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Spring View School   Views: 1261
Spring View Rugby Edited   Comments: 9
Photo: DTease   Item #: 29776  
Spring View Rugby Edited

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  Stan, It's been raining all day so I straightened your photo for something to do, hope you don't mind  

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Comments by . Ozymandias ., 11th October 2017  
I accidentally ran into the back of a bin wagon on my bike outside the UCP tripe shop this afternoon DTease. Fortunately I wasn't injured, but my front forks got a bit bent. Seeing as you have time on your hands, I don't suppose you could straighten them out for me as well could you?

Comments by GW [ the ONLY deckhand ], 11th October 2017  
And what do you know about outboard motors DTease?

Comments by DTease, 11th October 2017  
Outboard Motors? Outboard Motors? Luxury! We didn't have Outboard Motors in my day young man! Did Humphrey Bogart have an Outboard Motor when he was dragging the African Queen through that swamp? No he did not. Did Captain Bligh have a Motor when he was cast adrift with nothing but a faulty compass? And yet here you are GW with the kind of facilities that Captain Pugwash could only dream of and how far have you got? Appley Flippin' Bridge! Appley Bridge, where the sheep used to stand in the fields and watch their relations wend their way to the Bone Works on the back of broken down old lorries and the natives made a living growing Oilcloth.
We had hoped for The Kon Tiki Expedition and it seems we have got The Gone Weakly Expedition.

Comments by DTease, 11th October 2017  
Ozy, I have also straightened some of your pictures of the lovely Mary Ethel Wilson but I suspect that Howard P may organise a lynching party if I put them back on here.

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 11th October 2017  
Oh Lordy!, don't tell me he's gone and damaged the blimmin' Seagull an' all DTease. What next I wonder?. I wouldn't mind half as much, but I didn't keep the receipt. I've got a half brick spragging the door open here, I wonder what miracles he could perform with that? Its hardly surprising he goes to bed wearing his ' corker ' is it?, he's more accident prone than the first mate.

Comments by GW. [, 11th October 2017  
So....reading between the lines i'm guessing your knowledge on 2 stroke motors is limited DTease. Any information on the towpath pirates from St Helens i'v had to deal with would be of assistance. PS. Continuing my voyage westward ho to the mighty mountains of Parbold [ If my crew of rubber dolls don't let me down ]

Comments by RON HUNT, 11th October 2017  
Dtease can you email me please ron@wiganworld.co.uk Cheers

Comments by . Ozymandias ., 11th October 2017  
Blimey DTease, you've been summoned to the headmaster's study. It'll be my turn next no doubt. Take a tip from me and put your general note book down the back of your pants. That's what I used to do anyway. Good luck mate, we can compare stripes at break time.....That's what we used to do anyway.

Comments by DTease, 12th October 2017  
Take my advice GW and stick to a one stroke paddle. You know where you are with a one stroke paddle, which, in your case means not much further on than you were when you started! Appley Flippin' Bridge. Good grief!

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