yesterday. I can remember it so vividly.

Comments by Cyril, 13th January 2019  
You can make out the name Charles Scott on the window sunblind of the shop between Watkins bake house and Barclays Bank, so wonder if the shop had moved over there by then. Other shops on Marsden St mentioned on wiganworld are: Sisson's fabric shop, Foley & Scott photographic studio, Stones jewellers, Baby Boutique and Edwards pies.
I remember in the 1970s there was also The Cheese Kabin.

There's a good letter about the history 1931 to 1976 of the Market Hotel written for Past Forward magazine, Issue 29. Autumn/Winter 2001, pages 14 and 15, by L. M. Cook, son and grandson of the licensees. I shall post details on The Forum.

Comments by DTease, 13th January 2019  
Wasn't there a small Bar at the side of the Market Hotel commonly known as "The Horsebox"? Or am I thinking of somewhere else?

Comments by dave johnson, 14th January 2019  
as you walked in there was a small snug/smoke room on the right hand side.

Comments by Cyril, 14th January 2019  
DTease, there was a small bar on the Marsden St side, behind the doors below the Younger's beer sign, no idea if it was nicknamed the horsebox, though you could probably get three folks in with a push.

Comments by Rob, 14th January 2019  
That was the Market Hotel vault, never heard it called the Horsebox though.

Comments by DTease, 14th January 2019  
That would be the one I was thinking of Cyril.

Comments by RON HUNT, 14th January 2019  
The window under the Youngers sign was the side window of the MEN ONLY BAR. As you went in from Mesnes street it was first door on the left.

Comments by Cyril, 16th January 2019  
There was a small bar area between the back lounge and the men only room and the entrance was on Marsden Street, you entered through the door you can see on the photo - below left of the Younger's sign, as I remember two or three folks would probably have filled it, it was more often likely used for off licence sales.

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