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Fleet street pemberton   Views: 1856
owd lomera greeners   Comments: 28
Photo: t darbyshire   Item #: 30770  
owd lomera greeners
  My grandad 3rd from left and 3 of his mates in Fleet street 1954.  

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Comments by MarieM, 4th October 2018  
Brilliant photo

Comments by Veronica, 4th October 2018  
Another glance into the misty past that I remember well. Everybody's grandad looked the same to us children. It seems to me it was the clothes they wore that made them look older than they actually were. At my age now, your granddad looks quite youthful next to the obviously older gentleman T. Thanks for sharing the photo and another glimpse into a time long gone. Definitely a photograph to treasure.

Comments by irene roberts, 4th October 2018  
I agree with Veronica. This is real Wigan World material. Thankyou for letting us see it. Imagine how amazed those gentlemen would be, knowing we could see them on the internet!

Comments by Poet, 4th October 2018  
These gents seem from another world almost. You wouldn't think this was the 50,s. Jazz, rock n' roll and Teddy Boys must have seemed apocalyptic to them.

Comments by Helen of Troy, 4th October 2018  
Yes, what a wonderful photo. Can someone tell me what Lomera Greeners means or who they were ?

Comments by Jarvo, 4th October 2018  
With all due respect, poet, this was the early fifties, and only nine years after the war. I think the Teds were a couple of years away. 1954...the year that I was born, and Wolverhampton Wanderers won the league title.

Comments by Veronica, 4th October 2018  
My dad used to call the people from Lamberhead Green 'Lommera Greeners' Helen. Incidentally after the 1st WW The Roaring Twenties (more so in America) came into being so I think that generation would have become attuned to the music - when the fifties music was being played with It's Jazzy, earthy undertones. Mind you they may not have 'liked' it!

Comments by t darbyshire, 4th October 2018  
Lamberhead Green Pemberton Helen. When you look at the photo the gap between my grandad and the person on his left, you can see the first house in Lamberhead road, which was built around 1952.

Comments by irene roberts, 4th October 2018  
Lommera Green is Wigan dialect for Lamberhead Green.

Comments by irene roberts, 4th October 2018  
Apologies, Veronica....I hadn't noticed that you had already explained that Lommera Green was Lamberhead Green! xx Jarvo, I thought you were older than me! xx

Comments by Veronica, 4th October 2018  
No need to apologise Irene- none of us know what t'other is going to write ..... Thanks anyway.

Comments by Poet, 4th October 2018  
Dressing young was an unknown concept to these gents. Already middle aged by the roaring twenties they were the last generation not to experience some form of youth culture. Unflinching unchanging Victorians to a man.

Comments by Poet, 4th October 2018  
Jarvo, I've had a quick gander on Google regarding the Teds.
Seems the first newspaper reference to them was in the Daily Mirror, September 23rd 1953.

Comments by Jarvo, 4th October 2018  
Irene: It seems you were in the class above me; my sister Pam was in that one. You were born in 52/53? What a great year to be born in...In fact, what a great decade. Years away from the bloody internet...x

Comments by Helen of Troy, 4th October 2018  
Thanks Veronica...and Irene. Lovely term to use !

Comments by irene roberts, 4th October 2018  
Jarvo, I was born on the 6th October 1952 and I will be 66 on Saturday. I just always thought for some reason that you were older than me! xx

Comments by Veronica, 5th October 2018  
I recall the very first time I saw a Teddy Boy. Sat on the doorstep with a playmate we watched a lad called Roy who lived in the corner shop walk by, I say walked, but it was more of a bounce on his crepe soled shoes! He would have been about 17 yrs old and was wearing 'drainpipes' and shocking pink socks. His jacket reached to his knees and he had a large quiff in his hair which was combed into what was called a 'duck's a---e'! I was only 6 yrs old and never forgot the sight of him. It must have been shocking at the time to all and sundry - especially ex- service men. I really like those socks though!

Comments by fred foster, 5th October 2018  ff001a5024@blueyonder.co.uk 
I once heard or read that Lamberhead was a corruption of Laud Mary's Head that is praise the head of Mary the virgin mother of Christ. I dont know how true this is

Comments by Albert, 5th October 2018  
For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the street at the side of Pemberton Police Station., yet I must have gone into the station umpteen times. Was that Fleet Street?.

Comments by John D, 6th October 2018  
Woodford Street, Albert. Same name as the street at the side of Hindley nick.

Comments by Mick, 6th October 2018  
Woodford Street, Albert.

Comments by tom, 6th October 2018  
Woodford street Albert.

Comments by Arthur Ellison, 6th October 2018  
I was a Teddy Boy in 1951 after demob.

Comments by Albert, 6th October 2018  
I thank the three of you for that information. It is now fifty four years since I last stepped over the threshold of Pemberton Police Station.

Comments by Veronica, 6th October 2018  
Arthur it would be great to see a photo of you as a Teddy boy -preferably with a Teddy girl....;0))

Comments by Poet, 6th October 2018  
Speaking of youth culture (oxymoronic to some) it's all gone rather anodyne of late. Nothing meaningful since the Punks.
The grandparents are hipper than today's kids.

Comments by tom, 7th October 2018  
Rock around the clock bill Haley the teds in Wigan loved it. Times changed after that movie

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