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Wallgate   Views: 2287
1972 - Wallgate   Comments: 16
Photo: John Gaskell   Item #: 30794  
1972 -  Wallgate

Alert Image scaled down from 894px to 883px wide Click here, or click the photo to view original
  Close to top of Library St; looking down from office of R Gregson, Insurance Broker. I believe Ron is still around and would love to hear from him  

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Comments by Veronica, 16th October 2018  
Remember buying clothes from Joan Barrie's in the sixties. Quite a few dress shops then, you could take your pick.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 17th October 2018  
It doesnt look alot different in 1972 to when I knew Wigan in 1953...before the rot set in ??

Comments by Ed, 18th October 2018  
Can anyone name the cars on the photograph.

Comments by Ed, 18th October 2018  
Can anyone name the shop withthe red sign nearthe bus that is parked up.

Comments by Andy C, 18th October 2018  
It's called True Form Ed, If you look at the 1982 photo of Marketplace a few post's on it's still there, but then with a different coloured sign!

Comments by Veronica, 18th October 2018  
Is it True Form (shoe shop)?

Comments by Maureen, 18th October 2018  
Ed,I'm sure it's True Form.

Comments by Suesa, 18th October 2018  
That is True-Form shoe shop Ed

Comments by John Gaskell, 18th October 2018  
True Form, the red sign; A shoe shop

Comments by DerekB, 19th October 2018  
Ed, the cars going towards Wallgate are Ford Escort (next to the bus), the two white cars behind it are Morris or Austin 1100 and behind that a Morris Minor. Not sure of the two behind the bus but think the fawn one is a Hillman Minx.

Comments by Ray, 19th October 2018  
Ed, I can identify most of the vehicles. 3 Leyland Wigan Corporation buses, I Albion Lowlander bus of Ribble,
a Volkswagen van, a Vauxhall Viva, a Morris 1000, an Austin 1100, a Ford Escort,and a Skip Lorry.

Comments by Mr X, 19th October 2018  
By 1972 the police officer on traffic duty had finished, but Market Place was still the main route through town, with two way traffic for another year. Cars are two Ford Escorts, an Austin or Morris 1100, Volkswagen van, Vauxhall Victor FD, Morris Minor, and a Hillman Hunter or Singer Vogue. There is a Ribble Albion Lowlander bus, and three corporation Leylands, being front entrance short PD2s DEK2-3D, DEK4-7E and FEK1-9F with two rear windows. Earlier longer PD3s EJP501-510, GJP8-19, HEK705-707 and HJP1-11 have three windows, not sure if 1962-64 PD2s JJP502-509, KEK739-750, AEK1-10B had two or three windows.

Comments by English Electric, 20th October 2018  
I was interested to see the two-way traffic arrangements still in place for Market Street and Market Place in this picture dated 1972.

Does anyone know (Mr X sounds like a fount of knowledge) exactly when the original gyratory one-way road system was implemented around Millgate, Rodney St and Harrogate St?

I clearly remember the first time I experienced that new one-way system on the eastern side of the town centre was with my mother on a No. 3 Corporation bus to Hindley. During that journey my mother was chatting with another passenger about the outrageous increases in bus fares, and how you didn't realise that the 5p it now cost to get to Hindley was actually a whole shilling.

This would put that bus ride some time after "D-Day" in Feb 1971 - and before this photo taken in Wallgate. Was the 1970s one-way system introduced in stages or have I got my dates mixed up?

Comments by Alan Wright, 20th October 2018  
So good to see the old Walkers sign on the right hand side. A guarantee [landlord-willing!] of a great pint of bitter.

Comments by Al, 23rd October 2018  
Lots of cars here that would be the lust of retro classic car enthusiasts today. That Escort, if its a rare model or had any significant history to it, would be worth quite a few Bob today; there's an MK1 Escort on eBay in Wigan for sale as I speak for 65 grand. Utterly ridiculous money some of these cars fetch now. At least those cars still had charm and character about them - and vibrant colours, now they're soulless and sport dull grey and silver colours.

Comments by baker, 25th October 2018  
i had a holiday in a mark1 escort 1300 estate,when my cortina was off the road with clutch problems.i kept tapping the petrol guage from birmingham down to the isle of wight must have got close to 45mpg out of that escort.on my return the cortina went in for part exchange for an escort estate.happy days

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